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Hemorrhoids use Celosia cristata  

A. Description of vegetation Jengger chook (Celosia cristata)

Hemorrhoids use Celosia cristata
Chicken's comb has the Latin title (Celosia cristata L.) most likely grown as an ornamental plant in gardens, yards and other locations for the reason that of the form of gorgeous vegetation, infrequent wild. Bird's comb in general grows from the lowlands to an altitude of a thousand m above sea degree. Habitus herbaceous annuals (annual), develop upright, 60-ninety cm tall, thick stems. Single leaf, grow alternate, oval to oblong shape elongated, with a size of 5-12 cm, 3.5 to 6.5 cm huge, tapered tip, base tapering type a stalk, flat facet, inexperienced colour and the upper widened like a hen's comb whiz, overlapped and branched. Flowers out at the stem finish or the opposite end branching colour is pink, crimson, dice, yellow. The fruit is cracked for the duration of cooking, there are two or extra small seeds.
Amaranthaceae Familia.
Synonyms Celosia argentea L. Var. Cristata (L.) O. Ktze.
Regional names
Sumatra: spinach biludu, celala, banda ulu, flower rope.
Java: jawer hayam, jawer kotok (Sunda), spinach cenggeng, janggar rumpuk, cock's comb, comb rumpuk (Java), jhangghar ajam, rebha Mangsor (Madura).
Nusa Tenggara: janggar equipped (Bali), ndae ana sina (Bread), Bunak manu larit (East).
Sulawesi: tatana manuk, sampiri manu, relationship fires, Wunga fires, sparks hearth (North Sulawesi), gradual, lava, lengano (Gorontalo), ranang do (Makassar), plant life overlook manu, puwa rasiwato (Bugis ).
Maluku: wire, compote, retail outlets rerede ma, ma tataleo hohorene, (North Halmahera), namoro ma usi, sulesule (Ternate).
Foreign title
JI guan (T), cocks comb flowers (I), palong manok, palong Pulungan (F), cockscomb chicken (M), Hanekam, crete de coq, passé velours, echter brandsschopf.

B. Nature Chemical and Pharmacological results

Sweet, cool, priceless as anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory), urine (diuretic), stop bleeding, (hemostatic), discontinue the discharge, to explain the vision. Signal in liver and kidney meridians.

1. Chemical constituents

bird's comb plants include: Amaranthin, fatty oils, Pferitrin, and Pinitol
chook's comb leaves incorporate: flavonoids, polyphenols and saponins involves fatty oil, kaempferitrin, amaranthin, and pinitol.

2. Phase Used

plants, dry in the solar if you want to retailer.

3. Uses

a) Nosebleeds (epistaxis), coughing up blood (hemoptysis), vomiting blood (hematemesis).
b) Whitish. (Leucorrhoea).
c) Air bloody urine (hematuria).
d) uterine bleeding external the menstrual interval (sensible uterine bleeding).
e) excessive menstruation (metrorrhagia).
f) urinary tract infection (urinary tract infection).
g) expedite urine.
h) Bleeding hemorrhoids (hemorrhoidal).
i) Bleeding within the stomach or intestines.
j) infection of the belly (gastritis).
k) Inflammatory bowel disease (enteritis).
l) Dysentery.
m) Urticaria (urticaria), itching (pruritus), bitten with the aid of a centipede.
n) agony because of blood clots.
o) Impairment of imaginative and prescient.

Bird's comb (Celosia cristata), the plant shouldn't be incorporated as a wild plant given that many folks who deliberately planted this plant a kitchen backyard of his house. Clumping plants with plant life have advantages and efficacy as a powerful herb to treat quite a lot of illnesses.

This herb is rich in chemical elements which can be worthy to human health. On the leaves contain polyphenols, saponins and flavonoids, even as the flower involves amaranthin, kaempferitrin, pinitol and fatty oils. Herbs with a sweet taste and cool facets as anti-inflammatory homes and benefits, whitish, helped clear imaginative and prescient within the eye, as well as stop the bleeding in patients with bleeding hemorrhoids, coughing up blood, vomiting blood, bloody urine, uterine bleeding as well as bleeding in the nostril.

