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9 advantages Herbal amethyst | Datura metel L

Amethyst usefulness as a medicinal herb crops

Amethyst plant with the scientific title of the plant Datura metel L. Amethyst frequently determined in areas with cool air. Amethyst vegetation categorised types of shrubs.
This plant belongs to the household Solanaceae, relatives with eggplant and potatoes. Amethyst almost always white plant life and red, yet colorful flowering hybrids. It is estimated that this plant used to be first used as drugs in the tenth century. Amethyst were from Southeast Asia, however there are also folks that got here from the Americas.

Amethyst is definitely the type of vegetation that can be utilized as a drug very a lot, including Datura stramonium, Tatura Datura and Brugmansia suaviolens, however the vigor homes of each and every sort of amethyst, range. Abuse amethyst is usually the case, so it's not a drug obtained even toxic (inflicting dizziness / stoned) which could be very dangerous.

Close to all parts of the plant can be used as a drug amethyst. That is because of all of the ingredients containing alkaoida called hiosamin (atropine) and scopolamin, such because the plant Atropa belladonna.

This Alkahoid toxic so that its use is constrained to the external. Amethyst seeds include hyoscine and fats, at the same time the leaves contain calcium oxalate. Nutritious deal with rheumatism, constipation, bronchial asthma, again pain, swelling, rheumatism, eczema, and infection of the ear kids.

The 0.33 is an anticholinergic alkaloids. Except now utilized by the pharmaceutical industry because the essential source of nutritious hyosciamin calming influence of seizures, exceptionally the belly. The leaves include scopolamin hyasciamin and nutritious treat bronchial asthma, rheumatism (rheumatic bone) and dermis ailments.

9 advantages amethyst

1. Rheumatism
Manner, take the leaves and vegetation style amethyst, red onion to taste, and ginger to style. Mash the constituents except smooth, paste on the affected phase.

2. Constipation 
Approach, take two portions of cone-shaped leaves and spread with coconut oil after which baked over a fire unless the leaves wilt. Leaves which have been baked paste in the slash stomach. Do it 2-three instances a day.

3. Asthma
Means, take just a few pieces of cone-formed leaves and finely sliced. Outcome sliced ​​dried except dry. The leaves are fabricated from hand-rolled like a cigarette and smoked like a cigarette.

4. Again discomfort. 
Manner, take 5-10 leaves purple amethyst trunked and whiting to taste and mash until soft. Connect outcome of the collision on the waist of the in poor health. Do it 2-3 occasions a day.

5. Swelling
Manner, take a cone-shaped leaves and moist with coconut oil after which baked and knead. Paste within the swelling 2-three times a day.

6. Gout
Approach, take eight black amethyst leaves, wash and grind until tender after which kneaded together with lime. Rub the combo on the affected phase twice a day.

7. Eczema
Approach, take approximately 25 grams of leaf amethyst, then mash except gentle, and give a style of coconut oil, and warmness over a fireplace. The herb paste on eczema and let a couple of moments.

8. Ulcers 
Means, take 5 leaves amethyst, then mash until smooth. The herb paste on boils to mature quickly.

9. Dandruff
Put together 7 leaves dry amethyst and 5 tablespoons of coconut oil. Put cone-formed leaves and coconut oil into bottles and cap. sunbathe beneath the blazing sun for a week. Next, observe the oil on the scalp 2 times a day, morning and evening. Repeat for a number of days except the dandruff is gone.

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