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Herbal Viagra use Salanum ferrogium

Herbal Viagra use Salanum ferrogium Jacq

A. Description vegetation Cepokak (Salanum ferrogium Jacq)

Herbal Viagra use Salanum ferrogium Jacq
Hebal Medicine - Fruit advantages Rimbang or Cepokak (Salanum ferrogium Jacq) for health - This fruit is very general with diet A which may be very excessive, if the first individual admin, admin in poor health eye then simply eat the fruit raw, its beginnings indeed bitter, but lengthy- ultimately no extra.

Fruit Rimbang included in the tribe's eggplant have fruits and seeds which are traditionally used for seasoning and vegetables. On the planet, the fruit is legendary by means of the identify of turkey berry or mini eggplant.
Rimbang is a form of small shrub whose height may also be up to 5 meters. However typically lower than 2 meters. All constituents of the plant prickly Rimbang, except fruit are furry. Leaf form is oval with a base like banana and some are tipped circular (blunt). Leaves 7-20 cm lengthy with a width of between 4-18 cm.

Plant life Rimbang have enormous numbers with shapes like stars with white and quite yellow within the core. Small fruit dimension and number of lots (clustered). The unfold in the tropics and Antilla. This plant can grow wild in forests, plains, up to a plateau with an altitude of 1600 meters above sea degree. Rimbang vegetation for planting is better achieved in the course of the dry season however can grow good if planted when moist.

Rimbang fruit has a sexy bitter taste and of course a variety of persons who don't like. So that you could maintain the bitter taste, the fruit is also probably blended in soups or tauco. Nonetheless efficacy tekandung in Rimbang fruit will be reduced if the fruit mixed in food when compared with directly eaten uncooked. Rimbang noted bushes with resistance to sickness, in most cases utilized by farmers as a rootstock plant eggplant because of its resilience.

There's no limit for the elderly or young children to devour this Rimbang. For the Tapanuli, beneficial Rimbang for additonal vegetable mashed potato shoots, whereas in Sundanese cuisine is frequently treated or equated with leunca, used as a salad or greens. In Thailand used to be processed into vegetable curry. Rimbang fruit does have a small circular shape like leunca. However both stay one-of-a-kind, notably on the feathers Rimbang that are not contained in the fruit leunca.

It is one of the advantages of fruit Rimbang or Cepokak for the well being of our bodies, it turns out the content material of the fruit is generally used as a further when ripe, it comprises quite quite a few nutrients, together with saponins, tannins, flavonid, alkaloids, Protein fats, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron and nutrition A , B and C.  This fruit including unpopular and fairly very low-cost.

Earlier than we speak about the benefits of fruit Rimbang or Cepokak for well being, we will be able to first speak about concerning the identity of this vegetable fruit. Fruit Rimbang has the Latin identify Salanum ferrogium Jacq. And is the tribe of the Solanaceae, which is a sort of plant Solanum torvum Swartz. This fruit has many names in quite a lot of regions in Indonesia, corresponding to Cokowana, Pokak or eggplant sparrow.

B. Herbal Medicine use  Salanum ferrogium Jacq

Fruit Cepokak At believed by way of the general public used to be equipped to heal Mata minus, plus or Rabun for one factor. Nevertheless, research has now not been carried out by using the scientific community however the basic belief about it used to be strengthened with a variety of medication that comes to most men and women.

At the same time the chemical content in the leaves, flowers and fruit, amongst others, saponin, Tanin, flavonid, alkaloids, fats Protein, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron and diet A, B and C. That can be utilized as a drug palpitations (leaves), the top dizziness, lack of appetite and high blood strain (leaves and fruit).
Cepokak fruit in addition to the believe the group to heal eye minus Rimbang also includes vitamin A in addition to the content of vitamin C is excessive enough

1. Herbal Viagra

To acquire and use a easy, direct fruit consumed in uncooked situations, equivalent to eating a salad.

2. Drug therapies Hemorrhoids or Piles

The trick, take the fruit as so much as 30 grams, add the god leaves 30 grams, and 10 grams of black assembly, one of the fabric that had been boiled in water 600 cc, boil unless the water final 300 cc, and ingesting water is warm, recollect the time before in drinking filtered first. Work with a ordinary and orderly method.

