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Benefit Tagetes erecta For Mumps

Advantages Tahi Kotok | Tagetes erecta 

Tahi kotok experimental name is called Tagetes erecta is regularly likewise alluded to as marigolds despite the fact that not common for the vegetables or plate of mixed greens. Tahi kotok smell of the plant is exceptionally run of the mill, in particular scent assumed name Langu said Javanese individuals. Tahi kotok had wonderful blossom is yellow or splendid orange so it is frequently planted and also decorative plants. Tahi kotok a yearly yield or trims, initially from the zone of ​​Mexico. The leaves are fundamentally the same to the leaves of marigolds, tuberous blooms at the stem end, is the family Asteraceae. 

Properties and Benefits 

Blooms are intense, its cool, trademark scent. Tahi kotok viable calming, weaken mucus, hack, purgative pee (diuretic), and enhance heartburn. 

Compound substance 

Tegetiin containing 0.1% interest terthienyl, helenian 0.74%, flavoxanthin. 

Part Used 

Parts utilized as medication are the blooms. Blossoms can be dried for capacity. Leaves and oil are additionally restorative. 

Adequacy And Benefit Plant Tahi kotok 

1. Mumps (parotitis) 
kotok droppings smashed blooms, then blend it with vinegar as a poultice on the sore spot. 

2. Skin aggravation purulent
pulverized roots and leaves droppings kotok were still new, use as a poultice on the spot variations from the norm. 

3. Hack hundred days (pertussis) 
15 kotok in addition to intrigue manure and bubbled palm sugar, then tanked. 
 4 toothache and sore eyes 
15 grams of blossoms droppings kotok then bubb

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