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Herbal medicine for cough use Tamarind

Herbal medicine for cough

Herbal medicine for cough use Tamarind

A. Description

Tamarind is a seasoning that has many advantages for health, beauty and typical treatment. Many advantages of herbal crops has been recognized for a long time. Our ancestors used to utilize the fruit to deal with canker sores, wounds, eczema and insect bites overcome. Even as the leaves are used to deal with fever.

In Indonesia, tamarind fruit seeds used as seasoning for food processing that requires acids such as vegetable sour sensation. And also became one of the main ingredients of traditional health drink.

Tamarind has a latin name Tamarindus indica and included in the family Fabaceae. This tree originated from Africa, in Indonesia usually planted as shade trees on the roadside. Height can reach 20 meters. This is the only plant whose name is the same as the taste of the fruit tree.

Sour fruit flesh is white, and turn brown when fully ripe. let this sour fruit flesh remains durable, usually processed again and the color changed to black. Often referred to as acid kawak.

The pulp involves quite a lot of acidic resources, together with tatrat acid, malate, citrate, succinate, and acetate. These acidic substances efficacious as a laxative, to gentle bowel action and blood circulation. At the same time flavonoid observed within the leaves make tamarind leaves this as an anti-inflammatory and anguish alleviation.

B. Tamarind for health advantages

Tamarind widely used as an natural alleviation to deal with more than a few illnesses. Materials used are fruits and leaves. Here's a common herb tamarind to make use of as a natural treatment.

1. Herbal medicine for cough

Dry cough is almost always accompanied by means of itching and burning in the throat. We are able to treat it with usual parts under.

Three put together the pod tamarind and a handful of sage leaves. Tamarind fruit and sage leaves boiled in 4 cups of water except the remaining 2 cups closing. Strain the water and drink 2 occasions a day, every morning and night. Perform this therapy probably.

The 2nd approach, put together 2 cups of tamarind leaves, 2 cups of sage leaves, and cinnamon 5 cm china. All fabric is washed and then boiled in 3 cups of water unless the rest two cups. Stress the water and drink for the period of the day. Perform hobbies.

2. Treat dysentery

Dysentery is derived from the Greek which means intestinal disorders. Signs incorporate belly pains, sir waste of huge and oftentimes with blood and mucus. The intent is a bacteria and amoeba. Can also be treated with usual constituents tamarind.
How, puree kawak acid 5 grams, 10 grams and 10 grams of ginger turmeric. Add a cup of hot water and stir until well mixed. Filter fund take the water, then add 1 tablespoon of pure honey. Mix well and drink all at once in the morning.

3. Drug diphtheria

Diphtheria is a respiratory ailment prompted by using the bacterium Corynebacterium diphtheriae. Signs comprise sore throat, fever, situation respiratory and swallowing, mucus from the mouth and nose, and really weak. Prior to now, the ailment had claimed hundreds and hundreds of lives. Along with advances in technological know-how and clinical science has located a therapy of this ailment. Will also be overcome by way of natural herb tamarind.

How, provide 5 grams of radish, pink onion 5 grams, 5 grams Kaempferia galanga L (kencur language indonesia), and 10 grams of leaves of papaya. All fabric is beaten or blender until smooth. Add tamarind, and brewed with a pitcher of sizzling water. The herb is used to rinse the mouth to the throat. Do it three instances a day.

4. Overcoming low blood

Low blood stress is the opposite trouble of hypertension, also known as hypotension. This concern is unique with anemia (lack of blood). To fix this, use the typical parts of tamarind under.

Chance is 5 grams tamarind, 250 grams of spinach leaves, 10 grams of brown sugar, 50 grams of onion, 15 grams of cayenne pepper, and salt to taste.

The trick, delicate-boiled spinach leaves to be used as contemporary greens. All other fabric finely floor and made condiment. Eaten as a lunch with brown rice. Do it every day. Scrumptious isn't it.

