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Breast pain

Breast pain  use Euphorbia hirta 

A. Description vegetation Patikan Kebo (Euphorbia hirta)

Breast pain  use Euphorbia hirta
Our dad and mom in prior instances, earlier than the wellbeing facilities and doctors scattered like at present, making use of plant sap Patikan Kebo or Patikan Buffalo to deal with the attention disease or glaucoma crimson for the reason that belekan. However, the efficacy of this plant shouldn't be most effective constrained to that. Ensure Kebo has anti-inflammatory properties (anti-inflammatory), diuretics (laxative urine) and anti pruritic (relieves itching). Patikan kebo has the Latin title Euphorbia hirta, together with within the family Euphorbiaceae.

Normal Medicinal vegetation Patikan kebo can are living for a 12 months. Average medicinal vegetation are located in one of a kind countries like India, China, Malaysia, Australia. In Indonesia many crops are discovered near the seaside, meadows or fields. Patikan kebo (Euphorbia hirta) can develop at a height of 1 to 1,four hundred meters above sea level.

1) attribute function of common medicinal plants Patikan kebo (Euphorbia hirta)

Patikan kebo (Euphorbia hirta) ordinary medicinal vegetation can kebo historical one out, then die. Plant peak varies from 6 cm to 60 cm. The stem is segmented sections, cylindrical, brownish green. The skin of the leaves and stems patikan fluffy. Small leaves of this plant are small and connected to books trunk. The leaves of this plant is a single leaf leaves take a seat opposite every other with one leaf to leaf. The leaves range between 0.5-5 cm.

Depart inexperienced color purple blotches. Because it leaves, stems patikan kebo (Euphorbia hirta) additionally appear in the armpit leaves. The dimensions is a little bit small and countless. As a result, traditional medicinal plants flower patikan kebo (Euphorbia hirta) labeled as compound interest, if we appear cautiously it appears that the female flower surrounded with the aid of a couple of male vegetation. Flower color can also be inexperienced purplish.

2) Neighborhood name:

Yang Cao Fei (China), Amanpat chaiarisi (India) ,; Bracelet milk (Malaysia), Patikan Buffalo (Indonesia); Nanangkaan (Sunda), Patikan Kebo, Patikan Java (Java); Kak swabs (Madura), Sosononga, lobbies (Halmahera);

B. The content material of patikan kebo (Euphorbia hirta)

Patikan kebo (Euphorbia hirta) contains a number of energetic materials reminiscent of:
1) Flavonoids: quersitrin and miricitrin
2) Sterols: siklooarternol, 24-methilen-sikloarternol, 1-sitosterol, euphorbol hexacozonate, 1-heksakuosanol, tinyaloxin, campesterol and stigmasterol.
3) Tannins: dimeric hydrolysable tannin, euphorbin E and the dimeric dehydroellagitannins, euphorbin euphorbin A and B.
4) Triterpenoid: Amyrin alpha, beta-Amyrin, teraxeron, and oksidotarakserol.

C. Prescription and efficacy with Patikan Kebo (Euphorbia hirta) is:

1. Dysentery

Patikan kebo (Euphorbia hirta) 15-24 grams of brought sugar (if bloody) or palm sugar (if slimy), add adequate water, steamed and drink.

2. Tender pee

Contemporary plant 30 to 60 grams, add some water, boil, drink 2 occasions a day.
Three. Bronchitis.
Recipe 1:
beaten contemporary herbs Patikan Kebo (Euphorbia hirta) not flowered 10 grams plus sufficient water, then squeezed. Methods to use: Drink 1 1/4 cups a day. Length of remedy: typical consumption for 14 days.
Recipe 2:
be certain Kebo (Euphorbia hirta) handheld leaf 1/3 wash after which finely minced, add 3/4 cup of boiled water and 1 tablespoon honey, squeeze and strain the water is taken 2 occasions a day.

4. Breast pain

Patikan kebo (Euphorbia hirta) fresh 60 grams plus one hundred twenty grams of tofu, within the crew, eat.

5. Thypus abdominalis

Contemporary herbs 30-150 grams of boiled with adequate water, drink 3 instances a day.

6. Tinea pedis, eczema

Contemporary herbs 90 g plus 1/2 liter of alcohol 70%, soaked 3-5 days, for washing.

7. Kidney inflammation. (Pyelitis, nephritis).

6-9 grams of dried plants or contemporary 30-60 grams, boiled, drinking.

8. Sore throat

Leaves style, brewed with sizzling water, use to rinse your mouth.

9. Herbal medicine for asthma

1 handful of leaves patikan kebo (Euphorbia hirta) dried, boiled with 2-3 cups water to boil, filtered and drink half cup 2 instances a day, morning and afternoon.

10. Inflammation of the mammary gland or breast swelling

One handful of leaves patikan kebo (Euphorbia hirta) and a couple of tablespoons soy braised with 3-5 cups water to boil. Cooled, filtered, and brought 2 instances a day 1 cup.

11. Treat Influenza

Kebo Patikan (Euphorbia hirta) leaves half handheld washed and boiled with water as a lot as 3 cups until the rest 3/four. Cool and stress. Add honey to taste drink 2 occasions a day.

12. Dengue

a) signs of Dengue hemorrhagic fever is a fever that occurs all of the sudden, abdominal ache, cough, sore throat, and shortness of breath. Within the epidermis of sufferers with raised purple spots are normally adopted by way of dysentery, bleeding from the nostril, and bleeding on the white part of the eye.

b) motive: Dengue fever is a sickness induced by means of dengue virus by means of mosquito Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus.

c) Prescription: 30 grams kebo patikan leaves (Euphorbia hirta) boiled with 400 cc of water unless the remaining 200 cc, then the water is inebriated at the same time warm.

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