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Herbalife use Equisetum debile

Herbalife use Equisetum debile

Herbalife use Equisetum debile

A. Description

Horsetail Equisetum debile has the Latin identify of this plant are integrated in plant species of ferns. These plants reside in moist soil and is ordinarily found living with moss. Horsetail have the function: The trunk is consistently inexperienced with irregular branching, jointed and normally appears moist suit grows, readily recognizable from her sporangia that develop upright on the end of the branches like a bouquet of plant life and form scaly.

customarily discovered in areas which have a peak of 1600 m above sea stage, such because the sort of Tropical Rain Forests

B. Chemical content Equisetum debile

Grit acid, oxalic acid, malic acid, akonitat acid, potassium, sodium, saponins, and silica

C. Herbal Medicine use Equisetum debile

1. Ache medication Muscle / Joint soreness

all materials of this plant can be utilized by way of boiling all materials of the plant and then drink it each morning and night

2. As a liniment in kids

through pounding it into powder and apply by and large physique.

3. Used for astringent

preclude bleeding, particularly by using boiling all elements of the plant and then drink it every morning and evening
3. The lot can be used for cleaning instrument knife, fork and spoon
for the reason that of this plant contain silica which is rather excessive. For family cleaning tools to be more shiny, principally for materials manufactured from aluminum conveniently via rubbing the plant is like sandpaper.

4. As astrigen

via pounding and then the outcome are soft collision had squeezed the water and apply on face

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