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Diabetes use Catharanthus roseus

Diabetes use Catharanthus roseus

A. Description of plants Catharantus roseus

Diabetes use use Catharanthus roseus
Herbalife - Vinca (Catharantus roseus) is mostly also called flower squaddies, tread doro, flower pollen china, nails runes, copper plant life, cigar-cigar, bitch grass, sindapor, kemuting china, grass bitch staple, staple ros seashore. This plant is a little cool, bitter, and toxic.

Periwinkle flower is likely one of the vegetation are very good identified by using the men and women of Indonesia. This tiny flower could be very easy to develop and can be discovered in one-of-a-kind locations with distinctive climates. Plants footprint blood (Ammocallis rosea) that are additionally generally known as China's flower pollen, flowers squaddies, or (Catharanthus roseus) grew to become out to have many medicinal houses.

This chronic shrub can develop from the lowlands to an altitude of 1800 m above sea level. Vinca can develop in various climates, either in the open or closed. This plant may also be propagated by seed, stem cuttings, or roots.
Plants Tapakdara (Catharanthus roseus) or scientific title Catharanthus roseus that is widely grown as a decorative plant group also grows wild or so just in our yard. Tapakdara (Catharanthus roseus) have 2 types of white and pink flowers.

1. Habitus of this plant are:

Upright shrub that can attain heights of as much as 1 meter rod .. In the type of a round rod with a small diameter, woody, segmented and branched and hairless.

The leaves form an oval, inexperienced and categorized single leaf. Attractive vegetation resemble a trumpet with a downy floor. Each and every flora have five petals. Tapakdara (Catharanthus roseus) also has a dwelling in the type of cylindrical grains placing on the rod. The spread of these plants through seed.
Vinca are nonetheless loved ones frangipani is presumed to come back from important the us and India. Different sources say it comes from the Madagascar periwinkle, therefore the people of Europe gave it the nickname of Madagascar Periwinkle.

2. CONTENT OF EXPOSURE Catharanthus roseus

This herb comprises alkaloids within the roots, stems, leaves, and seeds. Alkaloid anticancer entails leurosine (VLR), vinblastine (VLB), vincristine (VCR), catharanthine, vincadioline, leurosidine, and lochnerine. Even as the result of alkaloids hypoglycemic (lowering blood sugar) is leurosine, catharanthine, lochnerine, tetrahydroalstonine, vindoline, and vindolinine. The energetic aspect vinblastine and leurocristine (vincristine), alkaloids found in the roots. The content material of other kimai is serpentine, ajmalicine, reserpine, norharman, akuammine, vincamine, vinleurosin, vinrosidin.

The content of the lively component vinblastine and leurocristine (vincristine) makes these vegetation have anti-cancer houses and advantages as in leukemia 1210, of leukemia in 1534, ehrlich ascitic liver carcinoma, AKR leukemia, and carcinoma walker 256. Moreover to powerful treat leukemia, leaves and plants are additionally probably treat hogkin disease. The lively aspect also discontinue cancer cells in mitosis metafiise.

Additionally, the herb is also effective as an antineoplastic (anticancer), sitostatiska, hypotensive (tranquilizers), cooling the blood and discontinue bleeding. However there are things that have got to be considered in taking this herb, certainly for pregnant women are prohibited from drinking the concoction Catharantus roseus. The content alkoloid toxic, can furnish effects equivalent to vomiting within 24 hours, gradual, and fever. Other affects can make men and women hallucinations, lack of tendon reflexes, neuropathy, coma, and even loss of life.

3. Different identify PLANT website DARA

Synonyms: Vinca rosea, Linn. , Lochnera rosea, Reich. , Ammoallis rosea, Small.
Latin names (binomial): Catharanthus roseus (L.)
Indonesia: Tread virgin, cigar-cigar, squaddies fireworks
English: Madagascar periwinkle, rose periwinkle
Malay: Kemunting china
Vietnam: hai hoa dang
Philippines: Tsitsirika
China: chang chun hua

B. Herbalife use Catharantus roseus

listed below are some advantages of herbal Catharantus roseus as typical medicinal herbs, average to deal with various illnesses, equivalent to cancer medicines, medicines leukemia, drug limfosarkoma, drug chorionic epithelioma, medicinal drugs to slash hypertension or excessive blood pressure, medicine diabetes or diabetes mellitus, drug bleeding due to reduced platelets, cough medication:

1. Diabetes

Recipe 1
substances: (Catharanthus roseus) 15 grams, water 500 ml
easy methods to make :
Wash fabric unless smooth. After it boiled except boiling, allow the water to the rest 200 ml. Cool and pressure.
Ingesting normal medicinal herbs.
Recipes 2
materials:, leaves of vinca (Catharanthus roseus) 22 sheets, easy water 2 cups
learn how to make :
Take vinca leaves of roughly 22 sheets of giant measurement, then wash wholly and boil unless boiling. After boiling concoction cool and strain.
Ingesting boiled water three x 1 day. Participate in events as a way to get good.

2. Bleeding as a result of the diminish in platelets | spleen, Limposarkoma, and Chorionic Epithelioma

Recipe 1: material: Tapak dara (Catharanthus roseus) 15 grams, water 500 ml
how to make :
Wash fabric until easy. After it boiled except boiling, allow the water to the rest 200 ml. Let cool then pressure.
Consuming usual medicinal herbs as well.
Recipe 2:
Make boiling 16-20 grams vinca leaves which have been dried, 10 grams of chrysanthemum plants with 2.5 cups water to boiling after which filtered. Drunk did each afternoon.
Recipe 3:
particularly that do Pour 1 cup scorching water and seven leaves or flora periwinkle, go away first few moments, after which filtered. Taken at bedtime.

