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advantage PEARL GRASS For Hepatitis

Advantage PEARL GRASS  (Hedyotis corymbosa)

Plant morphology
Grass grows leafy scattered, rather vulnerable, top 15-50 cm, thrives in moist soil on the facet of the street, the edge of the gutter, has many ramifications. Faceted stem, leaf faced go, leaf-desist short / close to sitting, leaf length of two-5 cm, pointed tip, the bone leaves one within the core. Tip of the leaf have short hair. Flower out of the armpit leaves, formed like a white umbrella, 2-5 in the type of compound interest, the flower stalk (stem) taut as wire, length 5 to 10 mm. Fruits built, cracked edges.

Chemical content
Pearl grass involves hentriakontane, stikmasterol, ursolic acid, sitosterol, D-glucoside, p coun Maric acid, oleic acid and flavonoids glycossides

Advantages Grass Pearls

1. Appendicitis: 
50 gr pearl grass washed, then boiled in four cups water to boiling and the remaining 2 cups. Decoction taken 2 instances a day, each 1 cup for 7 days.

2. Sperm duct obstruction
a sperm duct blockage occurs for the reason that the binding channel, inflicting clots epididymis sperm and reason discomfort in the penis. To overcome this, 30 g boiled pearl grass with 4 cups water to boiling and the water ultimate 2 cups. As soon as cool, stress the decoction and drink 2 times a day, every 1 cup. Repeat drink for three-four days.

3. Boil the plants with ample water. 
Use boiled water to scrub the body scalded. After that, rub this a part of the affected physique of water with aloe vera every half of hour in order that the wound heal rapid.

4. Hepatitis 
Rinse 50 grams of plant, boiled in four cups of water to boil, except the water ultimate 2 cups. Once cool strain the combination and drink 2 instances a day, each and every 1 cup.

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