C. Efficacy and herbal recipes

Plant a bird's comb ready overcome more than a few disease, akin to nosebleeds, coughing up blood, dysentery, urinary bleeding, bleeding hemorrhoids, bleeding hemorrhoids, uterine bleeding, vomiting blood, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, gonorrhea, vaginal discharge, blurred imaginative and prescient, and red eyes
listed here are the benefits of hen jangger efficacy to overcome some health problem and how to procedure:

1. Hemorrhoid treatment

the withered 2 leaves the chicken's comb (Celosia cristata) in a technique to silence over the hearth. After wilting paste in Hemorrhoid infected.

2. Urinary tract infections

Boil the chook's comb (Celosia cristata) 15 gr vegetation with four cups of water until the remaining 2 cups, cooled and filtered. Consuming boiled water 2 instances a day each 1 cup, do it regularly until healed.

3. Hemorrhoids bleed

Rinse and 15 gr chook's comb flower (Celosia cristata), lotus rhizome root 30 gr, and 15 gr Eclipta prostrata. Boil all materials with 3 cups of water unless the water The remaining to 1 cup. After making bloodless stress and drink boiled water 2 instances a day every half of cup.

4. Bleeding womb

Rinse the fowl's comb relationship 15 gr (Celosia cristata) and 30 g tuber leaves of the gods. Boil the 2 constituents with 2 cups of water until the water remains to 1 cup. Ingesting boiled water at once 1 a day.

5. Curb impaired vision

mashed leaves, stems, and plants sufficient chicken's comb (Celosia cristata) up to about 30 gr. Boil in four hundred cc of water to boil and to the rest half of. Pressure and drink at the same time heat, and add a little bit honey to taste better.

6. Dysentery

Boil the bird's comb (Celosia cristata) 10 gr plants with 4 cups of water unless the remainder into 2 cups of water, cool and strain. Consuming boiled water 2 instances a day each 1 cup, do it frequently and until healed.

7. Uterine bleeding

chicken's comb  (Celosia cristata) plant life dry ground up into powder, take as so much as 5 gr, and brewed with a cup of hot water and canopy until cool. After a cold drink as well and do three-four instances a day.

8. Whitish

put together the hen's comb 15 gr (Celosia cristata) dried flora, dried bitter GR 15 and 10 gr contemporary slobber leaves, add 3 cups of water, then boiled unless the water stayed one glass. As soon as cool then pressure and drink good before. The waste will also be boiled once again to be under the influence of alcohol in the afternoon.

9. Bloody cough, nosebleeds and vomiting virgin

Boil chook's comb flower 15 gr (Celosia cristata), 30  gr Lotus root rhizomes, and 15 gr Eclipta prostrata. Then boiled in three cups of water and water unless the remainder into 1 cup, after cold strain and drink 2 times a day every half of cup.

10. Diarrhea

15 grams of dried fowl's comb plant life (Celosia cristata) and 30 grams of leaves of guava (Psidium guajava L.), boiled with water until the remaining 500 cc to 250 cc, after cold filtered and water to drink.

11. Urticaria (hives)

10 grams of chook's comb flowers (Celosia cristata), 10 grams of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.), 30 grams of sugar cubes, add water as needed. All the parts are within the staff then filtered and drunk.

12. Measles

1 stem entire plant recent bird's comb braised (Celosia cristata) with 1 1/2 liter of water to boil, when cool and water to drink, some to scrub measles.

13. Dysentery

15 grams of hen's comb plant (Celosia cristata) life and 30 grams patikan kebo (Euphorbia hirta L.) boiled with water unless the remaining 600 cc to 300 cc, after being filtered and water to drink twice a day, whenever 150 cc.

14. Menstruation (menses) irregular

15 grams of dried bird's comb flora are red (Celosia cristata) and 30 grams of leaves of the gods (Gynura segetum (Lour) Merr.), Boiled with water until the remaining 500 cc to 250 cc, after bloodless filtered and water to drink.

15. Menstruation (menses) is just not stopped (mentrorrhagia)

The bird's comb (Celosia cristata) vegetation are dried after which mashed up into powder. Take 10 grams of powder, brewed with sizzling water add honey to taste, then drink.

16. Bitten with the aid of bugs

ample chook comb plants (Celosia cristata) are overwhelmed after which positioned on the affected a part of the chew.

17. Itching (pruritus)

herbs boiled chook's comb (Celosia cristata) with sufficient water, and water to be smeared on the itch.

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