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Hemorrhoids use Benincasa hispida

Hemorrhoids treatment use Benincasa hispida 

Hemorrhoids treatment use Benincasa hispida

A. Description

Bligo vines are planted in view that the fruit will also be eaten and is considered a vegetable. This fruit surface feels gentle and furry when young and uncooked, when ripe fruit is dropping his fur. Dark inexperienced skin color with membranes' flour, or candle "that enveloped him. The shape of the fruit there are circular, oval and there are elongated, even can reach two meters. Once the fruit is break up, obvious row of seeds with 'meat' white.

That is a bit of overview of Bligo fruit that comes from the household pumpkin-labuan. Fruit with the Latin name Benincasa hispida is traditionally used as a vegetable, and a few use it as a drink and even the chinese language approach into sweets referred to as 'candied Tangkwee'.

This fruit is in the beginning cultivated in Southeast Asia, but is now additionally grown in East and South Asia.

Fruit gourd or name Latin name Benincasa hispida (Thunb.) Cogn. An extra identify is G. Benincasa cerifera Savi. Javanese individuals respect the title of iciness melon or belonceng. British title for the gourd is wax gourd, white gourd and ash gourd.

Bligo has many exceptional names in each and every subject, akin to Butong (Dayak); Gundur (Gayo); Kundue (Minangkabau); Sardak (Lampung); Baligo, Leyor (Sunda); Kundo (Aceh); Bhaligu, Kondur (Madura); Laha (Guinea); Kudul (Simalur); Kunrulu (Bugis) or Undru (Nias).

Bligo title itself is the designation of primary java field for the fruit of this creeping shrub. Even in the usa itself, which style candy fruit has a distinctive identify that's 'iciness melon' in view that the wax layer of white flour such as the snow-protected. Bligo is truely a seasonal fruit, however fruit can live on in a long time even for months like a pumpkin. Bligo have such nutritional content material, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, nutrition (B1, B2, and C), and nicotinic acid, also Alkaline Cucurbitin, Acid Resin and Vitelin

apart from having the common cooling homes and is ready to scrub the lungs, it turns out 

B. Bligo has many wellbeing advantages, specifically

- To strengthen the liver (liver), and kidney,
- Seed as after we cough sputum,
- cope with the heat,
- And launched bladder (urinate).

One other beneficiary of Bligo addition is fabricated from vegetable, as candied fruit, dried fruit or as an ingredient (sukade) mainly utilized in pastry and cake recipes moist.

C. How to make candied Bligo recipes to try:

1 piece Bligo, thick peel, cut to taste
500 grams sugar
1 tablespoon whiting, dilute with water 1L
three pieces of cinnamon / pandan (Pandanus) etc to style
pasta flavor / meals coloring if you like
how to procedure them:
- Peel thick rind Bligo, seeded, reduce to taste
- Soak the portions in water Bligo whiting for four hours or more,
- The longer-soaked will probably be extra supple,
- Wash entirely after soaking
- Boil 1 liter of water, put sugar and cinnamon, convey to a boil
- Enter Bligo chunks, cook until slices of translucent color Bligo
- as soon as cool, store in refrigerator and capable to be served or used as a combination of ice.
Style scrumptious sweets, smooth however crunchy, chewy texture, if bitten complex like eating gel but watery. Furthermore, if it presents in cold stipulations, was once relatively match for treating dehydration

C. Herbal Medicine use Benincasa hispida 

1. Hemorrhoids

Pumpkin Bligo (Benincasa hispida) 200 grams of boiled with water. Use bloodless boiled water to wash the hemorrhoids. Do it as a rule.

2. Lung fester

Pumpkin seeds Bligo (Benincasa hispida) 15 grams and 30 grams of recent bitter boiled with 600 cc of water unless the remaining 300 cc. Consuming boiled water is.

3. Diabetes
Bligo 100 grams of pumpkin and pumpkin machete (pumpkin) a hundred grams made the team, after which given to the patient. Another way the mashing Bligo 30 grams of pumpkin seeds to a excellent powder. Pour enough hot water and taken twice a day.

4. Coughing up phlegm

Pumpkin seeds Bligo (Benincasa hispida) 15 grams of finely ground, then boiled with water. Add brown sugar to style into the cooking water, once filtered give to patients.

5. Excessive blood strain

Bligo 500 grams of pumpkin and celery juiced 50-100 grams. Drink twice a day.

6. Strengthens the belly and spleen

Bligo (Benincasa hispida) 250 grams of pumpkin and brown rice to taste cooked into porridge. Devour porridge three times a day.

7. Sore throat

Bligo (Benincasa hispida) pumpkin seeds which were dried as much as 15 grams of boiled add rock sugar to taste. Provide water boiled to sufferers.

8. Gastroenteritis

Bligo (Benincasa hispida) 50-a hundred grams of pumpkin seeds boiled with 600 cc of water unless the rest 300 cc. Drink twice a day.

9. Lungs

Pumpkin stalk Bligo (Benincasa hispida) 60 grams boiled with sufficient water. Let the cooking water until thick, add sugar to taste, drink twice a day.

10. Fever

Bligo (Benincasa hispida) 500 grams of pumpkin seeds boiled. To beat the fever, drink broth from the stew.

11. Cough

fresh pumpkin skin Bligo 25 grams, 25 grams of dried white mushrooms and lime mandarin orange peel 15 grams. Boil all elements with water except the remaining 600 cc to 300 cc. Drinking water.

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