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Hepatitis C Oxalis corniculata

Hepatitis C use Oxalis corniculata

A. Description crops Calincing (Oxalis corniculata)

Hepatitis treatment use Oxalis corniculata
Calincing or acid leaves the small appellation of Java, an herb that grows crops with long vines can reach 5-35 cm. This plant can develop diarrhea coast to the mountains. Its spread has reached several areas in Indonesia, various names in crops Sundanese: Calincing. Maluku Language: Mala-mala. Java language: Rempi, semanggen, mountain clover, cembicenan. Sumatra Language: Jaunty little bitter leaves, clover. Mandarin chinese language: Cu jiang cao.

Clover plants are plants that are living in areas which can be moist and juicy. Clover plant is a wild plant that we will without difficulty in finding around us. the Latin name or scientific name of the plant with Calincing name is Oxalis corniculata.

B. Usual traits that may be recognized

1. Developing vines up to 5-35 cm
2. Has tender stems and have many branches.
3. Leaves compound like fingers three, your heart resemble leaves. Petiole size, light inexperienced colour.
4. Yellow flora with a small size, grows around the armpit leaves, shape like an umbrella.
5. Shape of an oval, straight, the end pieces like beak, crimson-brown when ripe.

C. Chemical components calincing (Oxalis corniculata)

Calincing crops containing resources and chemicals primary enough that unfold in each a part of the tree, from the desire, stems, leaves, and plants. Calincing (Oxalis corniculata) Chemical elements include: oxalic acid, flavonoids, polyphenols, saponins and tannins.

D. Prescription and efficacy of herbal medicinal plants calincing (Oxalis corniculata)

1. Hepatitis C treatment use Oxalis corniculata

Prepare as much as approximately 30 to forty grams of plant calincing (Oxalis corniculata), wash wholly and boil all ingredients in conjunction with 2 cups of water. Let it boil unless the water last 1/2. Then, as soon as cooled, drink boiled water on a regular basis 2 instances a day, every with a cost of ½ cup.

2. Treating belly discomfort, diarrhea, and mouth sores

how mixes much like the way gathering for  power hepatitis medicines. You simply prepare as a lot as 30-forty grams of plant calincing (Oxalis corniculata), washed, then boiled with 2 cups water. When a boil, let it run unless the water is simplest the rest 1/2. Then the cooking water will also be taken 2 instances a day, each and every ½ cup.

3. Support stop the bleeding

prepare to style recent calincing (Oxalis corniculata) crops, wash completely, then pounded until particularly gentle. Then the outcome of the grow-squeezed juice. Combine plant juices calincing  (Oxalis corniculata) with honey to style, and drink unless the bleeding has improved.

4. Streamlining menstruation

calincing (Oxalis corniculata) opting for leaves to taste and aerated to dry (don't forget, not dried). Then grind the dried leaves into a powder. Mix powder plant calincing (Oxalis corniculata) it with white wine, the proportion of white wine 1 shot for each 9 grams of powder. This herb can be taken before consuming breakfast.

5. Helps treat urinary tract stone ailment or kidney disorder

prepare recent calincing (Oxalis corniculata) plant as much as 60 grams. Then add as a lot as 60 grams of sweet wine. Boil except the water a 1/2. Drink this concoction normally stew as a lot as thrice a day, each 1/three cup.

6. Treat cuts, sores, eczema, ulcers, and bug bites

Calincing (Oxalis corniculata) overwhelmed fresh leaves, then utilized to the dermis of the injured.

7. As Herbs for sore tonsils

Calincing (Oxalis corniculata) contemporary leaves as much as 50 grams of all set, then boiled in 3 cups of water until boiling after which use warm water concoction nonetheless it to gargle - gargle.

8. As an herbal cough and shortness of breath

Take A complete of 17 grams of contemporary leaves is ready, and then washed smooth. Boil the leaves with 3 cups water to 1 cup and reserving handiest. Stress and take the water. Wait except cool and potions can also be inebriated as soon as a day.

9. As herbs for irritation of the mouth and deodorizing mouth

Rinse recent calincing (Oxalis corniculata) 10-15 gr then reduce brief. Pour 1 cup hot water. Strain and kick back water, water used for rinsing to deal with irritation of the mouth or get rid of unhealthy breath.

10. Herbs to manage with the downsizing of the liver

The leaves are nonetheless contemporary ready as so much as 50 grams and then wash wholly Then put together three cups of water and boil the mixture until leaving one glass only. Then drink the potion immediately.

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