3. Treat Eye Minus

on the grounds that it involves vitamin A which is particularly excessive. The way in which is with the aid of mainly consuming fruit is good at eating raw or process into the greens.

4. Drug Brittle bones

The trick, take the fruit continues to be contemporary 100 grams, then add one hundred grams of soy beans, as good as add out as wanted, cook pan, can also make vegetable soup or it could possibly also depend for your style are going to devour.

5. Treatment Influenza

The trick, take the fruit continues to be contemporary 30 grams, and add ginger 15 grams, the fabric was cleaned upfront entirely with the aid of smooth, then boiled with four hundred cc, let boil unless the remaining 200 cc, chill out later if you want the drink filtered ago water, these measures do 2 times a day on a general groundwork.

6. Herbal remedies for arthritis

The trick, take the younger fruit remains to be contemporary takokak (Salanum ferrogium Jacq) a hundred grams, and add a hundred grams of pineapple, then add rebon small, at all times within the same cooked in step with your taste, for dining with regularly.

7. Swelling or Neutralize Toxin On physique

The trick, take 30 grams of fruit, 20 grams of god leaves, boiled with water until the rest 600 cc to 300 cc and then filtered, drinking water frequently 2 occasions a day.

8. Streamlining Circulatory

The trick, take the fruit as a lot as 30 grams, and the god leaves 20 grams, then in clean first, and boil with water 600 cc, as good as boiled water except the rest 300 cc, then strain and ingesting, work with it regularly day-to-day and on the whole.

9. Herbal antibiotics

another supply additionally stated, this fruit can act as an antioxidant. The chemical compounds they contain can be established can make physique tissue safeguard from the unintended effects of free radicals.

10. Ulcers and sores

Take fresh leaves takoka (Salanum ferrogium Jacq) style. Wash them wholly, then finely minced leaves. Apply herb in the areas of agony, then bandaged.

11. Waist stiff and swollen hit

Wash in a net thirteen grams of dried root. Boil the roots with 4 cups water to boiling and the water ultimate 2 cups. Once cool, strain the herb. Drinking water decoction 2 instances day-to-day, each and every 1 cup per day.

12. Cure stomach pain, dental pain, cataracts, did not come menstruation, breast inflammation, heat, swelling

The trick, take the younger fruit as wanted, then 100 gr pineapple, shrimp, small rebon, created a stir in accordance equally appetizing and consumed. Do it mainly.
* Use this takokak (Salanum ferrogium Jacq) modest, don't be too excessive, for the reason that it has side results, when you put on too excessive to excessive doses can rationale poisoning. As good because the tendency of glaucoma in people who aren't able to drink the concoction of this fruit.

C. How cultivation Cepokak

How Pokak (Salanum ferrogium Jacq) eggplant cultivation utilising a medium pot is the high-quality answer for these of you who've a slender discipline or take advantage of your pages. Furthermore to their medicinal houses of this plant Rimbang, coolness and style advantages as decorative plants on your house page is more mentioned. With Pokak eggplant cultivation in pots, we do not must hassle to enjoy recent veggies or want to receive medication with the efficacy of taking it.
How Cultivating Eggplant Pokak (Salanum ferrogium Jacq) In Pot
if you are desirous about cultivating eggplant cepokak, Pokak, Rimbang, eggplant finches and plenty of regional designation for the plant "Solanum ferrogium Jacq". With out further ado longer commentary sake of description please consult with the tip of this article, to  the cultivation of eggplant Pokak medium pot, the steps you must put together are:
preparation of planting media, the Electoral Pot, Seed eggplant Pokak, Planting, Plant Care

1. Training of planting medium

the first step that you just will have to have and comprehend earlier than Pokak eggplants cultivated in pots is the education or creation of developing media. To create a media planted in pots, the resolution of materials may be very principal and must be considered, due to the fact all crops need most effective be taken from the developing media.
A combination of fine planting medium for potted plants include Compost or manure that has been fermented, sand, husk and soil within the proportion of 1: 1: 1: 1. Bear in mind !, practise of planting medium is the important thing fertility and plant health ours, all these materials have got to be combined evenly.

