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Hemorrhoids use Centella asiatica

Hemorrhoids use Centella asiatica

Hemorrhoids use Centella asiatica

A. Description Centella asiatica

Gotu kola plant is often referred to as antanan or leaves hooves. Gotu kola has a Latin name Centella asiatica (Linn) and are integrated within the family Umbelliferae.

Gotu kola leaf has a candy nature and funky. Whilst pharmacological outcomes is anti-infectious, antitoxic, fever, urine laxative. As a result of the pharmacological effects of gotu kola.

That many original types of gotu kola is gotu kola kola red and inexperienced.
Purple gotu kola, often referred to as garden or antanan antanan stones since many observed in the rocks, dry and open. Crimson Pegagan develop vines with stolons (stolon) and do not need a trunk, but have rhizomes (short rhizomes).

At the same time green kola is in most cases so much observed in the paddies and on the sidelines of the grass. Situation liked via inexperienced gotu kola is a bit of damp and open or fairly shaded. Furthermore, crops that like gotu kola or antanan there are four types of antanan vegetation, antanan beurit, antanan antanan mountain and water.

Hereditary by and large used as a normal treatment.

The chemical's composed of asiaticoside, thankuniside, isothankuniside, madecassoside, brahmoside, brahminoside, Brahmic acid, madasiatic acid, meso-inositol, centellose, carotenoids, mineral salts akin to salts of potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, vellarine and tanning components ,

B. Herbal Medicine use Centella asiatica

1. Excessive blood strain

Take 20 leaves gotu kola then boiled in 3 cups of water to be three/4 of his. The herb drink three instances a day, each and every 3/four cup.

2. Fever

Handful of fresh gotu kola leaves unless finely floor, then add a little water and salt, then stress. Water was once under the influence of alcohol the morning earlier than eating.

3. Hemorrhoids

Take the next gotu kola four-5 stems roots, then boiled with 2 cups of water for ± 5 minutes. Ingesting boiled water is sometimes for a couple of days.

4. Ulcer

the primary approach, provide 30 grams - 60 grams of recent kola. Rinse and then boiled and boiled water to drink. The 2d approach, fresh gotu kola washed, then beaten and pinned to the unwell body.

5. Coughing up blood, vomiting blood, nosebleed

Take 60-90 grams of fresh kola then boiled or squeezed, then drink the water.

6. Eyes crimson, swollen

Gotu kola leaf will also be used as eye drops. The trick is relatively convenient. Fresh gotu kola is washed, beaten, squeezed, filtered water. Drops into the affected eye 3-four instances a day.

7. Dry cough

Take a handful of contemporary kola, then beaten, and squeeze the juice. Add water and rock sugar to taste. Then drink the potion immediately.

8. Expand of appetite

To enhance the urge for food, take 1 handful recent gotu kola leaves boiled with 2 cups of water until the rest 1 cup. Drink boiled water gotu kola leaves the day 1 cup.

9. The advantages of gotu kola leaf tea

contemporary gotu kola leaf tea believed to whet your appetite, refresh the body, soothe, curb warmness, dry cough, worms secrete in the stomach, nosebleed.

10. Advantages salad pegagan (Centella asiatica) 

Eaten raw contemporary kola efficacious smooth the blood, primarily in ulcers, ulcers bleed. Multiply bile, which improves digestive disorders.

11. Complex pee

if you're having crisis urinating, take 30 grams of fresh kola. Beaten or finely crushed. The herb is attached around the navel.

12. Lepra

Take three/four handheld gotu kola washed, then boiled in 3 cups of water until it turns into three/4 of his. Filter, after cooling, water is taken 3 occasions a day 3/4 cup.

13. Measles

To treat measles, take 60 -one hundred twenty grams of Centella asiatica, wash and then boiled. Then drink boiled water.

14. Swelling of the liver (liver)

Take 240 grams - 600 grams of contemporary kola, then boiled. Once cool, boiled water to drink almost always.

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