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benefit Crescentia for Hypertension

benefit Crescentia cujete for Hypertension 

A. Description of crops crescentia cujete

benefit Crescentia cujete for Hypertension
Crescentia cujete is one form of Medicinal crops are proposal to have come from the USA. With workforce Classification Kingdom Plantae, this crescentia cujete have Latin or scientific identify Crescentia cujete

FRUIT crescentia cujete glance almost similar to fruit Maja. Berry fruit form (circular), handiest moderately smaller Maja portions of fruit crescentia cujete. Although both are two (2) specific varieties of fruit. American native plant prospers in East Java Mojokerto district, an field that has a history as the forerunner of the kingdom of Majapahit. Each are equally mascot Mojokerto. Crescentia cujete fruit (Crescentia cujete) mascot Mojokerto regency, while fruit Maja (Aegle Marmelos) grew to be the mascot of Mojokerto.

Crescentia cujete itself is typically referred to as the maja fruit given that it tastes so thick and bitter. But who would have idea at the back of the bitter taste of the saved capabilities efficacious treatment more than a few ailments.

We must first recognize what the content contained on Plant crescentia cujete, whether or not it be from a tree, bark, leaves or fruit. So not directly we can also know the perform of each and every member of the crescentia cujete plants. 

Crescentia cujete contains some chemicals which might be just right for health. 
Considered one of them is: saponins, polyphenols and flavonoids. And of the three chemicals that have a couple of advantages for the remedy.

B. Herbal Medicine crescentia cujete

1. Hypertension treatment

Crescentia cujete common plant roots as a people comfort for coronary heart palpitations sedative and in addition for reducing excessive blood strain (hypertension)

2. Accelerate Wound treatment

Take the leaves are crushed or mashed, is competent to accelerate the method of drying the wound.

3. Heat Reducer

Crescentia cujete fruit that style bitter, efficacious as fever (antipyretics) and antirheumatic.

4. Well being and Immune 

Materials polifenol have best antioxidant homes, defending the body from the effects of free radicals.

5. Drug Gastric issues

Soaking the leaves and fruit crescentia cujete can to hinder digestive approach issues and swelling in the stomach. Good also for gastric issues
6. Drug Fever. Fruit crescentia cujete can overcome the fever. Fever is a systemic manifestations and the essential signs of infectious diseases. Any such infections ARI (Acute Respiratory infection).

7. Drug Diarrhea

Crescentia cujete fruit can be utilized for laxatives, to diarrhea. Fruits and seeds are squeezed to deal with diarrhea, or stomach suffering that's wrapped round.

8. Respiratory affliction drugs

Fruit crescentia cujete able to beat the flu and colds, as good as treat bronchitis, as good as asthma. Soaking the leaves, roots and fruit portions Berunuk can also be taken to delicate respiratory.

9. Remedy intricate defecation 

Soaking the leaves and the fruit flesh crescentia cujete capable to treat complicated urination (dyssuria). Ingesting immersion in heat stipulations.

10. Dermis & Wound medicines

Fruit crescentia cujete leaves can be used as a common medication to remedy itchiness and a poultice for wounds. For this operate, crescentia cujete leaves combined with betel leaf and whiting.

11. Pesticides Vegetable

Fruits that contain alkaloids can be utilized as a rat repellent, aphids, and leafhoppers. Fruit crescentia cujete have bakterostatik influence (inhibits micro organism). The fruit is an environmentally friendly replacement to pesticides and has no toxic effects for lifestyles. Portions of fruit can crescentia cujete additionally to repel ants. The bark of plants could to kill fish

12. Drug For Cattle 

Furthermore to human medication, crescentia cujete fruit leaf extract will also be used as a medication for diseases of livestock. In Madura, crescentia cujete fruit leaf extract is used for the cure of Foot and Mouth sickness (FMD) in cattle or different cattle.

13. Alternative Bioenergy

Fruit crescentia cujete probably modified as bioethanol, an substitute form of renewable power.

14. Materials Crafts

The fruit can be used for handicrafts like baggage.

15. Plant Fence

Plants crescentia cujete plant is generally used as an ornamental, or plant yard fence.

C. How Utilization

There are a few approaches crescentia cujete plant utilization. Furthermore, all constituents of the plant can be utilized crescentia cujete. Essentially the most realistic approach is:

1. To Repellent Rats, roaches, ants

Maja fruit flesh reduce into small slices, then dried. Put in some locations the place the rats like passing. Mice hate the odor of pungent fruit (humans are not able to odor the identical thing), and have a tendency to avoid it. This method would be to repel ants, cockroaches, and different nuisance bugs.

2. Create such as herbs be cooked

The cuts of meat fruits, roots, bark boil, and simmer for 20 minutes. Then the cooled boiled water and capable to be under the influence of alcohol. Water will have to be under the influence of alcohol in warm stipulations. Add the honey or palm sugar. Crescentia cujete water bathtub can be utilized for drug fever, flu, colds, bronchitis and asthma.

3. Create a poultice

Crescentia cujete leaves (can be mixed with the flesh of the fruit, bark and roots) finely ground within the ensuing follow Then paste to the epidermis and the wound to dry.

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