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Hemorrhoids use Canna indica

Hemorrhoids use Canna indica 

Hemorrhoids use Canna indica

A. Description

Flower beads (Canna indica L.) originating from tropical the united states, quite often grown as a decorative plant, there is additionally growing wild in the woods and mountains to an altitude of approximately 1000 m above sea stage. The opposite type, Canna edulis kingdom. Gawl (canna) has a smaller flower petals. The leaves are colossal and large, vivid inexperienced pinnate (no colored tengguli). Fit for human consumption rhizomes. Annual crops, up to 2 m in the ground has any such large rhizome bulbs. The leaves are significant, wide, pinnate and inexperienced. Giant plants with bright colours (crimson, yellow) are arranged in a series of shaped bunches. Kendaga fruit of a fruit, seed tons and circular.

1. Chemical residences and Pharmacological effects

taste relatively sweet, cool, efficacious as fever (antipyretics), lowers blood stress (hypotensive), tranquilizers (sedatives).

2. Chemical content

Rhizome comprises 6 substance phenol, 2 terpenes and 4 coumarin, starch, glucose, lipids, alkaloids and latex.

3. Section Used

Root or rhizome (fresh or dried), flowers (dried), leaves and seeds.
Dose utilization

external use: root or rhizome plant life beads pulverized and then positioned on the affected section.

B. Use of the (consuming)

15-30 grams of dried root or rhizome or 30-60 grams fresh. Flora 10-15 grams, boiled and drunk.

C. Use of Outer

1. Bleeding wounds, purulent epidermis infection (piodermi), acne (zits vulgaris)

Root / rhizome fresh flower beads sufficiently pulverized after which positioned on the affected phase.

2. Sprain

Root / rhizome flower beads sufficiently pulverized and then add the flour which were roasted unless the yolk and white wine to style, then placed on the unwell.

D. Herbalife Utilization In 

1. Hemorrhoid

30-60 grams of rhizome root beads flowers boiled with 600 cc of water except the remainder 300 cc then filtered and drunk.

2. Discontinue the bleeding (hemostatic)

10-15 grams of flower beads, 60 grams of lotus rhizome root (Nelumbo Nelumbium Druce) boiled with four hundred cc of water except the rest 200 cc then filtered and drunk.

3. Hepatitis C

60 grams of beads flower root, 30 grams of leaves shaved or mirten (Streblus asper Lour.), Boiled with water unless the remainder 600 cc to 300 cc water. Make then filtered and brought twice a day.

4. Whitish (leucorrhoea)

15-30 grams of the root / rhizome flower beads, leather-based 15-30 grams of dried pomegranate (Punica granatum L.), boiled with water except the remainder 600 cc to 300 cc then filtered and under the influence of alcohol.

5. Swollen lymph nodes

60 grams of rhizome root flower beads, 1 oz.Of red meat, boiled with 1 liter of water until the remainder 300 cc and then drink the water even as the meat is eaten.

6. Ovarian cancer

60 grams of rhizome root flower beads, 60 grams grass snake tongue or pearl grass (Hedyotis corymbosa (L.) Lamk.), 50 grams of bitter (Andrographis paniculata Nees.), Boiled with 700 cc of water unless the remainder 300 cc then filtered and inebriated , Do it twice a day.

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