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Benefit Gynura segetum For Drug Stroke | Coronary heart affliction medicinal drugs

Advantages Leaves leaves of the gods For Herbs Medicine | (Gynura segetum)

Leaves of the gods with the Latin name (Gynura segetum) first, look has its own uniqueness. Darkish green leaves with red line on the threshold. The colour of the upper leaves are older than the lower phase, simply the 2nd floor of the leaves have best hairs. Elongated rounded leaf kind, with a notched edge, very short-stemmed leaves. Then, the stems have exceptional hair, delicate, purple and greenish. Simplest 10-25 cm tall stems.

The plant life appear on the end of the rod. Before the time of bloom, an identical flower buttons, and be like a set of bright yellow stamens after blooming. Yellow petals with crimson-brown tip. Of interest, often soon fall off, never grow to be fruit. If and endure fruit, have an oval shape with a diameter of 4-5 mm. No much less fascinating is the roots that kind tubers with a size of roughly 5-eight cm. The move-sectional dimension of 3-5 cm. Tuber dermis grayish, however the flesh of the tuber looks clear to cloudy.

These plants accounting for an annual shrub and has a couple of location identify. In primary Java, he known as the continuing lifestyles (imperative Java). Chinese language men and women call it san qi cao. Remember persons acquainted with the chinese on the leaves of the gods, so the plant is often known as beluntas (Baccharis Indica L) china. Loved ones beluntas is a plant with leaves of the gods.

Leaf characteristics Gods
younger stems are inexperienced leaves of the gods with an elongated groove, if moderately historic branched. Single leaf, has stalk, ovate to spherical form elongated. Leaves many gathered underneath, rather infrequent on the tip of the stem, alternate area. Both the leaf floor delicate haired, white color. The color of the leaf surface darkish green, gentle green bottom. Plants placed at the tip of the stem, yellow tubercular (flower heads). Coloured bulbs have got to ash-gray.
Chemical constituents Leaves Gods: Saponin, main Oil, Flavonoids
Chemical residences and pharmacological results: neutral, exceptional style, anticoagulants, hinder blood clotting, stimulate circulation, stop bleeding.

Leaves Leaves usability and Bulbs Gods

1. Leaves:
Wound cure was hit, circulation, stop bleeding (coughing up blood, vomiting blood, nosebleeds), swelling of the breast, throat infections, don't come menstruation, bitten through venomous animals.
2. Bulbs:
Eliminates blood clot (haematom) swelling, damaged bones (fractures), accidents hit, deal with colds and bleeding after childbirth.
Processing a drug derived from the leaves of the gods, can with fresh leaves served straight or in the form of the extract, the leaves are sterilized and dried. As soon as thoroughly dry, the leaves are ground up into flour or bulbs. Then filtered flour so finely blended, then in a position to be incorporated within the pill.

Advantages and advantages Leaves Gods:
God leaf vegetation contain a sort of chemicals, together with saponins, flavonoids, principal oils, and anticoagulants. Do not be surprised if he has a myriad of benefits.

1. Drug Stroke 1
put together 30 grams of tubers god leaves, wipe smooth, then dry aired. Mash except tender. Take 1 teaspoon powdered tubers god leaves, then mixed with 5 grains ginko seeds. Brewed in a tumbler of water, add a bit honey. Please drink. Or, take 1 tablespoon powdered tubers god, mixed with 10 grains of dry ginko seeds which have been crushed, then put throughout the pill. Tablets and in a position to drink. Finished by and large during 1-2 month.

2. Drug Stroke 2
60 gr god of contemporary leaves boiled with four hundred cc of water until the remainder 200 cc. Consuming water while warm. Do quite often 2 occasions a day. Having carried out for 10-12 days, remedy was once discontinued for three days. Thereafter, healing can also be resumed.

3. Rheumatic medicines. 
Take 30 grams of recent leaves of deciduous plants god, wipe smooth and then boiled. Pulverized and wring given little water. Drink daily. Or, put together 30 grams of recent god leaf plant leaves, red ginger 10 grams, and 30 grams of mustard root sky. Put in 600 cc of water, then boiled until the water remaining 300 cc. Filter with a clean fabric, drink.

