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Asthma use Houttuynia cordata Thunb

Asthma use Houttuynia cordata Thunb

Asthma use Houttuynia cordata Thunb

A. Description

Amis-amisan name Latin (Houttuynia cordata Thunb) function in average chinese language medicine used as a natural medication. At the same time the younger shoots can be utilized as a vegetable. Because the name implies, this plant has a characteristic odor fishy. These plants spread in Southeast Asia, East Asia and components of South Asia.

1. Leaf

Single, with Stipule triangular, cylindrical stalk, four-7 cm long, coronary heart form, pointed tip, base rounded figured, bone mesh form, tough surface, green or purplish green

2. Flower

Single, axillary or on the finish of branches, bisexual, without petals, stamens and pistils many, arranged in the head, stamens three, anthers composite 3, stigmas three, needle shape, white, crown ravel, four strands, oval shape, rounded tip, base tapering, zero.5-1 cm long, tender white

3. Fruit

round egg, straight, 2-three mm long, green

4. Seeds

round small, black

5. Root

Fiber, soiled brown

B. Ecology and Deployment

Is a wild plant on the edges of swamps, humid forests or on the banks of the river, at an altitude of 100 m to 900 m above sea level. Can grow on more than a few forms of soil from light sandy soil to heavy clayey soil. Flowering in June-September. Suitable harvest time in September-November.

Propagation by stem cuttings. Therapy with the control of pests and weeds, fertilizing, and watering adequate. This plant will grow well in areas with an altitude of 200-500 meters above sea stage.

C. chemical Ingredients

Leaves and stems fishy contains saponins, kardenolin and polyphenols.

D. Herbalife use Houttuynia cordata

1. Bronchial asthma drugs

whole plant contemporary fishy as so much as 30 grams, washed and boiled with four hundred ml of water to boil for 15 minutes, then filtered and after a bloodless, drink as soon as. That is accomplished 2-three instances a day.

2. Drug colds

fishy leaves as a lot as 30 grams of contemporary, washed and boiled with four hundred ml of water to boil for 10 minutes, then filtered and after a bloodless drink as well. This is performed 2-three instances a day morning and afternoon.

3. Anti-irritation

take a fishy- contemporary leaves as much as 40 grams, washed, boiled with 500 ml of water to boil for quarter-hour, filtered, after a bloodless drink 2 occasions a day morning and afternoon.

4. influenza

30 gr fresh leaves washed, then boiled with 400 ml of water until only 200 ml, filtered, water is taken, daily 2 times, morning and afternoon.

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