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Diabetes mellitus use Merremia mammosa

Diabetes mellitus use Merremia mammosa 

A. Description

Advantages and advantages Bidara Upas for well being, Upas Bidara plant has the Latin identify Merremia mammosa. It grows wild in the woods, typically planted in the yard near the fence as a medicinal plant or the tubers can be eaten. Grows well within the tropics from the lowlands to an altitude of 250 m dpi. These vegetation could also be imported from the Philippines, is a creeping or twining plant whose length of 3-6 m, a small trunk when held somewhat slippery and the color is just a little dark. Single leaf, long-stemmed, heart-shaped, flat side, a tapered tip, 5-12 cm long, four-15 cm broad, dark inexperienced color. Umbrella-shaped inflorescence 1-four fork collect plant life, shaped like a bell white, 7-eight cm long, with 4 portions of petals. Bulbs gathered in the ground, like a candy potato. If the soil dry and stagnant water and fertile, can weigh as much as 5 kg or more. Tawny color of the tuber dermis, thick skin gummy white colour, turn brown when dry. Propagation via stem cuttings or plant tuber.
Neighborhood identify:
Blanar, widara upas (Java), hailale (Ambon) .;
Utilization :
Part USED: Bulbs.
- Fever, cough, hoarseness.
- Diphtheria, Strep throat, pneumonia, appendicitis.
- Typhus, constipation, bowel actions blood and mucus.
- Vomiting blood.
- Diabetes mellitus (DM), bladder stones, food poisoning,
- melanoma, leprosy, syphilis (Lues).

External USE:
Used to facilitate breast milk, the drug cuts, burns, swelling, dermis ailments, snake bites.

To drink: 10-a hundred g of contemporary grated or boiled tubers.
External use: Bulbs thinly sliced ​​or shredded into pulp, to be massaged to the position like a wound discomfort, swelling, snake bites and many others.

B. Herbal Medicine use Merremia mammosa 

1. Diabetes
    a hundred g contemporary roots washed then grated, squeezed by using piece fabric. Drink each morning, half hour before foods.

2. Vomiting blood, typhus
    recent tubers sufficiently washed and shredded, squeeze with
    a bit of material to accumulate as a lot as one small glass. Drink.

3. Defecation blood and mucus
    50 g tubers are washed and cut into pieces, add brown sugar
    taste, boiled with 2 cups water unless the remainder 1 cup.
    After chilling filtered, drinks a little bit.

4. Diphtheria
    taste recent tubers, washed and shredded, squeeze the piece
    cloth to collect 1 small glass. Used to rinse your mouth in
    throat for 23 minutes, then swallowed.

5. Hoarse, dry cough
    fresh tubers through 1 finger is washed, reduce into skinny
    then chewed. Do it 3-4 occasions a day.

6. Cough
    one hundred g recent roots washed and shredded, add rock sugar syrup
    taste, stirring unless evenly then squeezed and filtered, drink.

7. Whooping cough
    1/2 finger fresh tubers are washed and shredded, overwhelmed with 2 tablespoons
    consuming boiled water and 1 tablespoon of honey, squeeze and strain,
    drink. Do 2 instances a day.

8. Appendicitis
    1/4 finger tubers washed and scraped and squeezed with 1 tablespoon
    eating sugar water, then squeezed and filtered Ialu inebriated. A day
    2 occasions.

9. Meals poisoning
    recent tubers sufficiently washed then grated, squeezed by using
    a piece of cloth to collect 1/2 cup. Drink.

10. Melanoma, leprosy (Hanson Morbqs)
     three/four finger contemporary tubers are washed and shredded, add 4 tablespoons
     boiled water and a couple of tablespoons of honey. Stirring evenly, then squeezed
     with a section of fabric, divided for three times drinking out in
     a day.

11. Injuries within the epidermis
     contemporary tubers are washed and thinly sliced, placed on the wound.

12. Tender breast milk
     recent roots washed and shredded, apply around

13. Burns
     fresh roots washed and shredded, dab on burns,
     if critical bandaged.

14. Snakebite
     Washed and shredded fresh tubers until a dough like
     bubur.Tempelkan above the chunk wound, then bandaged.

15. Syphilis (Lues)
     1 finger fresh roots washed and shredded, add 2 tablespoons
     eating boiled water and 1 tablespoon of pure honey, squeeze and
     strain, drink. Do it three instances a day.

16. Stone bladder / urinary stones
     10 g tubers bidara upas, 10 g leaves cat whiskers, 15 g of leaves nasty
     shard, washed and the tubers are cut into pieces as wanted. Boil
     1 liter of water, until the remaining a hundred and fifty cc. After chilling filtered ago
     drunk. Every day 3 x 50 cc.

Composition :
CHEMICAL residences AND results pharmacological: Anti-inflammation, relieve discomfort (analgesics), do away with swelling, laxatives (laxative), neutralize poison (antidote), conditioning. CHEMICAL content material: Resin, resin, starch, bitter elements. Recent sap involves oxydase.

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