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Hemorrhoids use Cordyline fruticosa

Hemorrhoids use Cordyline fruticosa

Hemorrhoids use Cordyline fruticosa

A. Plant description Andong

Plant red carriage (Cordyline fruticosa) is convenient to hold due to the fact that it is very resistant to drought, lifestyles started out plains to an altitude of 1900 meters above sea degree. Including monocots plants. Given the potential advantages of carriage as a medicinal plant that is really various, it does no longer damage to plant crops this gorgeous around your dwelling. Andong leaf residences for wellbeing had been known by means of a kind of tribes lengthy in the past. As a result, the plant is deliberately cultivated in lots of areas. If you're , plant propagation buggy could be very easy. Propagation can be done through stem cuttings, or will also be via isolating the shoots that develop at the base of the stem of the plant underground.

Single leaf sized with a pointed finish, can be used as wrapping food (some sources say could make food last longer for the reason that of its nature as an antibacterial). Crimson leaf color pink or purple, so it appears the contrast between different plants. Dimension lancet-shaped leaves that can attain 20 to 60 cm in length with a width of 10 to fifteen cm. The leaves on the stems have regarded composed piled high to kind a rosette tip of the stem, leaves an association is spiral (rotating). In some locations, younger leaves and inexperienced greens to serve with cooked rice. The plant life come out as stem length of about 30 cm from the armpit leaves when the plant is quite ancient. The colour is yellowish or greenish white, or may also be white and pink.

Andong (Cordyline fruticosa) plant is a herbaceous plant that we traditionally come across all around us. This carriage plant has the Latin title Cordyline fruticosa LA Cheva. This carriage ancient plant of foundation, coming from the East Asian vicinity. This carriage has a attribute plant leaf pink. Crop function carriage for some communities in Indonesia used as an ornamental plant that's planted across the apartment and yard. However it turns out we do not know the specific carriage plant has quite a lot of advantages and efficacy to treatment quite a lot of illnesses within the body.

B. Ngredients Plant (Cordyline fruticosa)

Andong plant involves saponins, tannins, flavonoids, polyphenols, steroid, polysaccharides, calcium oxalate, and iron.

C. Herbalife use Cordyline fruticosa

1. To beat coughing up blood, bloody urine, and menstrual an excessive amount of

Constituents used are the leaves or roots, the right way to make that potion through boiling the leaves of recent andong (Cordyline fruticosa) ± 90 gr, or dried roots carriage ± 50 g with three cups of water unless the remainder 1 cup. Then filtered and drink morning and afternoon ½ cup.

2. To remedy diarrhea / dysentery

Materials used are the leaves or roots of vegetation, his method is to boil the leaves ± ninety gr, or dried roots carriage ± 15 g utilizing three glasses of water. Boil except the remaining 1 cup, then filtered and distributed grew to be three cups of the same measurement. Taken three times a day, morning, noon, and evening.

3. Hemorrhoids

Substances used are leaf blade carriage three + leaves Ungu (Graptophyllum pictum) 7 pieces, then boiled with three cups of water except the remaining 1 cup. Filtered, and drink as a rule daily.

4. Treat the wound stings of venomous animals

Parts used are the leaves buggy, puree a few leaves of contemporary carriage, then warmth over the fireplace. In warm conditions, rubbed on the physique phase injured in shock and within the dressing with a fabric. Replace 2-three instances a day.

5. Treat gingivitis

dermis abrasion carriage in style, add a bit salt, stir until gentle. Then rub the herb on the infected gums.

6. Pulmonary tuberculosis with cough Blood

The dried leaves 15-30 grams, or dried plants 9-15 grams or dried roots of 6-10 grams of washed, then boiled and the water is taken 3 occasions a day.

7. Discomfort stomach and Liver

Leaves 15-30 grams, 15 grams or 9 plant life, or roots of 6-10 grams of boiled water is taken then 2 x a day.

8. Diarrhea

easy methods to mix potions to diarrhea, no specific from the steps to make a potion Andong (Cordyline fruticosa) pink to beat bloody urine. Nevertheless, if the three glasses of water which is then boiled and extracted into 1 cup water used as two servings for treating urinary bleeding, therapy for diarrhea includes dividing one glass of water the combination into three portions. In addition, raw material Andong (Cordyline fruticosa) leaves may also be replaced with a carriage of flora dry in smaller portions.

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