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Back pain use Plumbago zeylanica

Back pain use Plumbago zeylanica 

Back pain use Plumbago zeylanica

A. Description

And gout has a Latin title Plumbago zeylanica L. Crops  the same name as one of the most joint disorder (arthritis) is integrated within the loved ones plumbaginaceae. From the identify by myself, leaves gout we are able to guess that this one plant efficacious medicines for treating a kind of suffering similar to arthritis, again ache, joint soreness and headaches.

This gout leaves are bitter, tonic, and toxic. On the grounds that of this toxic nature of gout leaves should no longer be used for too lengthy. A highest of half-hour so that the epidermis does now not blister. Chemical content material of leaves gout contains Plumbagin, 3-three-biplumbagin, three-chloroplum- bagin, chitranone (three-6-biplumbagin), and droserone (2-hydroxy plum- bagin).

Sri Lankan plant progress is unfold in tropical areas such as the Pacific islands, including Indonesia and might effectively grow wild in the fields, the sides of waterways, or within the yard, where humans grow it as a hedge. Leaves gout can live to tell the tale until the area with an altitude of approximately 800 meters above sea degree (dpl).

The plant heights within the range of zero.6 to 2 meters; woody stems, circular-shaped, has a groove, and branches; The leaves are single-stemmed, with a length of 1.5-2.5 cm and the bottom of the stalk is slightly bit vast.

B. Herbalife use Plumbago zeylanica

1. Treating Arthritis

prepare fresh gout handful of leaves, washed and finely floor. Add heat water as wanted except the dough like mush. Use herbs to grease and rub the sore physique elements. Perform 2 instances everyday.

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2. Treating headaches

put together gout leaves to taste, then crushed. Add slightly oil unless a dough like mush. Put the dough in the temples and the top of the sanatorium as a poultice. Simply 30 minutes so that the waste, so that the dermis does not blister.

3. Launched Urinating

Soft urinating if you experience issues with urination that is sick or stuttering may also be dealt with utilising a concoction of leaves gout. Herb leaf gout will return back to typical urination.
Material: Leaves gout, Fennel pulosari (Alyxia stellata) How: Leaves gout and fennel pulosari (Alyxia stellata) washed each ½ handheld. Moreover, both the material until finely floor. Observe the combination on the backside of the belly exactly in position evenly bladder for ½ hour. Smooth with water.

4. Deal with Blood cancer

put together root gout leaves, seeds Livistona chinensis, Hedyotis diffusa (grass snake tongue) and Verbena officinalis (verbenae berbalma bian cao), every of 30 g, and Spica prunellae (xia ku Caol plant Prunella vulgaris L.) 15 g. Gout leaf roots boiled first for four hours with water to style. Add water if the water stew curb. After four hours, new medicinal elements others incorporated. Simmer for half hour again. After cold filtered water, divided to three times the drink. The herb drink 3 instances a day, each 1/3.

5. Treating leprosy, scabies and skin diseases

Take root gout leaves, then wash and mash unless soft. Add a little bit milk and water, stirring evenly unless a dough like pasta. Apply to the affected physique section.

6. Treating soreness

put together the leaves as so much as 15 g of recent gout then washed. Add whiting via 1 tablespoon. This combination is then beaten into pulp, then massaged into the sore spot.

7. To treat epidermis illnesses

For the way in which is as follows: prepare the basis of a plant leaf gout, wash completely excellent and puree. Which you could add water and milk as wanted, then apply this herb on the dermis disease you will have.

8. Arthritis remedy

prepare the leaves good Gout gout quantity of fresh leaves, cleaned and finely ground. Add scorching water needed before the dough is much like porridge. Use of herbal merchandise for the sauce and rub the painful discipline of the physique. Observe twice morning.


- Pregnant females are forbidden to use.
- When incurred poisoning within the epidermis, wash with boric acid (boric acid).
- Leaves are used just for outside use. Outside use additionally
   confined for half of hours. Too long motives blisters

   reminiscent of burns.

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