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Benefit vegetation Pulutan Natural Cure Influenza | vegetation Pulutan

Medicinal vegetation Pulutan

Pulutan who have scientific or Latin name Urena lobata L. Is a plant that grows wild around the yard of the residence, the garden or rice fields. Pulutan  (Urena lobata L) plant continues to be a plant that has not been utilized by the group much as an herbal remedy. This is because of lack of talents of the value and efficacy of plant Pulutan to well being. Correctly, if we wish to cultivate the plants Pulutan then this will be very priceless for curing diseases that we suffer.

In English Pulutan known as caesarweed. Pulutan nutrient content is quite just right, such as the analysis of the roots confirmed the next: 51% fiber, carbohydrate 33%, moisture 6.6%, 5% ash, 1.8% fats and 1.9% protein.

This Pulutan has lovely crimson vegetation that resemble hibiscus however small, coarse leaves alias rough as there's a hair-hair and his guys had some kind of gentle spines and have adhesive, the dried seeds like nempet-stuck previously.

Nearby identify:
Pungpulutan, pungpulutan awewe, pungpurutan (Sunda); legetan, Pulutan Pulutan kebo, Pulutan cow (Java); Polot (Madura), Kapuhak, kaporata (Sumba) , Bejak, kakamomoko, kokomomoko (Halmahera) ,; Taba retailer (Ternate) .; within the hum tao (China) .;

Utilization :
section USED:
Roots, or the entire plant, use recent or dried.

External USE:
method use for outside use is a part of the contemporary plant beaten, paste it into the sore spot.

How one can USE:

1. Influenza
way: take 24 grams Pulutan roots boiled with water, drink.

2. Dysentery, diarrhea, rheumatic
means: 30-60 grams of dried root Pulutan boiled, ingesting.

3. Whitish, cloudy pee
method: 30-60 gr recent roots Pulutan boiled, ingesting.

4. Swelling as a result of nephritis
how: 30-60 gr fresh roots plus enough water, boiled until boiling, drink 2 occasions a day.

5. Bloody sores, ulcers
method: Take interest Pulutan pulverized and paste on the affected section

6. The snake bites, sprains, and bruises
Approach: Take contemporary leaves, beaten contemporary leaves and follow the collision was on the sick.

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