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Diabetes mellitus use Cyclea barbata

Diabetes use Cyclea barbata

Diabetes use Cyclea barbata

A. Description

Cincau plant traits: has the Latin title (Cyclea barbata) herb crops twining, a height of about 6 m. Single leaf, circular guard form with pointed tip, base obtuse, and a flat side. Bushy leaf surface, reinforcement pinnate, and inexperienced colours.

Plant grass jelly has a Latin name Cyclea barbata and included within the expense - sirawanan sirawan (Menispermaceae). Plant grass jelly is ordinarily found growing as a wild plant, however some are intentionally cultivated in residence gardens. This plant prospers within the lowlands to the discipline with an altitude of 800 meters above sea level, the loose soil with acidity stages of 5.5 to 6.5, and the neighborhood is shady, moist and juicy shallow ground. Plant grass jelly has a stem with a diameter of about 1 cm and propagates toward the correct on the host tree with a size of 5 to 16 meters.

Cyclea barbata L. Miers leaf-shaped defend, the center widens oval, in order that the overall shape resembles a coronary heart.

The lower surface of leaves downy and hairy higher surface difficult and sparse. The leaves fluctuate between 60-150 mm and has netted leaves the bone. 

Flower these vegetation develop from axillary or commonly from the trunk. Male flowers are pale inexperienced and has a length of 30-forty mm petals 4-5 pieces, whilst the female vegetation are smaller with a size of zero.7-1.0 mm and has a leaf sheath 1-2 portions and have 1-2 pieces of petals , Stamen includes a stalk sari with heads clustered at the ends. Fruit vegetation Cyclea brick L. Miers is circular like a espresso and a little furry, each and every fruit comprises 1-2 seeds are tough oval. 

How Cincau plant breeding can be completed by way of generative is by using seed, may also be a technique vegetatively via stem cuttings or root buds. Weak spot propagation by way of seed is it takes about three months to obtain seedlings. At the same time the weak point vegetative manner is unsafe the trunk, branches, twigs or roots of vegetation. Sections injury can impact the creation of grass jelly leaf. 

Leaves of grass jelly will also be harvested are leaves that aren't too historical but no longer too young. Harvesting plants will have to be completed via considering the fact that the  of the plants worried. When the plants were lush and fertile grass jelly, the leaves will also be harvested in giant portions. But if the plants look thin and unhealthy then deciding on can damage the plant. Harvesting will also be done after the plant was once 3-four months from the time of planting. 

The primary harvesting is finished through chopping some crops making use of a scythe in order that part can be left to grow again. While harvesting the second, the entire vegetation lifted up through the roots. Just right harvest will also be accomplished within the seventh month after planting

B. Contents

The nutrient content material of the leaves of grass jelly, it leaves grass jelly produce one of the vitamins and minerals in each a hundred g Cincau namely energy: 122 kcal, Protein: 6 g, fats 1 g, Carbohydrates 26 g, Calcium a hundred mg Phosphorus 100 mg, iron 3.Three mg, nutrition a ten.750 SI, 80 mh nutrition B1, nutrition C 17 mg, Fiber foods 6:23 gr.

C. Herbalife use Cyclea barbata

1. Anti-Inflammatory medications

Cincau contains chlorophyll within the leaves is colossal sufficient. These substances can relieve infection triggered by using micro organism or germs on distinctive sections. For these advantages, leaves of grass jelly can be crushed and a little salt and then smeared on the ill three occasions a day.

2. Drug Fever

Leaves of grass jelly includes saponins and advantages of antioxidant that acts to lessen fever. Stew grass jelly drink water after the water is filtered twice day-to-day.

3. herbal medicine for diabetes

Grass jelly leaves include chlorophyll compounds and bisbenzilsokuinolin be valuable to stabilize blood sugar levels. It will then reinforce the efficiency of the pancreatic hormone insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. If ingesting water decoction of the leaves of this grass jelly typically, as many as 200 ml 2 times a day.

4. Gastric Inflammatory medicines

The content material of nutrition C and the antioxidant benefit in leaf chlorophyll grass jelly will support to overcome the gastric irritation experienced through any person who has abnormalities in stomach acid. Such compounds, will toughen the muscular wall of the stomach to kill the micro organism that intent illnesses of the stomach. To treat stomach ulcers, can eat as much as grass jelly leaf decoction 2 occasions a day.

5. Hypertension disorder medications

SS tetandrin compounds are additionally valuable for treating hypertension. These compounds can intent dilation of blood vessels so that blood will go with the flow more easily. Gentle blood circulation procedure, would overcome the initial excessive blood stress and again to average. To treat high blood stress, grass jelly leaf consumed three instances every week.

6. Drug Poisoning Due seafood

the benefits of seafood are excellent for the physique, but food corresponding to shrimp and squid can intent poisoning. Antioxidant compounds in the leaves of grass jelly can aid persons who were poisoned seafood. How to use leaves as drug intoxication grass jelly, grass jelly squeezed 5-10 leaves unless the water produced is inexperienced. Then drink this potion utilizing brown sugar.

7. Suffering medicine typhus

Tocopherol compound, phosphorus minerals and antioxidants from leaves of grass jelly can support the immune approach for those who endure from typhoid. Consumption of this grass jelly leaf decoction, 3 times a day.

8. Effective for cancer

advantages grass jelly leaf has isokandrodendrin and SS tetandrin compound that works to kill cancer cells with a view to become melanoma cells. Moreover, both of these compounds can support the immune process in our our bodies once we eat, after the process first grew to become stew or gelatin.

9. Flip off the tumor cells

Isokandrodendrin compounds will kill tumor cells that attack detailed organs such as the kidneys, stomach, and liver. Leaves of grass jelly can be consumed in the kind so as, boiled water, or the powder as so much as three occasions a day as an anti-tumor drug. The efficacy of this herb can also be located on:

10. Addressing diarrhea

Alkaloid compounds within the leaves of grass jelly comprises the advantages of vitamin C and diet B that advantages can overcome diarrhea when consumed often as many as 3 times a day. Alkaloid compounds will support kill germs in meals and enhance the absorption of nutrients in the physique.

11. Preventing Osteoporosis

The mineral content material of magnesium, calcium and phosphorus are quite high in grass jelly leaf priceless for regenerating bone cells are porous. Useful content is, to nourish the bones in the formation of blood cells are damaged. Hence bone wellness despite reaching historical age can also be maintained.

D. Processing system Leaves Cincau ( traditional food indonesia)

1. First step

Take about 15 leaves of grass jelly
Juicing with boiled water as a lot as ¾ cup
Squeeze the leaves unless it thickens
Potion drunk straight to not be gelatinous
Potion taken 2 occasions a day, before meals and at bedtime
drinking most commonly

2. both approaches

Wash the freshly picked leaves of grass jelly, soak in water and knead
Let stand for 24 hours or until it types a jelly. The rationale is allowed to stand in a single day to enable carbohydrate binding plenty of water

3.  manner

Leaves of grass jelly destroyed / kneaded
There are also boiled first
supply the baking soda as a preservative

supply appropriate selection of grass jelly colour

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