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Herbal medicine use bamboo grass

Herbal medicine 

Herbal medicine use bamboo grass

A. Description

Bamboo grass belongs to the household Poaceae has the Latin name Lophatherum Brongn gracile. Bamboo grass are perennials with a top of 40-one hundred cm which grows wild in areas that color, now not too dry or wet, similar to beneath a significant tree, roadside shade, on hillsides, and different areas with altitude of 200 - 1500 m above sea stage.

Bamboo grass has rhizomes that resemble wood and root fibers spread-thickening thickening tubers that resemble tiny cone-formed.
The trunk is small, lengthy, and climbed to the top of the yellow colour grooved lengthwise and hole. Bamboo grass has an rectangular or oblong-formed leaves that develop alternate vast, tapered form at one end with a flat area, base narrowed into a stalk that hug the trunk, bolstered parallel to the dad or mum bone protruding shrink floor with a 2d floor of the white-haired and inexperienced.

Bamboo grass flower-formed compound having an extended-stemmed panicles, from the tip of the stem size 10-30 cm, with small grains globular size 7-12 mm and a width of 1,5 - 2,5 mm.
Bamboo grass stems and leaves have a candy style, tasteless, and bloodless. Whilst the grass roots of bamboo has a candy taste and bloodless.

B. Content material

Roots, stems and leaves of bamboo grass has a chemical content, amongst others Triterpenoid, steroid arundoin, cylindrin, friedelin, beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol, compesterol, taraxerol, amino acids, and fatty acids.
Part of the stem and young leaves, or the entire bamboo grass earlier than flowering can be utilized to deal with various ailments either with the aid of drying to be used dry or boil as a lot as 10-15 grams of bamboo grass to drink.

C. herbal plants of bamboo grass

one of the list of ailments that may be treated utilising Bamboo Grass, specifically:
-fever, Thirst, nosebleed
- in poor health Throat (pharyngitis), mouth sores (stomatitis), swollen gums
- illness Urinary tract, urine little yellow (oliguria), bloody urine
-Anti cancer
Getting cure using bamboo grass

1. Air bloody urine (hematuria):

by using washing smooth every 15 grams of bamboo grass leaves and roots of the weeds and cut into pieces as wanted, then boiled in three cups of water unless the rest one cup. As soon as cool, filtered and drunk

2. Cancer

the best way to use: as much as 30-60 grams of whole plant contemporary boiled in three cups of water except the rest 1 cup water. Kick back, drink daily. Pregnant women should no longer devour this herb.

3. Fever, stressed, thirsty

through washing easy 10-15 grams of leaves or roots and boiled. As soon as the bloodless is capable to drink.

4. Fever, thirst, urine relatively integrated acute urinary tract infections: 

via washing smooth 3 -9 grams of leaves and stems and then boiled and under the influence of alcohol as a tea.

5. A boil on the eyelid (hordeolum) and accidents to the cornea of ​​the attention (cornea ulcer)

by washing easy the rod and final leaf rinse with lukewarm water, then finely ground and squeezed. Water juice is used as eyedrops (sterility is just not assured).

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