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Herbalife use Caesalpinia sappan

Herbal Medicine use Caesalpinia sappan

A. Description

Hebalife - Secang tree or Latin Sepang (Caesalpinia sappan L.) remains to be a member of the tribe of tree species of legumes (Fabaceae) had been utilized bark (bark) and wood as a commodity buying and selling spices.
Classification of vegetation
Division: Spermatophyta
Sub Division: Angiospermae
category: Dicolyledonae
Nation: Resales
Tribe: Cesalpiniaceae
Marga: Caesalpinia
style: Caesalpinia sappan L

Herbal Medicine use Caesalpinia sappan

Secang plant is derived from maritime Southeast Asia (archipelago) and are convenient to seek out in Indonesia. Bark is used as a treatment, dyes, and refreshments. Except the 17th century the bark becomes part of the spice trade and the archipelago to more than a few places on the planet. Trees Secang recognized by more than a few names within the Indonesia, as seupeueng (Aceh), Sepang (Gayo), sopang (Toba), lacang (Minangkabau), cup (Sunda), cup (Java), a cup (Madura), Sepang (Sasak), supa (Bima), sepel (East), mobile (Savu), hong (Alor), sepe (Bread), sema (Manado), dolo (bare), Sapang (Makassar), Sepang (Bugis), pantry (South Halmahera) , savala (North Halmahera), sungiang (Ternate), roro (Tidore), sappanwood (UK), and suou (Japan).
Secang tree continues to be in close loved ones who got here from South the us, brazil timber or Brezel (C. Echinata), also used for the equal thing.

The characteristics of the tree Secang
A tree or shrub, as much as 6 m. Stem cylindrical, brownish colour; bark is reddish discharge. Double pinnate compound leaves composed of average Caesalpinioideae, 25-40 cm lengthy, leaflets 10-20 pairs, oval shape, the bottom rompang, rounded edges, flat facet, 10-25 mm lengthy, 3-eleven mm huge, inexperienced. Flowers are organized plural form of panicle, on the finish of the stem, 10-forty cm long, 5 petals, green, stamens 15 mm, 18 mm lengthy pistils, corolla tube shape, yellow. Style fruit pods, eight-10 cm lengthy, 3-four cm extensive, beak-like tip, containing 3-4 seeds, black. Seeds elliptic, length of 15-18 mm, width of eight-eleven mm, 5-7 mm thick, brownish yellow. Taproot, dirty brown.

B. The benefits of bushes secang (Caesalpinia sappan L.)

The parts of the tree Secang containing compounds have anti-bacterial and anti-coagulant (anti-clotting). The therapeutic benefits of the drug incorporate diarrhea, cough, and a bandage. Diarrhea treatment used for approximately 5 grams of dry wood, cut into small pieces, then boiled in two cups of water for 15 minutes, after cold filtered. Pepagannya used as a source of purple dye due to the fact that it produces brazilin, as brazil wood, despite the fact that the color just isn't as powerful as brazil wood. These dyes are used for paints, clothing, and refreshments common southern Yogyakarta (wedang cup and wedang uwuh).

Curable disease:
Diarrhea, dysentery, blood stone (TBC), injuries, syphilis, soiled blood ,; Vomiting blood, dysentery, bleeding wounds, bloody bruises; Malaria, tetanus, tumors, irritation of the mucous membranes of the eye.

Utilization way:
part USED: wood. Her dermis eliminated, cut into portions and dried. Motive: - diarrhea, dysentery. - Coughing up blood in tuberculosis. - Vomiting blood, dysentery, bleeding wounds, bruises bleeding. - wound in. - Syphilis, soiled blood, irritation of the mucous membranes of the attention. - Malaria. - treatment after childbirth. - Tetanus. - Swelling (tumor), - suffering as a result of blood circulation issues and Ci. Utilization: To drink: 3-9 g, boiled. Outside use: timber boiled water to clean the wound, bleeding wounds or used for inflamed eyes to gather.

