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Lumbago use Vetiveria zizanioide

Lumbago use Vetiveria zizanioide

Lumbago use Vetiveria zizanioide

A. Description

Vetiver or in scientific language named Vetiveria zizanioide, is a plant that resembles a rice crop but with skinny spines thorns across the leaves and stems.

That comes from the indian plant has the following traits:
1. Developing upright height can reach 1 up to 2.5 cm.
2. Rod has a delicate texture, is white with segments around the rod.
3. The ribbon-formed leaves with grey, inflexible, can attain one hundred cm in length and contain no oil.
4. Type the rice comparable to flora, thorns and soiled white coloured, flower developing tip of the rod and have a grain form.
5. The basis of vetiver formed fibers and has a yellow colour and emit severe aroma.
6. Roots aromatic breed via multiplying the seeds, isolating youngsters clumps, or also by means of breaking a single root that has sprouted.

There are some materials contained in vetiver excellent for health. These elements comprise vetiveron, vetivena acid, vetiverol, and vetiverol ester.

B. Herbal medicine use Vetiveria zizanioide

1. Overcoming Arthritis

Rheumatism is one of the many illnesses that threaten someone already adulthood. This disease most commonly results in excessive ache within the bone joints. One kind of effective natural comfort used to treat rheumatism is vetiver. The trick is to rub vetiver to the body that feels discomfort due to arthritis.

2. Lumbago

just like rheumatism, vetiver also has houses equipped of dealing with arthritis and stiff conveniently. Easy methods to use vetiver as rheumatism and stiff drug is rubbed into the body that feels pains.

3. Get rid of BREATH

Plant vetiver additionally has the improvement of getting rid of dangerous breath are equipped of stinging. The trick is to create a concoction that contains vetiver, betel leaves, gotu kola, and cardamom are then used as a mouthwash. Gargle usually use these ingredients to bad breath disappear with the aid of itself. These habits will make your mouth remain intact freshness

4. Treating Wounds

If exposed to damage, there is a natural method that can be done to deal with these injuries, specifically by means of using vetiver. Yes, vetiver has the potential to close the wound and make it dry turbo.

5. Treat Swelling

apart from being ready to treat wounds, vetiver used to be able to treat the swelling that happens on the skin of the epidermis. The trick continues to be the equal, specifically with the aid of rubbing vetiver to the swelling.

6. Stopping and Treating Kidney Stones

Potion produced from vetiver has efficacy to restrict and deal with kidney stones naturally. Consumption of vetiver herb can make the physique hinder kidney stones.

7. Shrink warmness Fever

moreover vetiver can be believed to be competent to diminish the fever heat effectively. Instead of using drugs that incorporate chemical compounds and intent aspect effects, vetiver can be utilized as a substitute safe remedy fever warmness.

8. get rid of Dandruff and lice

Hidden advantages of vetiver is capable to eliminate dandruff and lice nesting, put on the hair. The trick is to use vetiver as shampoo. Use ordinarily so dandruff and lice to not return once more.

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