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Herbal Viagra use Plectranthus amboinicus

Herbal Viagra use Cumin

Herbal Viagra use Cumin

A. Description

Herbalife - Cumin leaves have a scientific identify Plectranthus amboinicus (L.). Cumin plant is a perennial plant and belongs to the household of Lamiaceae. These crops come from the African continent is the African eastern and southern Africa. Deployment of cumin leaves starting from Swasziland then to Angola, Mozambique, and then headed to Tanzania and Kenya. One more name of cumin leaves that amboinicus coleus Coleus Lour or aromatica Benth. Cumin leaves have unique names relying on the order to each and every vicinity in our country among others Java (ajeran, leaves the cat), Sumatra (wake up wake up, watch out, sports and tramun), Sunda (acerang), Bali (Iwak), Madura (maja NereNG). Elements contained within the leaves cumin, potassium, astiri oil and phenol.

B. Herbal viagra

1. Herbal viagra

Rinse 7 leaves cumin and eaten as a salad. Do it every day each meal.

2. herbal medicine for cough

Rinse 10 leaves contemporary cumin with boiled water, mash unless gentle like mush. Squeeze, stress, and drink as well 1 a day, and rub the pulp into the whole physique.

3. Fever

Rinse 10 leaves fresh cumin contemporary size with boiled water mash until tender so tender. Squeeze, stress, and drink as good 1 a day, and rub the pulp into the entire body.

4. Rheumatism

Rinse and 20 leaves fresh cumin or milled unless smooth. Add water whiting to taste, stir, knead, then store in a dry container. Practice and rub the leaf pulp evenly on the unwell immediately 1 a day.

5. Deal with ailments epilepsy

 materials: 25 pieces of leaves cumin
               20 sheets lenglengan (Leucas lavandulifolia)
               35 sheets sambiloto (Andrographis paniculata)
               9 leaves ngokilo (Stachytarpheta mutabilis)
               6 fin meniran  (Phyllanthus urinaria)
               2 ½ knuckles palm sugar
How: Rinse all ingredients except brown sugar and cut into pieces. After the boil
                use 5 cups of water and inputs palm sugar. Permit the water to stew
                The stay of 4 glasses. Eliminate, stress and chill. Drink the potion
                with a dose 3 occasions a day and at any time when you drink ½ cup.

6. Treating belly Bloating

6 finely overwhelmed cumin leaves and brewed premises half of a tumbler of scorching water. Strain and enable it to warm. Drink the potion until exhausted.

7. Drug headaches

Rinse several leaves cumin. Then overwhelmed by using placing at it slowly. Attach the cumin leaves on the temples and head.

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