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Constipation use Ficus septica

Constipation use Ficus septica

Constipation use Ficus septica

A. Description

Awar- awar usually noted dausalo, bar- Abar, betel popar, with the Latin name Ficus septica Burm. This plant belongs to the class of shrubs. And most likely discovered in areas have been just a little soggy. Alongside a move or ditch can be small. This plant is located in the course of Indonesia.

The time period plant awar-awar  (Ficus septica ) is derived from the Java language however in different areas of the plant this one also has a name frequently in areas corresponding to Ambon known as as betel popar, loloyan the subject minahasa, ki ciyat within the Sunda neighborhood, bar-Abar within the discipline of ​​Madura, Tobotobo in the subject makasar, dausalo in the Bugis discipline and lots of natural names according to their respective areas.

The traits of plant-awar awar this is the tree like shrub with a highest top of 1 to 1.5 meters. Twisted trunk form but no longer segmented. The leaves are alternate and face every different with elliptical or ovoid shape, color and smooth green leaves are light spots along the leaf floor. This plant is observed in the island of Java and Madura, but additionally very a lot in the discipline of ​​Sumatra and Borneo. Flora of crops-awar awar a compound relationship with her pot arrangement of each and every pair, the colour is gentle inexperienced and gray. Flower diameter stages from 1.5 to 2 meters. In plant-awar awar there are male flora and female plant life are mating until produce fruit-awar awar.

In-awar awar plant components, there are some constituents that are superb and nutritious for the human body. One part of probably the most noted in the world of herbal medicine are the leaves. Awar-awar (Ficus septica ) leaf has houses which can be superb and is one style of remedy that can be used as a herbal medicine with out a part effects.

B. Contents

Awar-awar have some chemical ingredients that are useful against several diseases, among others: flavonoids genistin, kaempferitrin, coumarin, phenolic, pyrimidine, and alkaloids antofin. Leaves and stems awar-awar have isotylocrebin alkaloid content and tylocrebin.

C. Herblife use Ficus septicum

1. Constipation

when you expertise issues complex bowel movements you must no longer use laxatives given that of the result in the long run can be very detrimental. One more approach you need to use the fruit-awar awar (Ficus septica ) for constipation when you consider that it may be used as a normal laxative and undoubtedly no side results to the physique.

2. Treating boils and itching

To treat itching and ulcers with the aid of utilising leaf-awar awar (Ficus septica ) can be very convenient that's by way of taking roughly 5 grams of leaf-awar awar simplest and then smoked to wither. When the leaves have withered then overwhelmed utilising a pestle except gentle. If it had been in the form of paste and then apply the blend to the boil and physique areas that itch. If you want to get the highest outcome you must do it mostly day-to-day until the sore healed.

3. As an antidote to snake bites

in case you have an assault of venomous snakes, you can use a leaf-awar awar to combat that by way of pounding. However this isn't the cure you will have to in the event you have no idea precisely what type of snake that assaults must instantly bolt to the health care provider to get more intensive cure.

4. Antidotes nausea

If you're newly pregnant and experiencing nausea and vomiting, you should utilize the herb leaves and roots-awar awar (Ficus septica ) are boiled together. Then filtered will be a healing nausea and vomiting are very effective.

5. Treating swelling

section-awar awar (Ficus septica ) plant sap can be very strong in treating swelling in the physique. You simply stick gum on the physique swelling and you will get ample results.

6. Treating herpes anguish, complications and rheumatism

the best way to use the leaf-awar awar (Ficus septica ) for treating herpes soreness, complications and rheumatism very convenient. You keep delivering awar-awar leaves to style later, the leaves are crushed to kind a paste. If you are ready then follow on the body that itch and on the pinnacle if you have a headache.

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