5. Treat hemorrhoid

Many folks believe embarrassed when diseased hemorrhoid or hemorrhoids. And a brand new treatment when the  is extreme. Virtually, hemorrhoids can also be dealt with by using typical herb tamarind below.

Put together 1 gram of tamarind, 6 grams of leaves nasty shard, three grams of ginger and 6 grams  Phyllanthus urinaria ( meniran language indonesia). After cleaning, all of the materials are boiled with 1 liter of water to the rest 1/2. Once cool, pressure the water and drink 3 occasions a day, on a regular basis.

6. Overcoming fever after childbirth

Puerperal was blood popping out of the uterus after childbirth, there are some females who've a fever. To overcome this would utilizing average parts below.

Provide one finger kawak acid (acid which has been processed, black) and brown sugar to style. Then the acid and palm sugar brewed with a pitcher of hot water. After just a little warm, the water is inebriated all at once. Perform this therapy twice a day.

7. Cut back the child fever

If the little one has a fever, don't panic. And do not directly provide drug treatments containing antibiotics seeing that it'll give a foul result on the immune procedure. Make normal components to handle the next little one fever.

Take kawak acid and turmeric each and every of thumb, 5 leaves of young jasmine, and two stalks scallions. All of the elements until finely floor. Stick it on the crown of the baby, allow it to dry. It is a recipe exceeded down from ancestors who've tested to be effective.

8. Decreasing cholesterol

cholesterol patients must relatively preserve way of life and weight-reduction plan. Many prohibition. Good, traditional herb the following can aid you degrade cholesterol phases within the blood.

Take 200 grams of tamarind leaves, then pounded until smooth. Add 200 ml or a glass of hot water. Strain the water and drink as well. Participate in this healing three times a day.

9. Treating menstrual ache

the first manner: Take 1 handful of tamarind leaves the younger and the 2 finger turmeric rhizome. Each pounded until delicate and then add half of a cup of boiled water. Stress and drink the water.

The second method: Take a half of finger kawak acid, 10 pieces of ginger and palm sugar to taste. Boil all ingredients with 1 cup of water to the remaining 1/2. Pressure the water and drink as well. Do it for one week before the menstrual period.

Be aware: This kawak sour herb will have to no longer be taken via pregnant women.

10. Treating thrush

even though no longer a significant ailment that motives death, however the sprue is a disorder which is so painful. There used to be no good food while experiencing thrush. The next ordinary herb can help you deal with thrush.

The trick, a handful of younger tamarind leaves washed and 5 cm turmeric thinly sliced. Boil 4 cups of water except the remaining 2 cups handiest. Can add the palm sugar when boiling so it tastes better. Drink the potion each morning and afternoon of every glass.

11. Treating ulcers

you may have ulcers? It ought to be very miserable, peculiarly if the location within the ass. Make guns would be seated. However the following herbs will aid you treat it.

Take 5 grams kawak acid, 10 grams of spinach leaves thorns, 10 grams of kale leaves and salt to style. Kale and spinach leaves thorn pounded until gentle, add kawak acid and salt to taste. The herb paste on the boil unless all floor is protected.

Whether it is dry, may also be replaced with new materials. In this means speedy boil will mature and rupture, in order that the healing approach is turbo.

12. herbal medicine for asthma

To deal with bronchial asthma, is easy sufficient. Put together 2 pieces of bark and fennel tamarind pulowaras style. The 2nd material is boiled with 2 cups water unless the remaining 1 cup. Strain the water and drink as good. Perform this cure every day.

13. Treating eczema

Eczema is most likely referred to as eczema or dermatitis. The ailment attacks the skin tissue in order that the dermis to blister and ooze pus. As a rule impacts children who lack well being care. Tamarind can aid you cope.
Take a handful of tamarind, ginger tubers and palm sugar to style. All material is crushed and then boiled with 2 cups water until the rest 1 cup. Pressure the water and drink. Perform this medication each other day.
For external therapy, prepare 1 handful of tamarind leaves are still young and turmeric for the thumb. Each materials are pounded unless delicate, then connected or smeared on diseased epidermis.

