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Lumbago use Crynum asiaticum

Lumbago use Crynum asiaticum

A. Description

Efficacy and benefits of daffodils - advantages of leaves naturally - Plant daffodils is one type of plant that can develop in a couple of countries, comparable to Asia, unless to europe, the lily has the Latin title Crynum asiaticum L, crops of this kind are by and large used as an ornamental plant, has a floral odor common, so many lover make lily plant ornamental crops to embellish the yard.

B. Chemical content material

the character of vegetation now not yet identified, however ingredients chemical observed in daffodils are already recognized. Lily comprises flavonoids, saponins and tannins, at the same time the tubers, roots, and seeds incorporate alkaloids likorin, krinin, and asetilkorin.

C. Herbalife use Crynum asiaticum

1. Lumbago

Lumbago problems we are suffering it also will also be treated through making use of leaves of daffodils. Materials :
a. Daffodil leaves 10 grams
b. Lily root 10 grams
c. Pink ginger 10 grams
tips on how to domesticate it: all of the materials to the creamed mashed, then smeared on the waist are sick, do this remedy with activities

2. Drug bruises

wound bruised, either due to the fact that mashed tough object, or fall also may also be handled by means of utilising leaves of daffodils,  put together a leaf narcissus recent style, spread with coconut oil to style, then roasted over the coals unless the leaves wither, and then stick it on bruised body components

3. Drug toothache

Toothache together with ailments normal however very makes the sufferer relatively tormented, teeth affliction that we undergo equipped to make all of our recreation turns into disturbed, attempt to utilize the root of daffodils as a usual remedy, the right way to prepare the foundation lily, wash totally and develop except blended, then smeared on the aching tooth, do that cure with movements unless the affliction that you're experiencing healing.

4. Breastfeeding

breast milk is required by way of your infant, tots who lack ation would have a bad effect for progress, are trying utilizing leaf daffodils to support expedite the water, find out how to take leaves of daffodils, wash thoroughly and rub with oil, then put on the discipline bladder pee, do it most often.

5. Gentle Urinating

How: The leaves of daffodils within the unfold with coconut oil, then paste within the bladder discipline.

6. Swelling of the lymph glands in the groin and armpits

Rinse and some leaves of daffodils, mashed collectively 2 spring onions, and brown sugar to taste except soft. Paste collision outcome in a sore spot.

7. Treating Sprains

How: withered lily leaves on hearth and stick it on the sprained section.


1. Use of daffodil bulbs ought to watch out on the grounds that toxic
2. Toxicity marked by way of belly suffering, severe diarrhea adopted, pulsation fast pulse, irregular respiration, and excessive heat.
Three. As a primary help, pump the belly so the sufferer gagcontinue with members drank the thick or 40 ml of fresh ginger juice diluted with water for use mouth-rinses.

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