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Ovarian cancer use Selaginella

Ovarian cancer use Selaginella doederleinii Hieron

A. Description chook Claw Plant

Ovarian cancer use Selaginella doederleinii Hieron
Bird claw fern is one that has the benefits of herbs seeing that antiquity, specifically in usual chinese language treatment, India, and Southeast Asia, together with Indonesia. Crabbed derived from Java language support has the Latin title Selaginella doederleinii Hieron, while the Sundanese language often called nails rane. 

Crabbed mainly grows on rocks, ditches and shady areas and the air cool. Crabbed has a top of 15-35 cm, branching from the roots, leaves small, four-5 mm, a width of two mm, elliptical form, tapered tip and the colour of the upper leaves are dark inexperienced. Leaves are located on either side similar to scribble.

Plant crabbed (Selaginella doederleinii Hieron.) together with the division Pteridophyta, plant ferns growing on the cliffs, ravines and shady areas which might be cold.

B. CHEMICAL properties AND results pharmacological:

sweet, warm. Fever, antitoxic, anti-cancer (antineoplastic), to stop the bleeding (hemostatic), anti-inflammatory (antioedem).

C. Recipes and chook Claw Leaf advantages:

1. Ovarian cancer

Plant 60 grams boiled for three-4 hours on low warmth, drink when cool. Or 18 pills decancerlin (= 60 grams of plant) drink day-to-day 3 x 6 tablet. (recommendation) on 3 x 3 drugs per day, drink plenty of water)

2. Breath tract infection (cough, pneumonia, infection of the tonsils (tonsillitis), hoarseness, bronchitis).

Entire plant 30 grams, boiled, drinking. (advice 3x3 pills per day, drink plenty of water)

3. A Finger swelling

Plant crabbed beaten, and put it on the sore spot.

4. Broken Bones (also fracture and arthritis)

Vegetation 15-30 grams of dried boiled, ingesting. For foreign drugs are overwhelmed and pinned into location broke, when a closed fracture of both bones and position.

5. Hepatitis, Cholecytitis, cirrhosis (liver shrinkage), abdominal Edema (ascites), Acute Urinary Tract infection

Boil dry plant 15-30 grams for three-4 hours, drink. (recommendation 3x2 pills per day, drink a lot of water).

6. Crabbed plant to deal with joint affliction

constituents used in the treatment is often all elements can be utilized, by using taking one phone plant scribble then wash them clean and milled unless delicate, for outside use, that you may paste it on the joints ill and bandaged, substitute each 2 to 3 days ,

7. Increase of urge for food because of its operate to reinforce digestion

The usual recipe:
Stew: dry herb fowl scratch as so much as 15-30 g, for cancer 50-100 g. Materials are boiled in 5 cups of water over low warmness for three - 4. After a cold boiled water under the influence of alcohol a few times a day until exhausted.

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