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Mastitis use Emilia Sonchifolia

Mastitis use Emilia Sonchifolia

Mastitis use Emilia Sonchifolia

A. Description

Takes Wiyang has the Latin title Emilia Sonchifolia L  Together with the Familia Asteraceae (Compositae). Wiyang takes an annual plant that grows upright or mendacity on the bottom with a top of 10-40 cm and might attain 1.2 m. This plant grows wild on the brink of the avenue, the brink of the ditch, cliffs, gardens, pastures ranging from lowland to 1500 m above sea level. Wiyang journey will also be observed in places which might be getting ample daylight or a little bit shade with moist soil that is not so.

Takes wiyang (Emilia Sonhifolia L) branched from the bottom, the stem is round and stable that had a inexperienced colour. The leaves are single, elongated triangular shape and spread with the top of the fairway and the bottom is reasonably reddish-pink, more often than not meeting the amassed stem. 

Edges of leaves are commonly flat, jagged irregular, share an extraordinarily deep pinnate compound leaves that resemble the size of two-15 cm and a width of 1.5 to 4 cm. Region of the leaves at the high, take a seat down and as an alternative small, for the area of the diminish leaves and stalk close the base and has a alternatively large.

Wiyang  (Emilia Sonhifolia L ) takes curiosity in small portions together in a wreath-shaped flat panicles on the end of the stalk. Long-stemmed vegetation are 5-8 cm and invariably forked, reddish pink, ros or white (infrequent).

Fruit takes wiyang hard and shaped brown line with a length of roughly four mm. The leaves are as a rule used as a vegetable or salad that tastes like a spice with a rather bitter style.
Find out how to use the journey wiyang cure as follows:

B. Herbal Medicine use  Emilia Sonchifolia 

1. Mastitis

squash a handful of fresh leaves and stems collectively brown sugar to style and then heated and affixed to the sore spot.

2. Inflammation of the ear or ear wax hardens

clean the fresh leaves to style then brewed with sizzling water until limp after which beaten and squeezed, water is used as drops within the affected ear. Daily three-four occasions @ 2 drops.

3. Cantengan (paronychia)

squash leaves and stems recent with a little sugar and then follow them on the affected phase.

4. Ulcer

squash handful of recent leaves with brown sugar to taste and then put it on the boil and changed twice.

5. Sore throat

boiling 90 grams of fresh herbs and then drink the water slowly.

6. Fever

squash leaves up right into a slurry by means of including a little sugar after which tied to the places where essential arteries palpable on the skin as in the wrists, underarms, and groin. Simply cut down sizzling flashes.

7. Sprue

leaf brewing and drinking water takes wiyang (Emilia Sonhifolia L ) steeping.

8. As a vegetable or in salad

on account that it may be used to soothe hemorrhoids disease, liver disorder / liver, mouth sores, fever.

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