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Benefit Platycerium bifurcatum For Drug uterine cancer | Drug Fever

Deer horns as Traditional Medicine

Distinctive Plants Deer Horn
Antlers with the Latin name (Platycerium bifurcatum) has another name or designation that is different in several regions in Indonesia. One's called is the name of the name of the great simbar (Indonesia). Whereas in Java and Bali is also called simbar deer. In addition to the name, platycerium also called spikes uncal in the Sunda region.
Common plant found deer antlers and often kept as an ornamental plant because of its long dangling leaves and looks beautiful. Hartshorn life can not live independently, but in a way attached to the parent plant. Although his stick on other plants, but this deer antlers have epiphytic nature, that is not detrimental to the host plant.

This plant is characterized by leaf surface resemble reindeer skin that is rough, leaf deer antlers hanging down branches resemble deer antlers animal upside down. Basically antler is an upright plant that attaches to the host with the principal fulcrum of the roots and rhizomes type a lump like cabbage stalks are brown and inexperienced coloured leaf blade. Lively place favored by deer antlers is a place that does not directly obtain sunlight. For how breeding of deer antlers can be done by means of spores or by moving the root rhizomes.
Benefits and Benefits Leaves Deer Horn

1. Drug Fever
A piece of finely ground leaves of deer antlers, plus salt to taste, then brewed with 1 cup hot water. Once filtered can be taken 2 times a day 1 cup, ie morning and afternoon.

2. Ulcer Drugs
Mixed leaf deer antlers and a few whiting, then mash finely. This herb can be used to compress part ulcers.

3. Inflammatory Drugs outer Rahim
Mash until smooth antlers 2-5 leaves and eucalyptus oil to taste. For how to use it, that this herb can be attached to the abdomen / uterus and wrapped with cloth stagen.

4. Drug Abscess
Leaf antlers can also be to treat an abscess, which is an accumulation of pus that usually occurs due to a bacterial infection. The way to grind until smooth leaf deer horn, one spring onions and fennel pulawaras sufficiently. Furthermore, can be used to compress part ulcers.

5. Drug Irregular Menstruation
To treat irregular menstruation is easy. Pour 2 leaves antlers with enough hot water. Furthermore, can be taken 4 or 3 days before menses (menstruation).

6. Drug uterine cancer
  •  Take a leaf sprig platycerium or commonly called simbar deer (the stalk that big).
  •  Clean the leaves by way of brushed and washed (no need to use soap).
  •  Drain to dry completely
  •  Then cut into small pieces. (The final shape resembling tea leaves in general)
  •  Take the dried leaves pinch (as we take salt for cooking),
  •  Then pour a glass of hot water with moderate size (250 ml).
  •  Allow it to cool and then drink. - One-time decision could be for 2 times drinks

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