14. Medications stomach soreness

anguish is caused by a few matters. Might dysentery, devour too spicy or acidic foods and others. If you happen to experience, are attempting a typical herb heritage of this one.

Take 3 pod ripe tamarind, whiting and eucalyptus oil to style. Tamarind and whiting pounded unless soft, then add eucalyptus oil and stir unless blended. The concoction smeared on a unwell belly.

15. Deal with vaginal discharge

Whitish is a common disorder that assaults the feminine area. Commonly vaginal discharge accompanied with the aid of itching and odor. Whitish like this is very worrying and must be addressed right away. The following herbs ancestral heritage to beat white.

Prepare kawak acid of a marble, 25 beluntas washed leaves, 5 cm turmeric (washed, peeled), and palm sugar to taste. Plucheacea folium (name indonesia) Beluntas leaves and saffron puree, then pour in 1/2 cup sizzling water. Add tamarind and palm sugar and stir well. Filtered water, then drink at any time when going to sleep at night. Do it daily.

16. Treat itchy hypersensitive reaction and urticaria

Urticaria  disease often referred to as chilblains, hives, or urticaria. The skin is attacked are in most cases itchy, redness and bumps come up that could spread from one point to an extra. The motive might be because of allergies or stung via an insect, caterpillar hairs itching may purpose this situation. For those who experience it, treat with herbs beneath.

Provide materials tamarind 3 pieces, 1/4 tablespoon whiting, and salt to taste. All materials are boiled in 3 cups of water until remaining only one glass only. After cold filtered water and taken twice a day every morning and evening

17. Treating fever

Children are very vulnerable to heat illness. No need to worry if it happens. Provide only 2 pod tamarind and salt to taste. Pour both ingredients with a glass of hot water, then filtered. Water is drunk all at once while still warm.
Pregnant females are prohibited from ingesting this potion!

18. Medicinal new wounds

in case you are injured either since of a sharp weapon and fell, deal with with tamarind leaves to stop bleeding whilst accelerate the drying of the wound. Manner, take tamarind leaves to style and chewed and positioned on the wound.

19. Treating arthritis

Rheumatism or stiff customarily influences waist discipline. Most commonly suffered by using people who are aged or difficult staff. To overcome this crisis, furnish 1 handful of tamarind leaves and tamarind seeds 2-3. Each substances are pulverized and then connected to the waist soreness at the same time massage.

20. Treating ulcers

Ulcers are open sores on the epidermis, stinging, itching, watery and contain pus. Most of the time caused by means of harm and contamination. To deal with it, may also be tried with herbs tamarind. Take some tamarind seeds then pounded except delicate. The herb affixed to the boil and then bandaged. Change as soon as a day.

21. Deal with itching scar dried

The dried scars typically nonetheless leaves itching so it does now not stand to scratch it. Nonetheless, if carded will motive blisters which make it open once more. To fix can use the next ways.

Soak kawak acid with lukewarm water until fluffy. Then rub it on scars itch. Or it could also tender the 1 handful tamarind leaves and turmeric to style. Then the herb paste on the scars that itch.

22. Treating fever

not just effective deal with warmness illness suffered via children, tamarind leaves too strong to bring down fever in adults. So, in the event you get a fever can take 1 handful of tamarind leaves and fennel Foeniculum vulgare Miller (pulawaras name indonesia ) sufficiently. Each elements are boiled with 1 liter of water to the remainder half of. Filtered water, then drink 2 times a day each morning and evening.

23. Swelling as a result of insect bites

Some insect species can have that if the sting can reason epidermis swelling. For example centipedes, bees, wasps and scorpions. Despite the fact that the sting no longer to hazard lives, however will have to nonetheless be treated. Well, probably the most traditional constituents to cope is to tamarind.

