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Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine use Gardenia Augusta 

Herbal medicine use Gardenia Augusta

A. Description

Plate Glass vegetation will also be grown in any situation, be it in bloodless temperature areas or in areas with heat climates. Nevertheless, this plant is extra suitable to grow in the excessive mountain areas of over 400 meters above sea degree. Tree trunks in a plate glass plant life reach 1-2 meters, the plants are gigantic and just like white roses, the leaves are oval, thick, gentle and shiny, at the same time the procedure of progress ordinarily by way of cuttings, with seeds and grafts, Name latin (Gardenia Augusta)

Advantages vegetation Glass Plates for Health is various, in China, floral glass plate is used as a taste enhancer in tea leaves. The fruit is safe to eat and is used as a yellow dye in foods (corresponding to turmeric).

B. Properties and Contens

Fruits contain most important oils, gardenin, gardenosid, geniposid, genipin, gentiobioside, gardoside (eight.10 dehydrologanin), scandoside menthyl ester, glikosid, sitosterol, mannitol, nonacosane, krosetin, krosin, klorogenin, tannin, and dextrose. Gardenin is golden yellow chloroform, soluble in alcohol and chloroform. Rind containing ursolic acid. The leaves incorporate saponins, flavonoids, polyphenols, and primary oils. That's the contents which were proven to have well being advantages

phase Used

constituents of crops used as drugs are ripe fruit (zhi zi) and roots. The leaves and flowers are also used as remedy. Fruit picked after cooking, then steamed or boiled briefly before being dried for storage. The fruit can be utilized contemporary or after drying. The leaves are picked throughout the yr. Once washed, then dry within the solar to dry.

C. Herbal Medicine use Gardenia Augusta

Gardenia plant is believed to be capable to reduce complaints akin to diabetes mellitus, thrush, fever, and problem defecating. Combo for a style of those ailments are all utilizing plants gardenia. Ranging from vegetation, stems, roots up gardenia seeds may also be taken usefulness.

1. Drug Fever

prepare 7 sheets of plate glass petals then knead with 1 cup water, then take water and strain the juice. You can additionally add rock sugar to taste and stir well, drink once a day on a normal basis, can speed up the therapy process of fever.

2. Medicines Diabetes Mellitus

Take 12 sheets of plate glass bung leaves, boiled with water until the rest 2 cups to 1 cup. Drink the blend suddenly and do most of the time 1x a day.

3. Sprue

• Leaves 7 sheets of plate glass vegetation
• 2 tablespoons honey
• Palm sugar to style
how to cultivate: Squeeze-squeeze plate glass petals add 1 cup water, then strain and take water. Your next step is a mix of honey and palm sugar to taste, mix well, and drink this common comfort for canker sores traditionally 2x a day, and think the advantages.

4. Medicinal drugs Constipation

perhaps we do not know that it seems the wonderful flower plate glass has brilliant homes for wellbeing and as a average medication that's amazing constipation disease. Easy methods to make therapy potions constipation is very handy, we readily take the three seeds floral fruity glass plate, then boiled with 2 cups water to boil and unless decreased to 1 cup water, pressure and take the water. Do it

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