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Herbal viagra use Piper

herbal viagra use Piper cubeba 

A. Description

Kemukus (Piper cubeba Lf) together with the family Piperaceae. plant determine like pepper / pepper, Piper ningrum that propagate it. He did vine plants as good, in order that passing is just about no change with pepper. Fruit kemukus have; while the pepper fruit stalk no longer stemmed.

Supplies and value. Cubeb in Sumatra, often referred to as temukus and kemekuh, whereas in Java as rinuo kemukus and kamokoe, and in Sulawesi called pamukusu, Fruit kemukus has Cubebae Fructue simplicia title. This fruit involves, among others, oil benefit sat atsirit harsag kubobing piperine, piperiding fatty oil. Efficacy kemukus fruit among others for laxative urine (diuretic) g, laxative fart (exterminator bloating), laxative saliva, and the prevention of nausea.

Parts have been utilized. Kemukus seeded fruit is used as an herbal anti-septic. We are able to get it available on the market as dry seeds, also bought by using merchants herbs. Section kemukus are used additionally as a medication is its leaves. Due to the fact that together with relatives betel nut, betel leaves are additionally just like the darkish green leaves. The fruit is like pepper, but has a tail and can be almost always known as the tail pepper or pepper tail.

B. Benefit Kemukus (Piper cubeba Lf)

1. Herbal medicine for asthma
materials: 15 grams ± kemukus (Piper cubeba Lf) seed powder, brewed with 1 cup of sizzling boiled water, after cold filtered. Distillate plus 1 tablespoon honey, stirring unless smooth, then drink as well.
Materials: 2 tablespoons kemukus coupled with 2 cups water and boil until its quantity 1 cup. Additionally, it can be blended together loads with ginger (the dimensions of two fingers). Heat drink in the event you think short of breath may also be combined with rock sugar or sugar

2. Flu and Colds in toddlers
constituents: 10 grains kemukus and kencur (Kaempferia galanga L.) piece in regards to the dimension of a thumb index. Then mashed each these ingredients unless delicate, then provide a little water, and stir except evenly disbursed. Methods to use rub the little one's body.

3. Whiteness.
Ingredients: Seeds kemukus (Piper cubeba Lf) 12 finely ground grains at the side of 5 grains of cloves, 2 ,, 2 yellow key rhizome portions of wood mace vegetation and a couple of portions of timber mesoyi along the 2.5 cm width 2 cm. Everything is blended with dry and pounded except delicate. The amount earned ample to make use of 3 instances.
Before consuming, powder collisions influence was once first mixed with the juice of the leaves 3 stems elephant footprint following its root, lemon juice and a couple of cups of water first. The whole lot is brewed in a recent state. Uncooked herbs are extra efficacious than these already boiled. Irritation to discharge it's going to quickly get better, if patient really need to keep in mattress immersion 2-three days

4. Herbal viagra
furnish kemukus (Piper cubeba Lf)  5 seeds, ½ finger rhizome of ginger, 1 finger lemongrass, 5 grains clove, ½ grains of nutmeg, cinnamon ½ finger, four kaffir lime leaves, palm sugar to taste. All of the components are reduce into pieces and boiled with 5 cups of water and let it boil right down to 3 cups water. Once filtered, the water is drunk while warm. Do typically three times a day.

5. Herbal viagra for man
Kemukus leaves 10 grams, 10 grams of leaf gall land, gotu kola leaves 10 grams, root stems ali-ali 1 finger. All components with 2 cups boiling water and let it boil down to 1 cup. After the lukewarm filtered and drink each and every morning.

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