Approach, take 3 tamarind seeds then pounded except gentle. The swelling cleaned first with a material that has been smeared with eucalyptus oil. After the paste of tamarind which has been finely ground in the swelling (sick).

24. Deal with itchy pink dots in the type of an aqueous

i wonder what the title of this disease, but that without doubt affected the condition of the dermis that itch with the looks of red spots on the dermis surface and contain water candlenut pox or measles, but it's not. Whatever the identify of the disorder when you've got a  like this instantly deal with with a combo of tamarind under.

Take ginger thumb then washed and thinly sliced. Boiled with a tumbler of water with brown sugar until the water left simplest 1/2 a pitcher. Add sour kawak for thumb and stir unless blended. Stress the water and drink as good.

25. Addressing rancidity throughout menstruation

in many instances, menstruation is accompanied by using rancidity. To overcome this, take kawak acid of thumb, sliced 10 slices of ginger and palm sugar. Brewed with scorching water one glass. Stir unless evenly distributed and palm sugar dissolves. Stress the water and drink as good. do day-to-day for the period of menstruation.

26. Treating measles

Measles commonly impacts kids even though the previous has been given the vaccine. Some say every man or woman suffering from this disease certainly once in a lifetime. I personally have experienced. Measles is an infectious disease caused by the measles virus from barking Paramixovirus. To overcome this could using traditional ingredients of tamarind below.
The fundamental parts to make is three glasses of tamarind leaves, three slices of contemporary turmeric rhizome (washed), palm sugar and salt to taste. All material is boiled with 2 cups water until the remainder one cup. After a bloodless, filtered water and taken 2 times a day every morning and evening.

Tamarind advantages for magnificence
Efficacy tamarind not only for health and usual treatment, but also for the sector of magnificence. Tamarind for beauty advantages together with treating acne and facial skin manicure. The trick, remember the following review.

27. Treating zits

Who does no longer upset with pimples? Even when it was once recovered still leaves scars within the form of darkish spots and even facial scars on the epidermis. To treat pimples, that you may use herb turmeric as below.

Constituents: 12 portions of bitter leaf, 10 slices of ginger, 5 cm Kaempferia galanga L (kencur language indonesia), 1 teaspoon fennel, cumin and 10 leaves, the entire substances are washed. Kawak acid of a man's thumb.
Getting therapy: all the elements except finely, and add kawak acid. Pour 2 cups of scorching water. After a cold, filtered water and drink 3 times a day.

For outside cure, take three tamarind seeds and brewed with a glass of hot water. After a cold, filtered water and used to wash my face in the morning.

28. Brighten the epidermis

Tamarind will also be used for the care of the epidermis to look brighter. The trick, overwhelmed tamarind pulp with warm water. Add a bit turmeric powder and stir to kind a dough like scrubs. Use herbs corresponding to scrubs, let stand for 15 minutes so that the vitamins and minerals absorbed. Then rinse with easy water.

29. Eliminate useless epidermis cells

The content material of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) in tamarind fruit can help carry lifeless dermis cells that make the face seem dull. The trick, overwhelmed tamarind pulp with slightly salt and yogurt to kind a case of pasta dough. Apply the mixture on the face as a masks, avoiding the attention. Let stand for 20 minutes, as he massaged gently to eliminate useless skin cells. Rinse with clean water.

30. Eliminate Cellulite

Cellulite or referred to as orange peel syndrome is fats trapped underneath the epidermis floor. Fats that is not successfully removed this cause uneven texture on the epidermis, just like the dermis of an orange. Cellulite customarily assaults the physique into a fats-like nests on the inside arm and again, interior thighs over and again, upper again (below the shoulders), shrink back, and buttocks.

To repair tamarind mix with a bit of sugar, baking soda and lemon juice. Stir until entirely evenly. Use on the dermis where cellulite is placed, with a massage gently with a circular clockwise path. Let stand for 10 minutes, then wash off with heat water.

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