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Insomnia use Clerodendrum japonicum 

Insomnia use Clerodendrum japonicum

A. Description

Pagoda flowers (Clerodendrum japonicum candy) is an ornamental plant most of the time grown in dwelling gardens. Or as a coloration on the curb and fence. Given the title of pagoda flora seeing that vegetation berumpun shape of a pagoda or a pyramid
Pagoda flowers are almost always grown ornamental plants in several locations reminiscent of parks, yard, or the threshold of the road as a coloration. Flowers pagoda has a Latin title Clerodendrum japonicum candy, a tall deciduous shrubs attain 1-3 meters. Plant stems full of first-class white hairs.

Plant life pagoda has been entered within the register of efficacious medicinal vegetation, this would be due to the presence of source or region of interest pagoda nonetheless countless. In Indonesia pagoda plants largely used as a usual medication hemorrhoids.

The phase that's ordinarily used as a treatment are the roots, leaves, and plant life. All materials have properties and efficacy of each, considering the fact that it can be after they desired to be a drug have got to know prematurely which parts can be extra correct to aid restoration a sickness.

B. Advantages Roots Flower Pagoda

Flower root pagoda has a cold and bitter nature. Usefulness as anti-inflammatory, laxative urine (diuretic), eliminate swelling and destroys the frozen blood.

Roots pagoda flower is ordinarily used to deal with several illnesses similar to back ache (lumbago), anguish in rheumatoid arthritis, pulmonary tuberculosis (pulmonary TB) are accompanied by using coughing up blood, bleeding hemorrhoids (haemorrhoids), dysentery (dysentery), sleeplessness (insomnia), and swelling (bruise) because of hit a tough object.

C. Leaves and Flower Pagoda
Pagoda flower has a sweet and warm nature. Efficacious sedative and hemostatic (stop bleeding). Pagoda flower most likely used to treat patients with anemia, vaginal discharge, bleeding hemorrhoids, and hindrance snoozing (insomnia). While the leaves efficacious as anti-inflammatory and ooze pus.

D. Herbal Medicine use Clerodendrum japonicum 

1. Insomnia treatment

Take a pagoda plants dried sufficiently, then floor up into powder. Take one teaspoon of powdered previous, after which insert it right into a shot of candy wine. Stir good, then drink unexpectedly at night time before bed.

2. deal with ulcers and sores

Take the leaves and flora are nonetheless fresh pagoda, washed and milled or floor except tender. Add slightly honey, then stir unless blended. Paste the above concoction ulcers or sores. If it is dry can be replaced two or thrice a day.

3. Treating Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Rinse and 30 grams of plants pagodas with cow intestines. Can be used as greens or sauteed. Once cooked, the broth drunk and cow intestines may also be eaten as a part dish.

E. Use of Outer

Sores, boils (furunculosis), irritation of the epidermis: pagoda vegetation recent leaves washed mashed add honey to style and then placed on the affected phase.

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