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Cancer use Acanthus

Cancer treatment use Acanthus ilicifolius L 

A. Traits weeds

Benefit Acanthus ilicifolius for hepatitis | Drug heart cancer
DARUJU has the Latin name (Acanthus ilicifolius L.) vegetation derived from the Malay and Java is indeed very important and found many rivers on the riverside, very valuable of all its materials.


circular cylindrical rod, alternatively limp, tender, brown, spiny lengthy and tapered, Woody, and branched
Plant daruju (Acanthus ilicifolius L.) categorized as an annual shrub, has a wet bar, grow upright or lying on the bottom, 0.5-2 m high, and Clumping plenty.


Daruju (Acanthus ilicifolius L.) vegetation have a single leaf, quick-stemmed, lies face crossed. Leaf blade elongated or rectangular, base and pointed tip, edge ramified pinnate with barbed outboard edges, 9-30 cm long, 4-12 cm extensive.
Bract plated two, the inside of the smaller, fall before the plants bloom, petal size of 12.5 to fifteen mm, sharing 4, crowns 3 to four.5 cm lengthy, white The air tube, lip ovate, tip parenthesis three, bluish pink.

3. Interest

Daruju (Acanthus ilicifolius L.) have gathered in the compound curiosity ears 6-30 cm in size, from the tip of the stem, crown bluish purple plants.


Fruit: Berry elongated ± three cm blackish brown, fruit sitting on the base interest widened plus remnants of petals
Seeds: The shape of the kidneys, two to four, black, numbers 2-4 pieces


Stables, yellowish white.


Holly plant can also be known by means of the title daruju (Acanthus ilicifolius L.), a local plant of the Malay and Javanese land grows wild in coastal areas, river banks, as good as different locations the place the land is muddy and brackish water, grow upright or mendacity at its base; 0.5-2 meters high, Clumping tons.

Holly vegetation are living in moist areas or marshes. In areas like this plant weeds can also be located in abundance but total habitat including infrequent plants. This causes the plants weeds is one indicator of wetlands.
These plants develop well in an environment with a light intensity of 1000 - 1500 lux, soil moisture eighty-a hundred% and the humidity is seventy four-eighty two %. Altitude are ideal for developing this plant is 50-560 meters above sea stage.


The leaves, roots and seeds contain saponins, flavonoids and polifenot, moreover, the seeds additionally include alkaloids. Daruju have medicinal properties, peculiarly on the root containing flavone and amino acids.

The scientific title of the plant is Acanthus ilicifolius daruju LinnDaruju have a bitter taste and are bloodless. One of the most chemical substances contained in daruju, together with flavone and amino acids. Daruju pharmacological results, including anti-inflammatory, cough, and anti-neoplastic (inhibiting the growth of neoplastic cells or tumor). Besides seeds daruju a blood cleaner. Part of the dried root is thinly sliced, leaves, and seeds can be utilized to treat a number of diseases as follows.

D. Herbal Medicine use 
Acanthus ilicifolius L

1. Cancer treatment

Boil daruju (Acanthus ilicifolius L.) 30-one hundred twenty g dried root and 60-one hundred twenty g lean floor red meat in 500 cc of water in a clay pot or pan e mail on low warmness for six hours, except the water remains one bowl. If the water dries up earlier than 6 hours, add enough hot water whilst continuing to boil. Once cool, pressure and filter divided via two for two drinks, morning and afternoon (half cup every). At any time when you drink add honey to style. Participate in this therapy day-to-day.

2. Hepatitis c

Slice 60 gr dried root daruju (Acanthus ilicifolius L.) thinly. Enter your e mail to the pan, then pour 500 cc of water into it. Simmer over low heat unless the water last 100 cc. Once cool, strain and the water is halved to 2 instances drinks, morning and evening. At any time when you drink can add honey to taste.

3. Daruju (Acanthus ilicifolius L.) To deal with Wounds uncovered to toxic knife

Chew dried root unless smooth, then placed on the wound and bandaged with gauze. Exchange 2-three instances a day.

4. Daruju (Acanthus ilicifolius L.) To deal with Ulcer sickness

Milled four features daruju seeds to a powder. Pour boiling water to style, then drink as well. Do it every day until cured.

5. Daruju For Treating Worms

Milled three 5 seed grain daruju (Acanthus ilicifolius L.) except gentle. Pour 1/2 cup of hot water. After a bloodless, drink as soon as. This therapy will also be performed for two-four days in a row.

6. Liver

Use root for the therapy of liver, take 50 grams, with a one thousand cc boiled water, wait the water contracted to 500 cc of water or half. After that you would be able to devour within the mornings and evenings, Drink water as much as 2 liters whilst you treat liver ailments with vegetation intended daruju (Acanthus ilicifolius L.) cut down the consequences of the deposition of herbs for your liver.
Use the form of plant roots which might be still dry, then which you could add by using taking ginger as a cure for liver sickness.

7. liver cirrhosis

Rinse and 100 gr daruju (Acanthus ilicifolius L.) roots which were dried and a hundred grams of lean red meat. Boil all elements with 2 cups of water for 6 hours. If dry before 6 hours, add enough water to obtain 1 cup of the cooking water to a boil. Create a boiling water into 2 ingredients to 2 instances the drink with 1 tablespoon of honey.

8. Herbal medicine for cough

Rinse and four g of fresh daruju (Acanthus ilicifolius L.) beans, mash unless soft, then boiled with 1 cup of water for quarter-hour. Cool, pressure and drink well 1 a day.

9. Lymph

Prepare daruju (Acanthus ilicifolius L.) root 60 gr dried, then boiled with 2 cups water. Add 1 tablespoon of honey each time you drink it. This component may also be consumed 2 x with a dose of 1 cup per drink.

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