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Treating thyroid herbal medicine of sambiloto | Andrographis paniculata

Bitter Leaf health benefits For body

Advantages of bitter leaf is extensively used for a kind of average remedy. Sambiloto which has the Latin name Andrographis paniculata Ness is medicinal crops in the form of an upright animal that can attain 90 cm.

Content of bitter herbs
Laktone and bitter leaf includes flavonoids. Laktone received from the leaves and branches, respectively mengandungdeoxyandrographoldie, andropraholide (bitter components), 14-deoxy-n, 12-didehydroandrographolide, and homoandrographolide. There are also alkane, ketones, aldehydes, minerals (calcium, potassium, sodium), grit and resin acids. Flavonoids itself apling quite a few roots, namely polimetoksiflavon, andrgrafin, pan ikulin, mono-0-metilwithin, and apigenin-7, four-dimetiler.

The traits of bitter plant

1. Single leaf brief-stemmed, lies opposite go, form lanceolate, base tapering, pointed tip, flat edge, darkish inexperienced upper surface.

2. Curiosity, rasemosa inflorescence branching panicle shape, out of the tip of the stem or leaves the armpit. Lipped plants are tubular and white.

3. Fruit tablets funnel-formed, about 1.5 cm long, zero.5 cm broad base and formed sharp tip.

Advantages Sambiloto

1. Treating Typhoid
 Take the bitter leaf between 12-15 leaves, boiled with about 2 cups of water till the rest   approximately 1 cup let stand unless cool then filtered honey delivered 1.5 Tablespoon Honey, drink  well carried out three instances a day (morning, afternoon, night).

2. Ailment Typhus
Sambiloto can be utilized as a medication typhus by way of taking a 10-15 leaves are boiled and inebriated the water boiled. Drink three instances a day.

3. Diarrhea, infection Channel breath, Lung inflammation
Boil a quantity of 9-15 grams of dried herbs with three cups of water except the remaining 1 cup. After chilling filtered. 2x a day to drink boiled water, half cup each and every.

4. Drugs Dysentery
 Herbs contemporary purslane (Portulaca oleracea) of 500 grams of evaporated for three-four    minutes, then crushed and squeezed. The gathered juice is brought with a bitter dry powder 10 grams   even as stirring. The mixture was then drunk, 3x a day each 1/three.

5. Medicines Influenza, headaches
 Dry powder bitter as so much as 1 gram brewed cup of sizzling water. After a bloodless drink  directly, Do it 3-four occasions a day.

6. Drug Fever
 recent bitter leaf 1 handful finely floor. Add 1/2 cup water, stress and drink as good. Finely ground  contemporary leaves will also be used as a poultice hot bodies.

7. Drug Pulmonary TB
 Dried bitter leaf is ground right into a powder. Add honey to taste, stirring, then made capsule with a diameter of zero.5 cm. These capsules Ialu excited by boiled water. 2-3x a day, whenever taking 15-30 tablets.

8. Whooping Cough (pertussis), Hypertension
 fresh bitter leaf as so much as 5-7 pieces half of cup brewed with scorching water. Add honey to style, stirring quite often. After chilling please drink. Participate in a day three times a day.

9. Remedy Pneumonia, Sore Mouth, Tonsillitis
 Dry powder as so much as three to 4.5 grams bitter herbs brewed with hot water. Once cool add    honey to style and drink.

10. Drug Pharyngitis
 recent bitter herbs as so much as 9 grams of washed and rinsed with lukewarm water. Then the  material is chewed and swallowed water.

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