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Ovarian cancer use Eleutherine palmifolia

Ovarian cancer use Eleutherine palmifolia

Ovarian cancer use Eleutherine palmifolia

A. Description

Onion Dayak is a plant that has the Latin title Eleutherine palmifolia. Onion Dayak have local names as various as Tiwai onion, garlic Sabrang, diamond onion, garlic lubak, puzzles sebrang or onion ghost. Tiwai onion plant is a natural critical Kalimantan Dayak situation to stay.

This plant has been within the Dayak community Empirical used as a medicinal plant. This plant has the colour crimson bulbs with ribbon-formed inexperienced leaves and white vegetation.
This plant has many varieties with one-of-a-kind shapes and forms as numerous as onion or garlic and more than a few different types of onions. Distinctive function of this plant is a tuber crop coloured red with a very tender floor.

Layout leaves paired with double finned leaf composition. bone type of leaf parallel to the edge of the slippery leaves and kind a line-shaped ribbon-formed leaves. Apart from getting used as a medicinal plant these vegetation can be used as a decorative plant on account that of the lovely plants. Onions tiwai have just right adaptability, can grow in unique varieties of climates and soil varieties.

Furthermore to the above, this plant can also be propagated and harvested in a short while, in order that the plant can effortlessly be developed for industrial purposes.

Tubers onions dayak phytochemical compounds that incorporate a couple of alkaloids, phenolics, steroid glycosides, flavonoids and tannins. Alkaloids are healthy substances that incorporate nitrogen as part of heterocyclic. Even alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides and saponins have hypoglycemic undertaking or lowering blood glucose phases which can be precious to manage with diabetes mellitus,even alkaloid that's capable to operate as an anti-microbial. 

Even as the tannin content material that would be used as an upset belly.
Hereditary onion dayak regional neighborhood has been used as a medication various sorts of severe diseases and ailments comparable to breast cancer, help control diabetes mellitus, lessen hypertension, cut back ldl cholesterol, ulcer medicinal drugs, and others.

B. Utilization onion Dayak

Use of natural remedy is developing rapidly nowadays. This development is supported with the aid of the tendency of society we prefer common healing.
Healing has normally been considered extra functional considering the fact that it has been demonstrated Empirical of our ancestors. Dayak onion herb has lengthy been used more than a few Dayak community instead treatment.
Sabrang onions can be used in contemporary kind, botanicals, sweets and in powder type (powder). Dayak onions skills as a medicinal plant could be very huge multi-perform wants to be extended in order that its use as a fabric of modern day medicine.

1. How Processing Onions Tiwai

immediate Beverage manufacture onion Dayak
a. Onions dayak washed,
b. Reduce the roots and leaves, sliced,
c. Plus water at a ratio of 1: 2 w / v (1 kg onion dayak plus with 2 liters of water), mixture,
d. Then filtered with calico fabric,
e. Cooked to a boil, stirring, stirring,
f. Delivered sugar 1: 1 w / w (1 kg onions dayak, plus 1 kg of sugar),
g. Stirring consistently until it types crystals (grains tender), then kick back,
h. If a large grain size, puree in a blender.

2. Making simplisia

a. Onions dayak washed,
b. Reduce the roots and leaves,
c. Sliced ​​to a thickness of 1-2 mm,
d. Oven-dried at a temperature of 500 C for eight hours, and cooled,
e. Then be instantly packed in plastic

3. Making sweets

a. Onions dayak washed, reduce the roots and leaves,
b. Sliced ​​to a thickness of 1-2 mm, then
c. Steamed for five minutes, add the sugar resolution that has been created (sugar plus water, a ratio of 1: 1
d. Cooked unless thick, stirring, stirring), and cook, stirring, stirring until dry, which is characterised via the presence of crystals of sugar.

4. Education of powder

a. Onions dayak washed, reduce the roots and leaves,
b. Sliced ​​to a thickness of 1-2 mm, then
c. The oven-dried at a temperature of 50 levels C for 8 hours,
d. Cooled, pulverized in a blender,
e. Sifted and packed

C. Onions advantages Dayak and Consumption approach

Onions This diamond has an pleasant type of advantages for our wellness. Some of the essential homes of garlic dayak amongst them can overcome the disorder:
1. Insomnia
2. healthful heart Muscle
3. support overcome Lymph node cancer
4. shrink irritation of the tonsils
5. Treating bronchial asthma
6. Ulcers
7. lowering Uric Acid
8. Overcoming Piles
9. help deal with Lung melanoma - Lung
10. aid overcome Breast melanoma
11. support treat uterine cancer
12. support overcome Colon melanoma
13.  support deal with Whitish
14. aid deal with cysts
15. aid overcome cholesterol
16. Reduces suffering Ulcer
17 help deal with migraine

here we gift how to use onions diamonds with more than a few preparations

1. Contemporary Onions Dayak (moist)

1. Take 5-7 cloves of garlic dayak recent, washed, then sliced ​​thinly.
2. Boil the sliced ​​onion dayak with three cups of water (600 milliliter). Wait until the remaining 2 cups of water to remain.
Three. Drink the boiled water 2-three instances a day until exhausted.
For the duration of the cooking water to devour fresh garlic dayak, hinder meals / drinks containing alcohol, carbonation, fat, flavoring / vitsin and meals that include some variety of fermented tempeh, tape and others.

2. Dayak Dry Onions (Sliced)

1. Take two tablespoons dried onion dayak.
2. Wash with easy water.
3. Pour 200 milliliters of sizzling water.
4. Wait a couple of moments except the reddish water.
5. The time is competent for consumption.

3. Dayak Onion Powder (Extract)

a. Take a style disposable spoon onion powder dayak.
b. Pour warm water in a glass.
c. Stir except delicate and equipped for consumption.
d. If it is too bitter, can add honey. Starting place of pure honey. Don't honey mixture.


lengthy storage between 2 to three months, so long as it's saved in a dry and smooth (not moist).
If taken three times a day, one kilogram of onion would be ample for the consumption needs of between 2 to 3 weeks.

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