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Bronchitis use Piper betle

Bronchitis use Piper betle 

Benefit BETEL LEAF for Whitish & Irregular Menstruation

A. Description

Latin name: Piper betle L.
Identify field: Betel; ship in Indonesia
Description of the plant: Shrubs, vines, woody stems, jointed, culminate, grayish green. Single leaf, long round, yellow-inexperienced to darkish inexperienced, which has to be discovered is normally as extensive as 10 cm, length 15 cm. Berry, round, grayish green.

Habitat: This plant can grow in moist areas.
A part of the plant used: Leaves
There are 3 varieties of betel leaves are inexperienced betel, pink betel and betel black. Of the three types of green and red betel betel-known in the neighborhood for use as herbs. Betel plant on their typical habitat can be located in rural areas among the trees, these crops grow vines. In view that the colour is excellent, is now broadly used as a betel leaf as ornamental crops within the yard of their apartment, and accordingly has two functions, specifically for ornament as well as average medicine.

Betel leaf inexperienced involves very so much at inquisitive about the well being and beauty of the face, for the reason that the betel leaf green comprises kavibetol, kavicol, estragol, hidrosikavicol, fundamental oils, phenyl propane, allylpyrokatekol, caryophyllene, cyneole, cadinene, diastase, tannin, starch, sesquiterpene, terpennene and sugar. These supplies that make the betel leaf is very invaluable for wellness and grace.
The usefulness of betel leaf in the lives of many, he contributed in maintaining the health of the human body. Listed here are the benefits of betel leaves as a treatment quite a lot of illnesses are expected to be priceless to you.

B. Herbalife use Piper betle 

1. Herbal medicine for cough (Cough with phlegm and now not phlegm)

  • Take a handful of betel leaves are nonetheless contemporary, wash all of the leaf.
  • Boil two cups of water, add ginger portions that also offers a somewhat spicy flavor.
  • Wait until the remainder one cup of water, then drink in the future.

2. Sprue

  • provide three portions of betel leaves, wash and boil until wilted.
  • mash decoction of leaves, then stick it on the lips or tongue that are canker sores.
  • If canker sores believe better, do continue to get well.

3. Bronchitis

  • pick 6 to 7 betel leaves are still recent, smooth cut.
  • oil betel leaves into a saucepan with two cups of water, add a bit sugar, then pour in a glass of water after the remaining 1/2.
  • strain the cooking water and drink three times a day each with three tablespoons.

4. Acne

  • put together a taste of betel leaves, then wash.
  • Mash unless tender, then pour into a glass of scorching water.
  • Stir, stay up for the water to get warm. Use to clean the face.
  • perform persisted twice daily except the zits is long gone, if now not are attempting an additional substitute that's more effective.

5. Whitish

  • Wash 10 fresh betel leaves, then boiled into two 1/2-liter of boiled water.
  • watch for boiling and allow temperatures to be warm (no longer too scorching).
  • ultimately, use water to wash the feminine area (feminine intercourse organs) customarily.

6. Toothache

  • Take some betel leaves, then boiled in two cups of water.
  • unless Boil one cup of boiling water and leaves.
  • Use boiling water to rinse the tooth unless the affliction is long gone.

7. Dengue

  • Boil 5 betel leaves in 2 cups of boiled water unless the remainder 1 cup.
  • Drink boiled water twice a day each 1 cup.If you wish to preserve the dermis from the chunk of aedes aegypti can combine betel leaves to the water applied to the complete surface of the skin.


  •  clean 1 betel leaves in starting place.
  • Enter the lime and betel nut, then bend the betel leaf to duvet both the earlier fabric.
  • tooth, chew slowly and benefit from the procedure of chewing for five minutes.
  • do away with mouth betel leaf, take away reddish saliva.
  • think the freshness within the mouth, and check out to breathe the scent released most likely cool.

9. Irregular Menstruation

  • Take 5 recent betel leaves, boiled in 2 cups of water.
  • Wait and closing 1 cup boiling water, then drink boiled water when it is heat.
  • perform events except the obstacle you might be experiencing is resolved.

10. Asthma

  • put together 7 betel leaves, 1 teaspoon white pepper and eucalyptus oil.
  • mashed also betel leaves and white pepper except soft (that you could additionally beaten).
  • mix the 2 materials which were overwhelmed had the eucalyptus oil to taste.
  • observe these asthma drugs on the chest and neck, settle onto and feel properties.

11. Sore Throat

  • Brewed three betel leaves in 1 cup of scorching water.
  • Wait a couple of minutes except slightly cooled, after use to rinse the head role watching at the  roof or ceiling.
  • make certain some steeping water discharge into the throat (to the base).
  • proceed to live with this herb treatment step to recuperate.

12. Swollen Gums

  • Take 6 fresh betel leaves, wash and boil in three cups of water.
  • Pour in a pitcher of water, stress and add somewhat salt.
  • subsequent is to use boiled water to rinse earlier than three instances a day.

13. Cleaning Eye (red Eye Addressing and itching)

  • Boil 6 betel leaves are still young in 1 cup of water.
  • Wash eyes slowly use the cooking water for 3 instances a day.
  • If the challenge in the eye healed, that means no wasted medication that you simply create.

14. The odor of armpits

  •  furnish about 30 pieces of betel leaf, put in a container such as a basin.
  • Pour enough water, then boiled unless boiling.
  • Add a bit of cold water, or that you would be able to wait except the water isn't too scorching.
  • Use water to bathe, recall to flush the underarm skin repeatedly.
  • keep going until the underarm odor is long gone.

15. Burn

  • Clear 5 betel leaves, squeeze to empty.
  • Use cider or juice was once to rub the affected dermis burns.
  • earlier sure you mix with slightly honey native woodland.

16. Ulceration

  • 20 betel leaves you boil except the water boils.
  • Use the water from boiling the leaves to be washed on the skin ulceration. The drug can be suitable for relieving itching around scabs.

17. Boils

  • Mash 10 pieces of betel leaf unless thoroughly delicate.
  • Use a way that there's a splash on the skin ulcers.
  • dressing use a cloth tightly, depart to dry.
  • if this is the case, cast off the bandage and smeared with new substances.

18. Nosebleeds

that you may effortlessly twist of betel leaves to clog the nostrils were bleeding.

19. Bleeding Gums

  • pick 10 betel leaves, wash earlier than boiling.
  • when you've got, you pour 5 cups water in a saucepan, use to boil the leaves.
  • stress and let cool, then use water to rinse a couple of minutes.

20. Get rid of Itching

that you would be able to wrapping betel leaf which already crushed on the surface of the epidermis that itch, then wrapped with a fabric or a smooth cloth that has been soaked in heat water except the itching subsides.

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