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natural face mask

Natural face mask using cucumber

natural face mas

A. Description

herbal medicine - Cucumber, cucumber or cucumber is a class of veggies, low priced and without problems to be had for the duration of the season. Cucumber categorised melon or gourd plant species that produce fruit that can be eaten and can also be harvested when now not too ripe / mature for use as a vegetable or a refresher, depending on its form. In botany, the Latin name is Cucumis sativus cucumber.

Cucumber classification:
Kingdom (the dominion): Plantae (vegetation)
Division (Division): Magnoliophita (flowering vegetation)
classification (type): Magnoliopsida (aka plant seed crops sides dikotil)
Order: Curcubitales
Familie (household): Curcubitaceae
Genus (variety): Cucumis
Species (Species): sativus
Cucumbers are low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium is also a good source of vitamin A, pantothenic acid, magnesium, phosphorus and magnesium. Meanwhile it's also excessive in potassium, folate, carbohydrates, zinc, diet C and diet okay. All of those nutrients aid to preserve a healthy body, it will probably even treatment disease and fortify techniques within the body.
Cucumbers for health benefits:
These veggies are first-class harvested when younger, when the meat is still soft and crunchy. Has a somewhat candy flavor, mainly if eaten uncooked as a salad or a sandwich or in juice type. 

B. Natural face mask
To create cucumber mask shouldn't be complicated best takes a short time to mixer, listed below are the steps to mix cucumber masks:
1. Put together a 1-2 cucumber ripe
2. Put together the lime juice and egg white
3. Wash the cucumbers that dust on the dermis are misplaced
four. Puree cucumber that has been washed smooth through making use of a blender
5. After that, stress the juice of the cucumber and discard the waste
6. Add the lime juice on the cucumber juice and mix good
7. Add the egg white relatively, then stir except the cucumber juice right into a paste
8. Masks cucumbers in a position for use

the way to Use Cucumber mask
After we finished discussing on how to fabricate the mask cucumber, now we will discuss about the best way to use these masks.
1. The primary is you can wash your face with warm water first. The 2nd apply the cucumber mask to face us, partially below the eyes helps you who've thick eye bags that you can thicken the masks on that phase.
2. Then let the mask is absorbed into the pores of our skin, let stand except roughly 15-20 minutes.
Three. After the masks was completed re-use rinse your face with heat water adopted by cold water to close the pores of your dermis.
Four. And the final is the lap of your face utilising a delicate towel. In no way rub the face, patted-clap simply enough in order that the water on the face to seep into the towel. For that, use a towel which can absorb water good.

Advantages Cucumber masks
advantages of cucumber masks is superb for our face, here are probably the most benefits that we will suppose:
• Brighten the dermis
• Tighten the epidermis
• Moisturize dermis
• tender epidermis

benefits for Hair:
1. The most important benefit is to strengthen hair. Cucumbers within the form of juice make contributions to hair development, most of the time given that of the content material of silicon, sodium sulfur, phosphorus and calcium, which is a nutrient most wanted for hair development. Consuming typical cucumber juice daily either to manage hair loss.
2. Cucumber juice can also be used to rinse the hair, so the hair turns into soft and shiny.
Three. Excessive vegetable water will also be used to get rid of stains on instruments fabricated from stainless-steel within the home so that it may shine once more. Chemicals discovered in cucumbers are also used within the manufacture of polishes sprucing sneakers.

4. Put slices of cucumber in a container, then put around the gardens to manipulate pests snails. The chemical substances in these vegetables releasing aroma appealing to pests and bugs.

C. herbalife use Cucumber 

1. Cucumber is very low calorie
 ie handiest 15 gram calories per 100 grams .Not incorporate saturated fats or cholesterol. Cucumber can consume a drug used to deal with  power constipation.

2. Cucumber dermis involves excessive fiber foods
which helps to cut back constipation, indigestion and stopping gastric illnesses related to intestinal detoxing.
Three. Also has treatment attributes for conditions which are involving illnesses of the bladder and kidneys. The water content in cucumbers that helps kidney perform by using selling urination. The ordinary consumption of greens can also dissolve kidney stones.
Four. Gastrointestinal problems reminiscent of heartburn, gastritis, gastritis and even belly ulcers can be cured by using taking ordinary cucumber or cucumber juice. Enzyme known as Erepsin in cucumber also helps in the digestion of proteins.