3. Dengue medicinal drugs

Materials: herbal vinca (Rosy Periwinkle Flower) 15 g, 10 portions of guava leaves, kola natural 16 gr, 15 gr God leaves, easy water 600 ml
the right way to make :
Wash herbs vinca (Catharanthus roseus), guava leaves, leaves of the gods, the herb gotu kola until smooth. Boil except boiling, enable it to water a 1/2. Get rid of, let cool, stress.
Consuming natural potions 2 x 1 day. Participate in movements until fully healed.

4. herbal medicine for cough

materials: The leaves and plant life of vinca (Catharanthus roseus) 50 gr. 3 cups of unpolluted water.
The way to make :
Wash the leaves and vegetation to scrub. Boil utilizing three cups water to a boil, let some time, wait unless the water glass. After that just lifted from the fireplace, let cool and stress.
Drinking natural potions when lukewarm.

5. herbal medicine for asthma

fabric :
Roots vinca (Catharanthus roseus) 1 handheld, 2-3 cups water
make :
Wash the roots entirely, after which it then boiled with easy water as a lot as two to a few cups to boil. Take away, let cool, pressure.
Consuming usual medicinal herbs as soon as a day, each time I drink one glass.

6. To cope with melanoma

put together 15 grams of recent periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus), 30 to 60 grams of contemporary papaya leaves, red spinach leaves 30 grams, 30 grams of pearl grass, boiled with water until the remaining seven-hundred cc to 300 cc. Then filtered and delivered honey, taken 3 times a day as so much as one hundred cc (preserve consulting a health care provider).

7. Coping with breast melanoma

prepare 6 to 15 grams of vinca (Rosy Periwinkle Flower) dried boiled with 400 cc of water unless the rest 200 cc, then filtered and under the influence of alcohol.

8. Overcoming uterine melanoma

Take 15 grams of flower periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus), 30 grams grass snake tongue, boiled with water except the rest 600 cc to 200 cc and under the influence of alcohol.

9. Hypertension

put together 15 grams of leaves or vegetation of vinca (Catharanthus roseus) boiled with four hundred cc of water until the remainder 200 cc, then filtered and inebriated at bedtime. Diabetes medicines, six leaves of vinca (Rosy Periwinkle Flower), periwinkle 15 plant life, boiled with water except the remainder 800 cc to 400 cc. Then, filtered and under the influence of alcohol twice a day, morning and afternoon.

10. Dealing with kidney stones

Put together vinca (Catharanthus roseus) leaves 30 grams, 30 grams of leaves nasty shard, 15 grams tempuyung leaves, boiled with water unless the remaining 600 cc to 300 cc. Then, filtered and brought twice a day.

11. Burns

Materials: partly vinca (Rosy Periwinkle Flower) leaves, 0, 5 handfuls of rice. Methods to make: soaked with water, then pounded in unison until gentle. Easy methods to use: placed on burns.

12. The brand new wound

Materials: 2-5 leaves tapakdara (Catharanthus roseus) learn how to make: chew until gentle. Easy methods to use: placed on a new wound.

13. Leukemia

Parts: 20-25 gr tapakdara (Catharanthus roseus) dried leaves, fennel pulawaras (Foeniculum vulgare Miller). Learn how to make: boiled with 1 liter of water and filtered.  Use: drink 2 occasions a day, morning and afternoon. Bronchial asthma and bronchitis ingredients: 1 tuber roots reduce tapakdara (Catharanthus roseus) find out how to make: boiled with 5 cups of water. Methods to use: drink 2 times a day, morning and afternoon.

14. Irritation of the stomach and dysentery

parts: 15-30 g of dried leaves tapakdara (Catharanthus roseus) learn how to make: boiled in three cups of water to boil.

15. Malaria

Put together 10 grams of the basis of periwinkle, 10 grams of black meeting (Curcuma aeruginosa Roxb.), 10 grams of turmeric (Curcuma xanthorriza Roxb.), 15 grams of bitter (Andrographis panniculata Nees.), recent boiled with water, then filtered and inebriated.

16. Vomiting

15 grams of herb vinca (Rosy Periwinkle Flower) boiled with four hundred cc of water except the rest 200 cc, then filtered and drunk warm.

17. Hand tremble without control 

put together 15 grams of vinca (Rosy Periwinkle Flower) leaves, recent boiled with four hundred cc of water until the remaining 200 cc, then filtered and under the influence of alcohol.

18. Mumps (parotitis) 

15 grams of herb (Rosy Periwinkle Flower), brown sugar to style, contemporary boiled with four hundred cc of water unless the remaining 200 cc, then filtered and under the influence of alcohol.


This medicinal plant containing the active aspect, vinblastine and leurocristine (vincristine) are efficacious anticancer leukemia in 1534, of leukemia in 1210, AKR leukemia, Ehrlich ascitik liver carcinoma carcinomia and 256. These components walker discontinue melanoma cell mitosis methapase.
In developed international locations, this herb has been made vinca injecting medications, specifically vincristine and vinblastine injection injection.
Pregnant females are prohibited from making use of this plant.
Each remedy is done customarily. For severe ailment still consult a physician.

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