Learn how to USE:

1. Blood purifier

wood scrapings Trawas plus coriander and leaves, boiled.

2. Diarrhea / free stools

5 grams of timber cut into small pieces and boiled with 2 cups water for 15 minutes. After chilling filtered, divided into 2 ingredients. Drinking within the morning and afternoon.

3. Coughing up blood in tuberculosis

1, 5 fingers picket cup washed and cut into portions as wanted, boiled in 4 cups water until the remainder 2 1/4 cups, After chilling filtered, drinks. 3 x three/four cups a day.

4. Infection of the mucous lining of the eye

two fingers wooden cup washed and cut into pieces as needed, boiled in three cups water until the rest 1 1/2 cups. After chilling filtered, the water is used for sore eyes to collect.

5. Dysentery 

1 cup of wooden finger washed and cut into pieces as wanted, boiled in 3 cups of water until the remainder 1 half of cups. After chilling filtered and drunk with honey as needed. 2 x 3/four cups a day.

C. The composition is in the tree Secang (Caesalpinia sappan L.)

CHEMICAL properties AND results pharmacological:
Snakeskin odorless. Discontinue bleeding, blood purifier, pengelat, detoxifying and antiseptic.
CHEMICAL content material CONTAINED OF trees Secang:

Chemical content material
Secang leaves and stems incorporate saponins and flavonoids. Besides the leaves contain polyphenols and nil.Sixteen% - zero.20% important oil, stem / wood contains tannin, gallic acid, resins, resorsin, brasilin, brasilein, d-alpha-phellandrene, oscimene, and main oil.

1. Saponin

Saponin-containing polycyclic aglykon which commonly is frothy when shaken with water. The potential of foaming saponin induced by way of the merger and saponegin nonpolar aspect chains are soluble in water. Saponins rationale bitterness in plants such as a cup.

2. Flavonoids

Flavonoids are compounds of typical substances of phenolic compounds which many are plant pigments. Most flavonoids perform within the human physique is as antioksidan.Antioksidan look after tissues in opposition to oxidative harm from free radicals that come from procedures in the physique or from the external, and has a synergistic relationship with diet C (develop the effectiveness of nutrition C).
In many cases, a flavonoid can make contributions instantly as with the antibiotics disrupt the function of microorganisms comparable to micro organism or viruses.

3. Polyphenols

Polyphenols have a amazing signal that has a variety of phenol team within the molecule. In a number of reviews noted that the crew has a position as an antioxidant polyphenols.

4. Foremost oils

principal oils, often referred to as etheric oils (Aetheric oil), foremost oils and aromatic oils, is a gigantic crew of vegetable oils within the type a viscous liquid at room temperature however readily evaporate hence delivering a distinguished aroma. Some varieties of most important oils used as interior and external astiseptik, for analgesic ingredient, haemolitic or as antizymatic as good as a stimulus for sedavita and upset belly.

5. Tannins and acids error

Tannins are accessories of natural and organic subject is very complicated and consists of phenolic compounds which have a molecular weight of 500 - 3000, can react with proteins to kind insoluble complicated compounds that don't dissolve. Tannins act as antibacterial and astringent or astringent intestinal wall is broken with the aid of acid or bacteria. Tannin stages cup of timber extract acquired through boiling for 20 minutes was zero.137%
Tannins and gallic acid within the cup alleged role in stopping bleeding.

6. Brasilin

Basilin / brazilin is the compound that gives purple color on the wood cup with C6H14O5 constitution in the form of yellow sulfur crystals, water-soluble and taste sweet, but when oxidized will produce compounds that brazilin maroon. Brazilin a catechol antioxidant compounds that have of their chemical constitution. Founded antioksidan pastime, brazilin anticipated to have the outcomes of defending the body from being poisoned by means of chemical radicals. Brazilin additionally inspiration to have anti-inflammatory effects.

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