5. Now not just the meat, Seeds also very valuable.
 Cucumber seeds is considered as a normal relief to put off tapeworms from the intestinal tract. Seeds also have anti-inflammatory properties are amazing for the treatment of swelling of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat.

6. Cucumbers are a good source of potassium (potassium) high-quality,
 which involves 147 milligrams of potassium per a hundred grams. Electrolytes are heart pleasant compound is invaluable to scale back excessive stages of blood stress, diminish coronary heart price via minimizing the effects of sodium.

7. Cucumber includes antioxidants equivalent to carotenes, zea - ​​xanthin and lutein.
These compounds act as free radical scavengers are a customary intent of aging and other age-associated illnesses.

8. Cucumber extract can be recognized to diminish irritation, considering that the recreation of professional-inflammatory enzymes reminiscent of cyclo - oxyenase that works to avoid the construction of nitric oxide that factors immoderate inflammation.

9. Cucumber juice involves a hormone that is wanted with the aid of the pancreas to produce insulin which is very precious for diabetic patients. Copper is also contained within the cucumber additionally helps to produce healthy blood cells and improves blood circulation in the body.

10. Contemporary inexperienced vegetables also contain lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol. 
It is three lignan strongly associated with decreased danger of establishing a number of forms of melanoma such as melanoma payud * ra, colon melanoma, ovarian melanoma, cervical cancer and prostate cancer. When we devour lignans, bacteria located in the digestive tract will probably be captured with the aid of these lignans, and transformed into enterolignans. This Enterolignans bind to estrogen receptors, to slash estrogen-related ailments such as cancer.

11 .Excellent to support dental wellness by using preventing bad breath.
Phytochemicals in these vegetables will kill the micro organism that rationale dangerous breath. Take a slice of cucumber and press-press to the roof of your mouth together with your tongue for 30 seconds. Phytochemicals will kill bacteria causation bad breath. Raw cucumber can expand saliva, and carry the neutralization of acid and alkali in the oral cavity. Juice of greens are also powerful for treating gum disorder.

12. Cucumbers may also be used to remedy a hangover and headache.
That is given that they aid the physique rehydration vitamins and minerals, and eliminate toxins from the consumption alk * hol. Devour just a few cucumber slices before going to mattress, B nutrition and electrolytes in these greens will lower the intensity of hangovers and complications.

13. Has a moderate diuretic homes because of the content material of potassium and excessive moisture content material.
Additionally involves manganese and fiber is beneficial regulate blood stress, each high blood strain and low blood strain. Steam produced when the boil cucumber will also be inhaled for relief of stress, soothes and relaxes muscles and senses.

14. Cucumbers include ninety five% water is precious to hydrate the body and eliminate toxins. The high water content material in cucumber labored as a cleaner process and put off waste merchandise to depart.

15. These greens also contain nutrition
which can be very foremost for strengthening bones by way of selling the pastime of orthotropic. The high silica additionally important for joint wellness with the aid of strengthening connective tissue. Can be a good supply of calcium, making it suitable for a vegan weight loss plan. Ingesting ample calcium will also preserve the physique's hormonal balance through controlling the release of hormones.

16. Copper in cucumber helps neurotransmitters, mind chemical compounds that required households to be in contact. It also helps inhibit Alzheimer's disease, in a way neutral to restrict the injury within the mind.

Part results :
1. Can reason allergic reactions, particularly around the mouth that purpose itching and swelling. This can also be averted by cooking earlier than consumption / no longer eaten in uncooked form.
2.  it could reason gastritis and indigestion problems in some humans, this is almost always given that it prompted cucurbitacin compounds in cucumber.
3. Cucumbers can also reason poisoning and baldness because they include targeted chemical compounds. This quite often occurs when a person consumes excessive amounts of cucumber. To prevent this, prevent additionally pick cucumber skinned wrinkles - or who've a slightly bitter taste

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