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Herbal viagra use Piper

Herbal Medicine use Piper Retrofractum

A. Description Java chili plant

Herballife use Piper Retrofractum
Herbalife - In Indonesia, many tropical crops are nutritious for health continues to be incorporated within the tribe betel, Chili Java belonging to the household classification Plantae and has a Latin or scientific title Piper retrofractum. Chili herbs also has many exclusive names in each and every area, one among which is chili Java, lengthy Pepper, Chili herbs and others.

Medicinal vegetation have been known lengthy ago and has been used as one of the crucial herbs processed merchandise are so much admired because of the various well being advantages arguably very robust. Exclusive from other plant chili, chili java classified mountaineering betel plant species that have roots connected. The leaves are alternate (alternating stalk role) circular egg with a tapered tip. When the leaves are overwhelmed, chili will emit an scent like the odor of betel leaves.

The attribute of the fruit chili Java, together with crops for years, developing with twisting and develop with mountaineering, developing creeping things with root adhesion and a size of roughly up to 10 meters, branched starting from its base as difficult as timber and the form of its leaf single however stemmed, ovoid shape and oval, rounded form of the bottom, whilst the sharp edges, flat edges and hoarding pinnate, while the highest floor and the bottom floor slippery spots.

The fruit is round-shaped grains with a length of about 2-3 centimeters. As a younger man color java inexperienced chilies, however then becomes a brilliant pink color when the fruit is historical. When be tested, sweet spicy style.

Many Java chili planted within the garden and fields at an altitude of zero-600 meters above sea level. These vines live on land that is not too humid. For this plant multiply people almost always do this with the aid of cuttings. Protection was fairly handy. As with other vegetation, chili Java want enough water. These vegetation grow higher within the open.

From the outcome of chemical evaluation, Java chili involves components piperina, piperidinia, resins, gums, starches, and primary oils which might be useful for traditional natural therapies. Constituents of plants are frequently used for the manufacture of herbal treatment is its fruit. Nonetheless, the roots and leaves also have medicinal homes.

Java chili known as retrofractum atauPiper Piper longum L or Piper officinarum sarmentosum or Chavia Miq, or Chavia retrofracta Miq. Together with the plant family Piperaceae. This plant is known as long pepper field, cabean, areuy chilli, chilli sula, cabi JAMO, onggu chili.

1. CHEMICAL properties

This plant is wealthy with more than a few chemical components are already known: Fruit: pungent substance piperine, oil yawn, alpha Amyrin, fenenol, dehydromatricaria ester, cineole, terpinen-four, 1-beta caryophylene, 1-quebrachitol. The roots and stems contain involves inulin which includes artemose, small branches containing oxytocin, Yomogi alcohol, ridentin.

2. Pharmacological effects

These crops are: feeling cold, relieve affliction, stop bleeding (hemostatic), blood circulation, avert miscarriage, control menstruation. In chinese language pharmacology known as this plant has a bitter style, spicy and warm. This herbaceous signal meridian kidneys, lungs and spleen.


This pharmacological influence is received from the usage of entire dried plant with the aerated. Recent: leaves and seeds.

B.  Grow these plants will also be by means of cuttings, the following steps:

in finding healthful parent trees and are older than a year, lush and trunk straight but not too historical.
Cut with a pointy knife along the branches of 30-forty cm or have 3-four segments. Cast off lots of the leaves to diminish evaporation. Grease the bottom of the cuttings with plant development regulators or with the aid of immersion with 25 percent coconut water for 12 hours.

Put together polybag which has the contents seedling media that a combo of fertile soil, sand and compost within the ratio 1: 1: 1. Plug cuttings vertically to a depth of 4-5 cm within the media and condense across the base of the cuttings. Flush with water until moist and position in a trustworthy and shady. Transfer to the backyard if it is lower than 5 months historic.

Keep in mind these plants would be established following the height of trees that want pruning in order that these crops remain short and productive. Pruning will also be achieved after the vegetation attain a top of 1.5 meters and then do the trimming again 3 times a 12 months. Pruning pursuits to plant quick Java chili and facilitate time when the harvest arrives.

C. Java chili recipe and advantages

1. Drug premature Ejaculation With Java chili

The substances used, chili Java 2 seed, rhizome of Zingiber emprit 1 finger
Kencur (Kaempferia galanga) 1 rhizome, rhizome of Curcuma 1, Rhizome bangle ½ finger, kedawung (Parkia timoriana) 5 seeds, ½ cup of boiled water, honey to taste.
The best way to mix constituents Wash all of the components, kedawung (Parkia timoriana) beans roasted unless dry, eliminate the skin and down load the contents. After that, all the components pounded while given ½ cup of boiled water. If it is delicate and then squeeze and strain. When to drink, give a bit honey. Herb utilization principles, Taken 2 instances a day.

2. Herbal viagra

via take 30 grams of chili Java is already a powder, three stems china petai  (Leucaena leucocephala) fruit that has turn out to be flour, 2 egg yolks and 1 tablespoon of honey. Learn how to make a stir yolk, enter Java chili and banana flour china and add honey, stirring except blended. Drink this mixture everyday most likely sexual arousal will upward push.

3. Sense of vulnerable Neurastenia

Chili Java 6 eggs, reed rhizome three stems, rhizomes lempuyang (Zingiber zerumbet) 3/4 finger, 1 handful recent bitter leaf, palm sugar 3 fingers, washed and cut into portions as needed. Boil 4 cups water until the remainder 2 1/four cups. After chilling filtered and under the influence of alcohol. Three times a day, each and every 3/four cup.

4. Sign wind

Java chili three eggs, Mentha arvensis (Mentha arvensis L.) and crimson leaves rivet (Bixa orellana L.), each three/4 handheld, palm sugar 3 fingers. The materials are washed and cut into pieces as needed. Boil three cups water until the remaining 2 1/4 cups. After a bloodless stress and drink three instances a day @ three/four cup.

5. Easy the uterus after childbirth

The dried roots of chili Java as much as 3 g finely floor. Brewed with sizzling water, heat drink as well.

6. Digestion disturbed, cough, epilepsy, fever after childbirth, strengthens the belly, lungs and coronary heart

Java chili dried fruit as so much as 5 g finely floor. Add honey to taste, stirring evenly, then drink as good.

7. Toothache

a. Java chili fresh leaves as so much as 3 pieces of washed and beaten. Pour half of cup sizzling water. At the same time heat filtered, the water is used to rinse your mouth.
b. Root chewed closely for a second, after which discarded.

8. Seizures belly

Java chili fresh leaves as so much as three portions of washed and overwhelmed. Pour 1 cup scorching water. Later filtered at the same time warm at the same time inebriated

9. Care for sufferers with heart disease

Cabe Jawa (Piper retrofractum) 3 factor and rhizome of Zingiber a thumb-sized ground. Add 1 tablespoon of boiled water even as stirring, then squeeze and stress. The water is under the influence of alcohol.

10. Fever

Dried fruit as much as three g finely ground, then brewed with half of cup hot water. Then drink collectively dregs even as warm.

11. Mouthwash

3 portions of beaten leaves, brewed with 1 cup scorching water, for, rinse your mouth.

12. To treat liver ailment

through chili Java download three eggs, 1 finger rhizome of Zingiber and water. How easy is combined lempuyang (Zingiber zerumbet) Java chili and mash except tender. Add 1 cup water after which squeeze and strain. Drink as soon as ate as so much as 100 ml. Discontinue drinking if a bowel motion is gentle.
Notice: patients with heartburn and pregnant females are prohibited from taking this herb.

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