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Hemorrhoids use Graptophyllum pictum

Hemorrhoids use Graptophyllum pictum

Hemorrhoids use Graptophyllum pictum

A. Description

Herbalife - Crimson leaves or leaf also known as Wungu has the Latin identify Graptophyllum pictum is native to Papua and polinesia. Pink leaf has been recognized seeing that a very long time in quite a lot of materials of the sector including Southeast Asia, Africa and Polynesia as one of the herbs almost always used to unravel the main issue of femininity.

Purple leaves are tender upright shrub, and branched out to develop as much as 3.5 meters. The leaves are opposite, 10 to 20 cm long, crimson and mostly there are white patches / green within the core.

B. Herbalife Tips on how to use

1. Hemorrhoids 

Contemporary violet leaves Boil three cups of water except the remainder 2 cups. As soon as cool, strain and drink a tumbler of the decoction twice a day, for maximum outcome do day-to-day except cured.

2. Treating Hemorrhoids are Dengue

Take 3 sheets of pink leaves and a pair of slices of turmeric, and brewed with hot water as a lot as one glass to drink at night and a tumbler to drink the morning. Besides, hemorrhoids must even be compressed with bloodless urine in order that bleeding can also be speedily stopped. For highest results do everyday unless cured.

3. Bleeding

Prepare to style recent violet leaves and gotu kola for bleeding, 3 the plant takes wiyang (Emilia sonchifolia), (to style, three spring onions and fennel, 1-2 pulosari (Alyxia stellata) finger and turmeric, then wash all the ingredients to wash, reduce then all these materials to taste and boil with 3 cups water unless the rest 2 cups. As soon as cool, strain and drink one glass for the night, and one glass for the morning. For maximum outcome do everyday until cured.

4. Boils

Put together two red leaves and coconut oil to style, then practice coconut oil on crimson leaves and roasted over the fireplace then put on ulcer discomfort in heat.

5. Expedite menstruation

Boil three tablespoons flower pink leaves that have been dried with filtered. Drink 3 days before menses (menstruation).

Materials that can be used as medicine are the leaves, bark, and vegetation. For leaf itself contains flavonoids, alkaloids unhazardous, glikosid, steroids, saponins, tannins, and mucilage.
Whilst the stems include calcium oxalate, forlat and fatty acids. The content material of these substances reason this plant is a diuretic or shed urination, speed up the maturation of boils, have laxative facilitate defecation (moderate laxative), and soften the epidermis.

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