4. Drugs Diabetes. 
Take 5 leaves god of recent leaves of crops, brewed with 110 cc of water. Drink a 1-day total of one hundred cc.

5. Drug bleeding and swollen breasts.
Put together 15 grams of god leaf plant leaves, boiled in 3 cups of water unless the remaining 1/2. After a cold drink, 1 1/2 cup three times a day.
6. Coronary heart affliction medicinal drugs
Take 10 grams of tubers god of recent leaves, finely crushed, then add half cup water. Pressure the dregs, then drink each afternoon.

7. Drug burn and cut down. 
Mashed tubers god leaves, the little brown sugar until completed dough like ointment. Observe to the burn or decrease, then bandaged.

8. Medicinal drugs Burns: 
Take tubers god leaves, washed and then beaten (in pee) exceptional. Add a bit brown sugar dough so that it becomes a kind of ointment. Potion then massaged into the sick body, and wrapped.

9. Drug wild animal bites. 
Take the bulb leaves god style, finely beaten. Add in the body phase bitten wild animals, then bandaged.

10. Drug Lowers Blood strain. 
Take 7 leaves gods are extensive and capable for harvest. - Boil 3 cups of water unless the rest 2 cups. - Drink 2 instances every day after meals. - better yet, if used as a god leaf greens.

11. Drug Bruising wounds. 
Take a leaf god leaves and tubers weighing 20 grams. - Leaves fresh distance 10 sheets. - Puree three constituents, after a gentle paste on the sore discipline.

12. Drug black spots on the face.
The right way to use it is extremely simple, specifically with the aid of taking leaves and sap sap that has smeared on the black spots
thirteen. Drug diabetes, diabetes, and ailments in specific with the aid of ingesting boiled water the leaves are dried.

14. Drug wart disorder. 
Specifically how to use cut - reduce and paste the god leaves for your wart, tied with a material or Elastoplast. Most likely your warts will disappear. Or 5 leaves god overwhelmed, and topical on a warty, then bandaged. Launched the following day.

15. Melanoma medications 
Create a concoction of 30 grams of recent leaves of the gods, 20 grams of ginger and white, 30 grams jombang (Taraxacum Officinale Wiggers), (boiled with 600 cc of water unless the remainder 300 cc, then filtered and the water under the influence of alcohol.
Sixteen. Drug bleeding and swollen breasts. Put together 15 grams of god leaf plant leaves, boiled in three cups of water until the rest 1/2. Drink after a cold, half a cup 3 times a day.

17. Drugs heat cramps in youngsters
Take a plant leaf gods, washed, then overwhelmed. Squeeze, add slightly wine, after which drunk.

18. Drug snake bites / bitten by using yet another animal
Bulbs overwhelmed and then positioned in the ailment. Tubers god leaves sufficiently washed, and finely ground. Dab on the bitten phase, then bandaged.

19. Drugs don't come menstruation 
15-30 grams of herb boiled or floor, take water, combined with wine that has been heated, drink.

20. Drug bleeding in ladies 
breast swelling, coughing and vomiting blood: 1 (one) entire rod (15 grams) boiled, drinking.

21. Drug seizures in children
1 rod pounded take the water, combined with wine, Drinks.

22. Drug wound hit, catch a cold
6-9 grams of contemporary tuber plus wine yellow (wong ciu) to style, then, heated, drink.

23. Drug swelling bruise
Tubers god leaves as so much as 6-9 grams, after washed, thinly sliced. Add wine yellow (wong ciu) sufficiently, and within the group. Drink even as heat.

24. Bleeding Drug womb
coughing and vomiting blood, breast swelling: Take a section of leaf gods as much as 15 g, washed, then boiled in three cups water unless the remaining half. After a cold drink three times a day, morning, noon and night, each and every ½ cup.

25. Medicines Ganglion
devour recent leaves of the gods as so much as 7 sheets day-to-day.

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