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Hemorrhoids use Desmodium triquetrum

Hemorrhoids use Desmodium triquetrum

Hemorrhoids use Desmodium triquetrum

A. Description

Leaves seating will also be located from the lowlands to 1,500 m above sea stage. Leaf sitting Desmodium triquetrum has a Latin name, developing wild within the open with ample sunlight or slightly coloration, and now not so dry. Herbaceous perennials, developing upright or uphill, peak 0.5 - three m, with picket legs. 

Round rods, segmented, difficult surface, branching simpodial, 2 cm in diameter, brown. Single leaves, alternate, leafy fulcrum, winged petiole width. Leaf blade lanceolate, tapered tip, the bottom rate, flat aspect, hoarding pinnate, size 10-20 cm, width of 1.5 to 2 cm, younger brown, after the darkish inexperienced. Compound curiosity, tassel, out of the tip of the stem, crown butterfly formed pink and white color, delicate-haired, base attaches. 

Pods, size 2,5 - 3,5 cm, width 4-6 mm, bushy, containing 4-8 seeds, younger inexperienced, after the dark chocolate. Seeds are small, kidney form, the colour is light brown. Propagation by seed.

B. Parts

The leaves of this plant include tannins, alkaloids hipaforin, trigonelin, tanning substances, silicic acid, and K20. Fruit leaves sitting contains saponins, and flavonoids, while the root involves saponins, flavonoids, and tannins.

C. Herbalife use Desmodium triquetrum

1. Hemorrhoids

 Take 20 g of recent leaves, washed and boiled with 1 cup of water for quarter-hour. After chilling filtered. Distillate even as under the influence of alcohol. Do it everyday.

2. Acute kidney inflammation, edema

Take the herb leaves sit down as a lot as 60 g, washed and boiled in 3 cups of water unless the rest 1 cup. After chilling filtered, drinks as soon as in the morning.

3. Vomiting in being pregnant

Take the herb leaves sit as much as 30 g, washed and reduce into portions as needed. Boil three cups of water except the remaining 1 cup. After chilling filtered, divided for three occasions drink, the morning, afternoon, and night, 1/3 cup each and every.

4. Dysentery

Take contemporary leaves sit down as so much as 30 g, washed and finely ground. Pour 3/4 cup of scorching water, go away for 15 minutes. Add tip of a teaspoon of salt, stirring most of the time. Squeeze and stress. Warm drink as good.

5. Lumbago

approach: take a leaf sitting and then dried, after the dry floor into a rough powder. 15-20 grams of powder brewed with 350 cc of hot water to dissolve about 20 minutes then add 1.5 tablespoons of honey taken. Just one cup a day.

6. Treat Kidney Stones

fresh leaves sit down 6 grams; recent leaves nasty shard three grams; contemporary herbs cat's whiskers 6 grams; a hundred and fifty ml water. Made by way of infusion, taken as soon as daily a hundred ml.

7. Deal with tonsillitis

put together 7 leaves take a seat nonetheless fresh, 2 pieces of betel leaf, herb add pegagan (Centella asiatica) 1 handheld rhizome key 5 rhizomes, 1 cup water crushed and used as a mouthwash two times a day every morning and night.


When natural leaves this seat delivered to salted fish and meat, can protect the meals from the invasion of flies and maggots

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