2. Resolution of Pot

determination of plant pots are ultimate for Pokak with a peak of 25-50 cm is using Pot diameter 40-50 cm. As a way to pick the materials or plastic pots or cement material, adjust to your needs pots every have advantages and drawbacks. For the cultivation of eggplant Pokak, I individually use a plastic pot to be convenient when you wish to have to maneuver.

3. Seed Eggplant Pokak

due to the fact the plant is still not much to cultivate, to acquire seedlings of eggplant Pokak I get from nature. So what I do is seem for wild Pokak eggplant tree, this plant is largely grown in the river, bush and empty fields. If to your subject there are crops which have fruit, please propagated through sowing seeds of a fruit that's ancient. In case you are within the discipline around the Nursery which sells seeds Pokak it higher.

4. Planting / the way to grow

Methods to plant a good, first pots filled with a combo of compost, husk charcoal, sand and soil 1/2 part of the volume pot. Then enter the roots of the crops whilst at the landfill to the restrict of roughly 2 cm from the skin of the pot (this step is done in order that the planting medium isn't wasted when watering). After completion bury proceed to flush water to taste and place the plant in a shady situation for three-5 days for adaptation and avoid stress.

5. Cure Plant

Pokak healing plants in pots fairly with no trouble, watering will also be carried out 1 day as soon as when rainfall decreases or throughout the dry season. Fertilizing crops should use natural and organic fertilizer given first-class advantages to health, to understand learn how to make natural fertilizer please read. Likewise with pest control, avoid making use of chemical pesticides, best use pesticides which might be created from organic / vegetable.

6. How Pokak Propagation by cuttings

Pokak do crops reproduce with the aid of cuttings, I in my opinion have practiced this method. Pokak propagation by using cuttings method it is rather handy and can be performed by means of most people, the success price is fairly good. Of the 30 trials only 2 stem cuttings have been useless.
Materials And tools For Pokak Stek, preparing Cuttings
preparation of planting planting medium first of all be in the mix, comparable to planting media for pots, compost or manure fermentation, sand, husk and soil within the share of 2: 1: 1: 1 (2 ingredients for compost). The media used can also be tailor-made to your wishes, can use the nursery tray, poly bag, bottles and so on. (I in my opinion use poly bag 10cm diameter). Fill polybag with a combo of 2: 1: 1: 1 compost, sand, husk and then ground flush water.

7. Chopping Trunk Eggplant Pokak

Pokak eggplant cut the stems to be in the cuttings must use a knife, at this stage is a critical success cuttings techniques that we do. I for my part use a knife and scissors (use scissors can break a part of the stem). Rod length of as a minimum 10 cm or with a candidate has 4-5 buds.

After reducing stems to be within the cuttings, the reduce higher and slash given chemical PGR (Rootone etc.) or natural (honey, aloe vera). On this experiment I used the long-established honey and aloe vera results are roughly (but who uses honey rapid growing buds).

8. How Stem cuttings

To plant stems (cuttings) eggplant Pokak, just one/four (approximately 3-four cm) are in keeping with the help of drill, in order that 3/4 of the obvious (if the length is 10 cm). Then the cuttings have pegged or crutch, a technique to prevent cuttings from rocking earlier than the roots develop up.
Cure of stems cuttings will have to be put within the coloration approximately 2-three weeks. Do watering most often day-to-day to preserve moisture. Characteristic has a maximum root growth will also be noticeable from the 4-6 leaf sheets, at this stage the plant will also be moved into the open with the depth of sunlight is enough.

9. Transportation

Pokak cuttings can be moved to the pot or the ground after reaching a minimal height of 25 cm. If the elimination is completed when rooting cuttings feared not highest stress and even die.

Substances all set earlier than doing the multiplication eggplant Pokak with cuttings technique is very handy to obtain. These materials may also be received at the mini market, chemical stores and likewise available in nature. The substances are of PGR (plant growth regulator) as Rootone and so on, Honey, Aloe vera. The tools required is quite easy, you should utilize the cutter (try that's constructed from stainless steel).

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