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Swollen feet

 Swollen feet use Asplenium nidus 

 Swollen feet use Asplenium nidus

A. Description

Asplenium nidus has the Latin identify Asplenium nidus is a species of epiphytes are more commonly observed in the subject pamah land, mountainous areas and areas of secondary wooded area. The core section of this species is competent to accumulate useless leaves alternatively than the most important help through basket-formed constitution to get vitamins and minerals and this element additionally soak up rainwater and store it so that the subsequent rain. The leaves are shaped from the center staple after which layered stacking to form a rosette which membrane scales dark brown at the base. The roots grow alongside the brief rods to beef up the structure of this Asplenium nidus.

Nail a fowl's nest fern species widespread as an ornamental plant yard. Sundanese humans name kadaka, at the same time within the Java language referred to as kedakah. Typical deployment is in the tropical belt of the ancient World (East Africa, tropical India, Indochina, Malesia, to the islands in the Pacific Ocean.

This nail is famous for a colossal cover, high can attain a length of 150 cm and a width of 20cm, resembles a banana leaf. ordinal single pinnate leaves. Colour vibrant inexperienced leaves and yellowing when uncovered to direct sunlight. Spores located on the backside part of the blade, in the veins of the leaves, blanketed with a form of sac elongated sori (wonderful in aspleniaceae). Ental-ental which dries to type a style of "nest" that trip on tree branches. "Nest" this is storing water and different epiphytic vegetation can also be grown.

These spikes traditionally epiphytic, but definitely can grow wherever so long as there's natural and organic topic that supplies nutrients. Seeing that the crops beneath the canopy, he likes the colour.

These spikes in Sundanese area known as kadaka. The Javanese name simbar red, Kalimantan and Maluku referred to as Lokot referred to as hukung tattoos. Glance at the end of the Bugis individuals name the flower ask for prayers. Generally, folks call spikes bird Pakis nest bird nest comes from Malaya, is now general throughout the tropics. Will also be grown from the lowlands to an altitude of two,500 m above sea stage. Bugis people feel when this plant prospers in a life marked harmonious and prosperous family and vice versa when languish in drawback. Asplenium nidus L. In Bali is in general used as decorative plants for gardening, flower arranging and chopped roots Alus media can be used for grafting vegetation.

B. Chemical content

Leaf spikes hen's nest includes flavonoids and kardenolin.

C. Herbal Medicine use Asplenium nidus

1. Drug swelling

leaf spikes contemporary chicken nest as much as 15 grams of recent, washed, finely ground and added a bit of wine then used as cream to the affected phase.

2. Drug bruises

leaf spikes fresh bird nest as a lot as 15 grams, washed and boiled with 200 ml of water to boil for 15 minutes, cool and pressure. Distillate inebriated immediately and do the treatment 2 occasions a day, morning and evening.

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