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benefit Morus alba for Hypertension

benefit Morus alba for Hypertension

benefit Morus alba for Hypertension

A. Description

Mulberry or mulberry is often called probably the most detailed fruit with candy and sour taste is dominant. In addition, fruit bushes with the Latin identify is Morus alba is also most often used the leaves for meals of silkworms. Mulberry tree can live in areas with tropical and subtropical climates such as in Asia, the us, and Africa. On the island of Java, mulberry ring is called by means of the title of magnitude. Mulberry mainly consumed in the type of juice or be eaten contemporary.

One more name mulberry: Magnitude (Indonesia). Mulberry, massive (Java) .; Kerta, kitau (Sumatra) .; Sangye (China), could mon, Leave tam (Vietnam), Morus leaf ,; Morus bark, Morus fruit, mulberry leaf, mulberry bark ,; Twigs mulberry, white mulberry, mulberry (England).
Mulberry is a plant that originated in China, this plant grows well at an altitude of greater than one hundred m above sea degree, and require adequate daylight. This plant is cultivated for its leaves used to feed silkworms. Young leaves unhealthy taste in vegetable da efficacious as a medicinal plant.

B. Expertise about Mulberry common:

Mulberry is always flowering vegetation for the period of the year. Mulberry much be planted and cultivated for its leaves are used to meals silkworms.
If traced the history of its foundation, it turns golden apple got here from Mainland China. Mulberry can thrive at an altitude of more than 100 m above sea level and require ample sunlight.

The mulberry plants cultivated many folks. Mulberry suitable in areas relatively wet as on the slopes, but well drained soil. Every now and then observed growing wild.

Mulberry tree has a height of about 9 meters and has numerous branches, peculiarly young branches have high-quality hair.

Mulberry leaves mendacity alternate single, long-stemmed 4 cm. Leaf blade ovate to heart-shaped, pointed tip, base blunt, serrated area, pinnate bone as a substitute outstanding, upper and slash surfaces difficult, length 2.5 to 20 cm, width of 1.5 to 12 cm, and the color inexperienced.

Mulberry produce fruit within the type of fruit berry and juicy with excellent taste. Younger fruit colour is green, after cooking to black. Having small seeds and black colour.

In addition, the mulberry has a compound curiosity to kind bunches out of the armpit leaves, white color. Within the bushes there are male plant life, feminine vegetation are separate and superb flora.

If we wish to plant, cultivate and breed the tasty nutritious mulberry, will also be done through cuttings and grafting.

C. Resources contained and Drug Efficacy of Mulberry:

Mulberry composition contained fairly so much, together with on mulberry leaves are isoquersetin, scopoletin, scopolin, ecdysterone, inokosterone, lupeol, beta-sitosterol, movements, moracetin, alpha, beta-hexenal, cis-beta-hexenol, cis-lambda -hexenol, benzaidehide, eugenol, linalool, benzyl alcohol, butylamine, aceto'ne, trigonelline, choline, adenine, amino acids, copper, zinc, vitamins (A, B1, C and carotenes), chlorogenic acid, fumaric acid, acid folic acid formyltetrahydrofolik, and mioinositol.

Then the mulberries are elements cyanidin, Isoquercetin, saccharides, linoleic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, and nutrition (carotene, B1, B2 and C).

D. Herbalife use Morus alba

1. Hypertension 

• prepare contemporary mulberry leaves as much as 15 grams
• Wash utterly
• Boil with 2 cups of water for quarter-hour'
• strain after cold
• Divide to 2 occasions the drink
• Drink within the morning and afternoon.

2. To broaden breast milk construction

• put together younger mulberry leaves
• cook dinner as a vegetable
• devour with rice

3. To treat illnesses Gonorrhea

• put together the mulberry root, fennel pulosari (Alyxia stellata), and timber Sandel (sandelhout) '
• Boil all elements earlier
• pressure
• Drink effect

4. To healing sickness Ulcers and irritation of the skin

• prepare contemporary mulberry leaves 1 handful
• Wash totally
• Boil 2 cups of water until the rest 1 cup
• strain after cold
• Drink without delay
• Use a decoction of the leaves to cleanse the blood so that it may be taken generally.

5. To heal wounds and ulcers

• prepare fresh mulberry leaves, roots trengguli (Cassia fistula L)
• Wash completely
• apply coconut oil
• withered on fire
• Squeeze with your fingers so that it turns into limp.
• wear the leaves needed to shut the wound.
• earlier, wash the wound with a decoction of the roots of the Trengguli (Cassia fistula L).

6. For alleviation and therapy when bitten through a snake

• prepare fresh mulberry leaves as much as 20 grams
• Wash wholly
• grind except tender
• Add half cup cooking water
• pressure and squeeze the
• Drink water accrued at the same time

7. To Heal the release of sweat at night time

• prepare a dry mulberry leaves
• Make pollen as much as 6-9 g 
• Boil the rice to boiling water
• Drink when cool. After a cold and drunk.

8. To treat Rheumatic diseases, hand and foot numbness and suffering

• prepare a dry mulberry twigs as a lot as 15 grams 
• Boil 3 cups of water except the rest 1 cup
• strain after cold
• Drink 2 times a day each 1/2 cup.

9. Hepatitis

recent mulberries as a lot as 10 g plus 1 cup of cooking water, then in a blender and drink all of sudden

10. Expanded urge for food

consumption mulberries typically every morning and night meal, urge for food increases

11. Addressing grey hair

blender mulberry style, then wash your hair with mulberry juice 2 instances per week. Gray will shrink and the hair will flourish.

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