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Diabetes use Procumbens Gynura

Diabetes use Procumbens Gynura 

Diabetes use Procumbens Gynura

A. Description

Judging from its identify, this one plant made many humans curious. The phrase "endured existence" means to connect a human life. Is that authentic? I do not know, considering there is not any valid reliable literature that explains why a plant that has the Latin name Gynura back procumbens is then known as connect plant lives in Indonesia.

Procumbens Gynura formed shrub vegetation upright when young and might propagate after quite historic. When the beaten leaves smell fragrant. Rectangular trunk jointed, the lengthy phase of the bottom to the tip of the shorter, inexperienced roads with patches of pink. Single leaf elongated elliptical shape or obovate scattered, tender hair. Petiole size of ½-three ½ cm, leaf blade size of three ½-12 ½ cm, a width of 1 to five ½ cm. Leaf blade inexperienced prime and the backside light green and glossy. 

Each brief-haired leaf floor. Pinnate leaves and protruding bones on the bottom of the leaf surface. At the base of each section are small yellowish green shoots. This plant has a flower head, in the head are orange yellow tubular flowers reddish brown 1-1 ½ cm long, foul smelling. Each and every petiole and leaf blade has quite a lot of oil gland cells it is been when you consider that the plant used to be used to treat quite a lot of varieties of illnesses. More than a few realization seems to be regarding the houses will also be acquired from the plant this one.

Correctly, the country wide enterprise has lengthy wanted to make the plant's existence connect this to be mass produced in the packaging so that benefits may also be felt through many persons, additionally to also convey business benefits.
Join the lives of people who ate quite often use to deal with ailments such as hypertension, high cholesterol except ulcer disease.

society among many who use the plant's lifestyles connect this in view that apart from nutritious as fresh veggies, it tastes excellent too.
Like other greens, contemporary veggies lives connect also delicious with sauce or made ointment, one of the vital normal meals are very preferred.

B. Herbalife Procumbens Gynura

1. Diabetes Mellitus

For treatment of Diabetes mellitus With system:
a. Use 7 leaves endured existence continues to be contemporary.
b. Wash and rinse with lukewarm water.
c. Eaten uncooked as a salad leaf prior along with rice.
d. Do it twice a day each and every seven leaves

2. For top Blood Drug

methods to high blood strain remedy as follows:
a. Use 7 leaves persevered life.
b. Rinse and then eaten as contemporary vegetables as soon as a day.
c. Can be sauteed or steamed briefly before being eaten or ready juices.
d. Do this hobbies.

3. For Inflammatory drugs ribbon throat and sinusitis

a. Use 4 leaves continued life for the children or seven sheets to adults.
b. Wash and eaten uncooked or enjoyed with made juice.
c. Do it as soon as a day.

4. For Tumor Drug

a. 3 leaves continued life recent as recent vegetables everyday.
b. Do not forget washed.
c. Do it more often than not every meal rice.
Meals to be avoided: anchovies, chili, bean sprouts, tape, chicory, kale, pineapple, durian, longan, jackfruit ice, alcohol, lemonade and vetzin.

5. To medications Lever

a. Use 3 leaves endured life fresh as contemporary veggies with rice day-to-day.
b. Do it traditionally. Keep in mind washed.
c. Will have to abstain from fatty meals.

6. To drugs Piles

a. 3 leaves fresh as contemporary greens persisted life. Do it everyday and on a common foundation.
b. Don't forget washed.
c. Perform abstinence goat meat and spicy food.

7. For top ldl cholesterol Drug

Use three fresh leaves of continued lifestyles for making juice or eaten as fresh veggies. Do it every day on a standard groundwork.

8. For Antacid

a. 3 leaves of contemporary crude persevered existence then Wash
b. Eaten as recent veggies day-to-day.
c. Do it in most cases.
d. Abstinence: spicy and acidic foods.

9. To medicines can Taxable black caterpillars and ants

Potion I
a. 1 sheet recent leaves rubbed on the physique that itch until the leaves secrete water and destroyed.
b. Do it twice for 2 hours.
Potion II
a. Use 20 leaves. Wash and finely ground, supply water to the salt as needed.
b. This herb is valuable for rubbing as many bites / stings,
c. Then wrapped (1-2 instances a day as needed).

10. To drugs Eczema

a. Use 7 leaves persevered life,
b. Acid 10 grams,
c. 5 finger rhizome of ginger,
d. 20 g sugar, a handful of bitter.
e. Boil all elements in two cups of water to boil and the remaining 1/2.
f. Then strain and drink as good. Repeat daily for 5 consecutive days.

11. For Ulcer medications

a. Mash unless delicate a number of leaves of endured existence,
b. Pulosari (Alyxia stellata) fennel,
c. And whiting.
d. Then rub or apply on ulcers.

12. For Tetanus medications

a. 6 leaves persisted existence,
b. Trengguli (Cassia fistula) acid 3 fingers,
c. Rhizome kencur (kaempferia galanga) 2 fingers,
d. Rhizome bangle half finger,
e. Leaves endured 10 sheets,
f. Palm sugar 3 fingers.
g. All the components are cut into pieces and poach with four cups of water to boil and the remainder three glasses.
h. Cool and stress, then drink 3 times a day as a lot as one glass.

13. For preserving kidney health

To hinder discount in renal perform more commonly then you definately must diligently consuming boiled water persisted lifetime of this medicinal plant.

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