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Hepatitis use Bougenville

Hepatitis use Bougenville

Hepatitis use Bougenville

A. Description Bougenville

Latin identify bougainvillea, Bougainvillea has many types of colourful floral displays, such as purple, crimson, white, red, or yellow. Bougainvillea plant life composed of sheets of petals. When it dries bougainvillea petals resemble strands of brown paper thin. Consequently in an discipline referred to as the Malay bougainvillea plant life or paper plant life. If any person does no longer wish to plant bougainvillea, it is extra in view that of the leaves and flora of bougainvillea effortlessly fall out. If the wind raises garbage strewn in every single place. In addition, this herbaceous plant has robust roots.

B. Traits OF curiosity Bougenville


This flower plant stems instead difficult, have sharp thorns and branches, Trunked timber with hook-shaped spines, roughly 5-15 meters high.


Single leaf, stemmed, sitting reverse, ovate to elliptical form, flat-brimmed pointed tip, 4-10 cm in size with a width of 2-6 cm.


varieties of flora are small resembles a trumpet, lidded three and every flower has a bract is extensive, in order that the three vegetation in the form of a flower, the colour of bract fluctuate relying on the type (there are red, orange, purple, white or yellow)

C. DESCRIPTION OF PLANT flora Bougenville

The bougainvillea plant originated in South america, this plant is regularly planted in parks and residential areas. At the time of this plant flowering, this plant has shed some leaves habits. The form is a small tree that is elaborate to develop upright.

Bougainvillea paper flower plant known as since it forms a thin sheath plant life and have features - features such as paper.

Renovation is easy, does no longer require a very long time for the reason that it is very right plant species grown within the tropical and equatorial area of our nation and might develop up to 5 meters in top.

C. Content material OF THE SUBSTANCE OF PLANT Bougenville

Bougainvillea or bougainville or bugenfil have a bitter style, chelate, and heat. One of the vital chemical substances contained in bugenfil amongst betanidin, saponins, polyphenols, isobetanidin, 6-O-P-saphoroside, and 6-o-rhamnosysophoroside.

D. Herbal Medicine use Bougenville

1.  Hepatitis

Wash 15 grams of rod Bougenville fully and boiled with 2 cups water except the remainder 1 cup. Stress and drink boiled water when warm 1 cup a day.

2. Overcoming Prickly warmness and itching (pruritis)

Wash off Bougenville flowers, betel leaves, and aloe vera leaves are peeled, each and every taste. Boil all elements and kick back except thickened. Apply a thick liquid (gel) is the prickly warmth and itchy areas. Do it ordinarily and according to the need to heat rash and itching disappeared.

3. Treating Ulcers

Rinse flora and leaves cocor (Bryophyllum pinnatum), Bougenville taste. Mash the 2 constituents until smooth after which paste it to a boil. Perform events until the ulcer healed

4. Treating Irregular menstruation

Rinse and 9-15 gr Bougenville plant life and 15 grams of tubers sedges (Cyperus rotundus L.) except it is easy. Boil all components with 2 cups of water except the remaining 1 cup. Strain and drink boiled water 1 cup a day.

5. Whitish Overcome (leucorrhea)

Rinse and 9-15 grams web curiosity Bougenville  until then boiled with 2 cups water unless the remaining 1 cup. Stress and drink as good boiled water 1 cup a day.

6. Soreness throughout menstruation and menstrual blood clot

Rinse and 15 g Bougenville plants, roses 15 gram and 70 gram aloe vera leaves that have been peeled. Boil the three parts with 2 cups water to 1 cup and then pressure. Consuming boiled water 2 times a day, every half cup.

7. Whitish

You do that by using boiling 15 grams of bougainvillea with three cups of water, then pressure and drink boiled water.

8. Treating Cough

Cough caused for the reason that no particular reaction in the respiratory tract. Cough as a rule accompanies many flu-like signs and fatigue. You can put on flora Bougenville principally the bark.
• Take some bark used to be dried
• overwhelmed right into a powder, so you ought to take skin fairly is dry
• Then mix within the powdered bark boiled water glass
• Use water to rinse the mouth and throat will probably be extra relieved.

9. Troubleshooting Digestive

Gastrointestinal issues akin to gastritis, diarrhea and abdominal bloating can also be handled with a decoction of the leaves Bougenville. Bougenville leaves is believed to have anti-inflammatory compounds and furnish a relaxing influence on the bowel. Getting healing is finished via:
Take some leaves Bougenville
Boil 3 cups of water, deliver to the boil and left at the back of half a cup simplest
drinking with a blend of honey to remedy indigestion.

10. Bougainvillea plant life can be air-efficacy as a clean body

The trick: use + 10 grams of plants Bougainvillea, washed and boiled in 3 cups of water to boil for 15 minutes, cooled and filtered. Distillate taken twice as many morning and afternoon.

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