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Lumbago use Crinum asiaticum

Lumbago use Crinum asiaticum

Lumbago use Crinum asiaticum

A. Description

Daffodil has a Latin name Crinum asiaticum L from Southeast Asia and then spread to other tropical regions and even to areas subtropical. many found at lessen altitudes up to seven hundred m above sea degree, exceptionally in places which are moist soil and plenty fertile soil, on the banks of the river, dune at the seaside and across the lake is also on the edge of the forest, Bakung referred to as a decorative plant, most commonly planted within the yard. Besides as an ornamental plant daffodils can also be used as a medicinal plant.

Characteristic lilies: Cultivation can be finished with tubers or seeds. Herbaceous perennial with a top of 0.5 to 1.3 m, has a massive bulbs with a diameter of 5-10 cm. At the end of the existing bulbs with shoots side that pseudo stem 9-75 cm high. Leaves sitting, ribbon-shaped or lanceolate, three-a hundred and twenty cm long, three-18 cm large, parallel leaf veins obvious. Flora are organized within the type of umbrellas, consisting of 10-forty plant life are white and shaped funnel. Daffodil White / Crinum asiaticum L.

The fruit is a fruit within the type of a field that has a skinny dermis, the form obovate, cut up into two cavities when ripe, seeded 1-5. Seeds are massive, flattened round form and skin mucus-coated seeds.

B. Herbal Medicine Use Crinum asiaticum

1. Toothache

a. Lily roots and milled sufficiently washed after which positioned on the sore spot
b. Lily roots washed and boiled with water unless boiling, after a cold or warm used to rinse       your mouth after which discarded.

2. Foot and Hand swelling (edema)

accidents hit, rheumatism: daffodil leaves smeared with coconut oil (Cocos nucifera L.), withered on the fireplace, then taped or strapped
on the a part of the physique.

3. Swelling of lymph glands in the groin and armpit

daffodil leaves to taste two spring onions (Allium cepa L.) and white sugar to taste milled and then positioned on a unwell physique.

4. Rheumatism Joints

daffodil leaves are heated over low warmness until wilted then smeared with sesame oil after which positioned on a ill body.

5. Discomfort (lumbago)

lily leaves and 10 grams of red ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc), pulverized after which smeared on the waist.

6. Sprain

a. Lily leaf warmed over low heat except wilted after which positioned on the body of the sick
b. Lily leaves recent or dried milled except dissolved, add the white wine and the flour has be fried style and connected to the physique of the sick
c. Bulbs daffodil sufficiently finely milled, add white wine to style, then positioned on a ill body.

7. Ulcers / (furunkulus)

a. Bulbs daffodil freshly washed and sliced ​​into small pieces, heated in short then placed on the epidermis ulcers then bandaged.
B. Lily leaf sufficiently washed and juiced, the liquid is utilized to the sore spot
c. Lily leaves and stalks freshly washed and mashed, add a bit of honey, after which attached to a boil (furunkulus), purulent inflammation of the epidermis (pyoderma), or swelling

8. Yaws

Fruit and seed lily washed and overwhelmed, combined with bloodless rice flour powder to taste, then smeared on diseased epidermis.

9. Injuries, injuries due to poisonous objects

Tuber recent daffodils washed and crushed, then placed the wound.

10. Overcoming bathroom suspended / non-present

daffodil leaves smeared with coconut oil to taste after which placed within the bladder area.

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