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Hemorrhoids use Spinach

Hemorrhoids use Amaranthus Spinosios

Hemorrhoids use Amaranthus Spinosios

A. Description

Thorn spinach is a plant with the Latin identify Amaranthus Spinosios and has similarities with an average spinach. However the more rugged thorns spinach leaves and small compared to spinach vegetables. Spinach grows wild thorn backyard or yard-college yard. Many humans take into account the eye and even hostile spinach considering the fact that spinach thorn thorn almost always make someone punctured foot when walking.

Plants, erect stems, 30-100 cm tall, regularly branched. The stem is reddish, the base of the simple, the highest just a little hairy. It grows wild in the bush, roadside and vacant land have been abandoned, from the lowlands to 1400 m above sea degree. Single leaf, grow alternate, greenish in color, circular in form elongated egg to lancet, 1.5 to six cm long, 1-3 cm large, blunt leaf tip, base tapering, flat aspect repeatedly thorny, the veins on the back stand, stem size. In axillary there are a pair of hard spines are without difficulty separated. Flora unisexual, female plants gathered in dense spherical skein within the armpits and male flora formed grains which can be branched off at its base, on the far whitish green coloured bars. Multiply via seeds.

Although medically spinach thorn has health advantages therein. There are many wellness issues that can be solved with spinach spines. One priceless piece of spinach thorn is its root. Diseases that can be handled with spinach difficult thorns are like ulcers, hemorrhoids (hemorhoid), eczema, swollen gums, launch expenditure breast milk, fever, warts, burns and bitten by using toxic snakes. Plant herb, a 12 months historic, zero.Four to 1.5 m excessive. Prickly stems. Single leaf, organized unfold around the stem. Leaf shape elongated ovoid, hilt end and tapered. Green leaves.

C. Herbal Medicine use Amaranthus Spinosios

1. Hemorrhoids

recipe 1 :
approach: a quarter of a handful of leaves washed, milled with three tablespoons of cooking water and a little bit salt. This pulverized squeezed and filtered. Fluid taken 2 times a day.
recipe 2 : 

Handful of contemporary leaves are washed, steamed and boiled and used to clean hemorrhoids.

2. Troubleshooting whitish

For females whose whiteness can be useful. The trick is to take root as much as forty grams of spinach thorns and reduce into portions, add rock sugar for seed marbles, and cook dinner 3 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup best. Let stand unless cool and pressure. Then for the identical and drink the morning and afternoon.

3. Treating sore throat

different advantages are spinach spines to treat illnesses of the throat. Manner is via making use of the foundation of burr as a lot as 45 grams of spinach and boiled with water three cups to 1 cup handiest. Take and share into two materials. Drink twice a day, morning and night.

4. Treating toothache

for individuals who endure with dental ailment, can are trying the spinach root thorns. To solve this hindrance very quite simply. You simply needed to chunk the roots of spinach thorn several times a day.

5. Treating gonorrhea | syphilis

Venereal disease gonorrhea or syphilis may also be dealt with with the next components. 1 / 4 of the stem cellphone and the fourth telephone thorn spinach leaves washed, finely floor. This spinach pulverized half cup included into the cooking water, add one tablespoon of honey. The whole thing is kneaded and filtered water to drink thrice a day.

6. Overcoming Sore throat

therapy system: Roots of recent spinach with thorns as so much as 45 g of washed and reduce into portions as needed. Boil three cups of water unless the remainder 1 cup. After chilling filtered, prepare to drink. 2 times a day, each and every ½ cup

7. Addressing irritation of the airways

treatment system: recent spinach leaves ½ thorn handheld washed and finely ground. Add 3 tablespoons of cooking water and a little bit salt. Toss well, then squeezed and filtered. Drink directly. Perform 2 times a day.

8. Deal with dysentery

To deal with dysentery, you should utilize spinach leaves thorns. The trick is to take root thorns spinach spinach leaves 30 grams, 15 grams of brown sugar, and 1 cup water. Boil these components except water last ½ cup, and drink as good earlier than then. Do it twice a day.

9. Treat Fever

procedure: 10-15 leaves washed, milled with four tablespoons of cooking water and add a little salt. Puree then squeezed and filtered. Taken 2 times a day.

10. Bronchitis

Bronchitis is an infection of the bronchi, the airways that raise oxygen to the lungs. For this reason of this inflammation, bronchi issued lenders. Lenders onset triggers the body's response, ie cough, which is a mechanism to clear excess mucus. Bronchitis is characterized through  power cough with sputum and blood spots.
Acute bronchitis is by and large caused by way of a cold or the flu, which most often resolves inside one or. Two weeks, at the same time bronchitis, continual can last for many years sucked substance is ordinarily brought on with the aid of airborne irritants. Chronic bronchitis is traditionally precipitated by way of smoking, respiratory tract infections are repeated, and allergic reactions.

Recipes cure:
take 30 grams of fresh spinach with thorns and salt to style boiled with water and then the water is inebriated at the same time heat and spinach eaten. Do mostly 2 occasions a day. After 10 12 days, treatment was discontinued for 3 days. After it therapy may also be persisted.

11. Treat TB gland

medication approach: entire plant thorns spinach (stems, leaves and roots) as so much as 30-60 g washed and reduce into portions as wanted. Boil 1.5 cups of water and 1.5 cups of white wine, until the rest 1 cup. After chilling filtered, drinks. Morning and evening, each and every ½ cup.

12. Add Blood

a. Constituents: 2 handfuls of spinach leaf stem thorns and 1 egg village.
procedure: spinach leaves finely floor, then introduced 1
glasses of water and squeezed / filtered, hen eggs and stir except evenly integrated. the right way to use: drink (for adults 1 week as soon as)
b. Parts: 1 handful of spinach leaves stems thorns and 1 tablespoon of honey.
procedure: spinach leaves finely floor and take water, then add honey.
how one can use: average inebriated (for infants)

13. Eczema (dermatitis)

All vegetation sufficiently boiled, add a bit of salt and the water used to scrub the affected phase.

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