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Herbal viagra use Alpina Galangal

Herbal viagra use Alpina Galangal

Herbal viagra use Alpina Galangal

A. Description

Herbalife - Galangal in everyday life we ​​call laos in name indonesia. This plant is classified into types of tubers that grow in the lowlands. In general, utilize Indonesian society as an ingredient galangal herbs and traditional medicine. Galangal has a distinctive aroma that when mixed into dishes will make these dishes become distinctive aroma and delicious.

Physical form galangal almost resembles ginger. Although nearly as galangal and ginger are very different. We can distinguish by scent. Meat in ginger is also harder than the meat in ginger. It can be proved by trying to divide the meat galangal and ginger. At the time of splitting the ginger we will not find it difficult to divide. But when we divide galangal then we will be a little exertion in order to split it. Where we can prove that the meat galangal harder than with ginger beef. So do not get us wrong when distinguishing between galangal and ginger.

The part that is used in galangal root (rhizome). Galangal rhizome stored on many important compounds, one of which is the essential oil. Other compounds found in ginger rhizome is camphor, starch and many more. The amount of the compounds contained in ginger makes people use ginger as an herbal remedy.

B. Benefit Galangal

Besides being used as seasoning ginger has many other benefits. Among herbal remedies. Here are some of the properties of the resulting ginger as an herbal medicine:
Galangal has anti-inflammatory properties that relieve inflammation functions. Substances contained in the ginger to relieve the inflammation is galangin content.
 Can treat rheumatic diseases.
 Can be used as an anti-motion sickness medications
 Galangal can be used as drugs to prevent the tumor. in sasetat transkoniferil compounds contained in ginger capable of inhibiting the action of the enzyme xanthin which is one of the triggers of cancer cells.
 Can be used as a drug or herbal vitamin increases the appetite
 diarrhea heal
Galangal is also often used as an ingredient of cosmetics. The content of antioxidants in ginger can prevent premature aging of the skin especially on the face. Galangal is also capable of preventing the free radicals so it will not damage the skin. In addition, the antioxidants in ginger can also release toxins in the body small. So when there is a foreign nutrients into the body will be directly destroyed by antioxidants contained in galangal.

Compounds in ginger can also be utilized to eliminate the dull complexion and black spots on the skin caused by acne scars or burn scars. At the time of the acne began to grow fulfill our skin, we should immediately make ginger juice and drink it regularly. This might be called the treatment of the inside using galangal.

Utilization of ginger as an herbal remedy can be differentiated into two, namely through external treatment and medication through the inside. Treatment of the commonly by consuming her. Actually we cook using galangal has included the prevention of disease. But it would be better if we consume sari-sari. We can get ginger juice with ginger and grate the way we squeeze and we drank the juice it. Could be little added pure honey to taste a little sweet. Treatment from the outside can be done by applying the juice or grated ginger to the skin affected by skin diseases.

C. Herbal use Alpina Galangal recipe

1. Herbal for arthritis

2 thumb-sized ginger rhizome
One grain turmeric chicken egg
How to prepare:
Rinse and galangal
Grated galangal and take the juice
Mix ginger juice with chicken egg yolk mix well
How to use:
Drink this concoction 1x daily and regular consumption

2. Herbal viagra

2 rhizome galangal 1 thumb-sized
3 ginger root rhizome 1 thumb-sized
2 tablespoons lime juice
1 teaspoon ground pepper
1 tea spoon of salt
1 teaspoon yeast tape.
How to prepare:
Grated galangal and ginger root. Squeeze and take the juice alone
Combine all other ingredients and add ½ cup of mineral water
How to use:
1 x drink during the day or before the marital relationship.

3. To increase appetite

1 rhizome galangal 1 thumb-sized
Little fennel pulawaras  (Foeniculum vulgare)
1 sized ginger rhizome 1 thumb
1 stalk meniran (Phyllanthus urinaria)
How to prepare:
Rinse all ingredients
Iris thin all ingredients
Boil all ingredients with 3 cups of water, and leaving up to 1 cup
Strain water or juice from these materials
How to use:
3 x times a day to drink regularly.

4. Treating Panu

1 rhizome galangal 1 thumb-sized
Whiting to taste
How to prepare:
Mashed whiting and ginger until smooth
Mix with a little water
How to use:
Rub and let stand for 30 minutes on the skin that are phlegm.

5. herbal medicine for cough

1 rhizome galangal 1 thumb-sized
1 sized ginger rhizome 1 thumb cinnamon
1 handful of leaves horse whip
½ handful of leaves slobber
Cinnamon leaf to taste
How to prepare:
Rinse all ingredients
Blend all ingredients until destroyed
Boil 3 cups of mineral water, let it boil up water to 1 cup.
How to use:
The herb drink 2 x a day ie morning and afternoon.

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