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Insomnia use Mimosa Pudica

Insomnia treatment use Mimosa Pudica Linn 

Insomnia use Mimosa Pudica

A. Description

Advantages Roots and Leaves Daughter houses as natural medicine shame shame or daughter leaves called Mimosa pudica Linn has the traits of small leafy compound composed, oval form with a pointed tip, inexperienced (there is a reddish color). When the leaves touched will close (touchy plant). Flower round like a ball, red, stemmed and wonderful.

Benefits And advantages Leaves Daughter Embarrassed or referred to as Mimosa pudica Linn, plenty of leaf content and advantages Leaves shy daughter Princess disgrace for ulcers, epidermis inflammations purulent (piodermi), etc. Efficacy plant shy daughter for herpes that's picking contemporary leaves shy daughter had been beaten and placed in painful sores.

B. Disgrace Princess leaves Has advantages incorporate:

1. Insomnia

A whole of 30-60 grams of leaves and water to boil shy daughter drink. Can also by way of mixing 15 grams shy daughter leaves with 15 grams of leaf mustard sky (vemonia cinerea) and 30 grams of leaves and boiled calincing. The water is then inebriated.

2. power bronchitis

A total of 60 grams of roots shy daughter blended 600 cc of water, and boil over low heat in order that it becomes 200 cc. Then the water is split to two occasions drink. Mimosa pudica 30 grams, 10 grams Roots peristrophe roxburghiana, each boiled, divided into two doses / day.

3. Herbal medicine for cough

Root shy daughter as so much as 10-15 grams of boiled and water to drink.

4. for Ascariasis

Leaves daughter shame 15-30 grams of boiling water, and water to drink.

5. Rheumatic

15 grams of the basis daughter shame soaked in white wine 500 cc for 2 weeks. Then placed in a clinic.

6. Hepatitis

Mimosa contains tannins, mimosin and pipekolinat acid and efficacious for preventing and treating hepatitis. You do this by boiling Mimosa 10 grams with 200 cc of water to boil for 15 minutes. Decoction taken regularly.

7. Herbal Viagra

how easy for me you know
1. take 10-15 leaves shy daughter.
2. then boiled with three cups of water to actually boil.
3. try to make 1 cup only.

4. Water decoction is then filtered and try the drink while still warm.

C. Advantages And Efficacy leaves an additional daughter shame

Efficacy shy daughter leaves to sort out malaria. Roots and seeds are believed to induce vomiting. Acute eye inflammation, bladder stones, excessive fever in children, and herpes.
Concentration: indeed shy daughter vegetation can be utilized to beat some ailments reminiscent of I recounted above, but just isn't recommended for pregnant ladies

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