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Hemorrhoids use Luffa aegyptica

Hemorrhoids use Luffa aegyptica 

Hemorrhoids use Luffa aegyptica

A. Normal understanding about Blustru

Blustru itself is a plant that belongs to the gourd tribe labuan and has the scientific title Luffa aegyptica.

Blustru vegetation are annuals are crops including, the length of the trunk can attain 2-10 m, climbing with tendrils emanating from the armpit leaves.

Blustru plant extensively grown in the fields, propagated on a fence as a vegetable crop, or develop wild within the bush, river banks and seashores.
Blustru have fiber that can be used to scrub stairs. Plant house furniture can be propagated by way of seeds.

The plant has a single leaf, petiole 4-9 cm lengthy, alternate layout. Leaf blade ovate widened, notched a 5-7 finger fruit, heart-shaped leaf base, the veins stand out on the backside, prime dark green leaves floor colour, floor colour below the sunshine inexperienced leaves, 6-25 cm long, 7.5 to 27 cm large.

Blustru having unisexual plants, are in a single tree. Crown of yellow vegetation.
Blustru vegetation have fruit placing or mendacity on the ground, cylindrical or spherical form is elongated, 10-50 cm long, with a diameter of 5-10 cm, if already historic brown.

Then the inside of the ripe fruit are woven coir assembly. Seeds are flattened to the edge of the wing-shaped, gentle, black. Younger fruit can in vegetable.

B. Substances contained and Drug Efficacy of Blustru

The composition of a substance containing Luffein Blustru is efficacious as a mild laxative and triterpene saponins have spermatisidal pastime (kill sperm) so it can be developed as a drug contraception (loved ones planning).

At the same time many fruits include saponin triterpene, luffein (bitter resources), citrulline, and cucurbitacin.

Then from these plants produce sap that involves saponins, slime, fats, protein, xylan, and nutrition (B and C).

Seeds of this plant contain fatty oil, squalene, a-spinasterol, cucurbitacin B, and protein.

Then plant life containing glutamine, aspartic acid, arginine, lysine. Fiber containing xylan, xylose, mannosan, galactan, saponins, cellulose, galactose, manitosa, and nutrition (A, B, and C).

While the leaves and stems incorporate saponins and tannins.

C. Recipes and advantages Blustru for herbal medicine

1. Hemorrhoid treatment

stopping hemorrhoids. It's handy, citation blustru (Luffa aegyptica) 20 leaves, then wash, and chopped. Chopped leaves blustru into 8 liters of water and boil for 10 minute. Water stew Filtered and hemorrhoid sufferers sit down soaking in the water even as they heat. Repeat a few occasions until the hemorrhoids entirely eradicated.

2. Asthma treatment

a. Put together 5 blustru (Luffa aegyptica) young leaves are still contemporary
b. Wash fully
c. The smoke in brief
d. Consume with rice as a salad 2 instances a day.

3. To deal with Irregular menstruation

a. Take fruit Blustru (Luffa aegyptica) via four fingers
b. Then wash it clean
c. Grater
d. Then add half cup cooking water and the tip of a teaspoon of satisfactory salt even as kneaded.
E. As soon as well blended, this ingredient is squeezed and filtered.
F. Drink water amassed without delay
g. Drink three occasions a day

4. Breastfeeding

a. Put together fruits and leaves blustru (Luffa aegyptica) katuk
b. Cook all parts into vegetable nodes prior
c. Will also be eaten with rice.

5. Migraine

To beat the challenge of migraine making use of blustru (Luffa aegyptica) used is root. Put together blustru roots had been washed as much as a hundred and fifty grams. After that reduce into a few portions after which boiled with water and add as so much as three cups of duck eggs as much as 2 facets. Let the cooking water that had three cups to 1 cup simplest. Eliminate, strain and allow to chill. Drink the cooking water to run out and become a member of boiled duck egg eaten after drinking a decoction of the foundation blustru.

6. Cough Yang Accompanied Shortness

Cough accompanied by shortness is extremely disturbing and rough to breathe. Attempt to resolve the situation utilizing blustru (Luffa aegyptica) curiosity as a traditional alternative to typical treatment. 10 grams of flora blustru washed and then boiled with water as a lot as 4 cups. Let the cooking water unless the remaining 1 cup, raise and pressure. Add honey to style, and after the combo cool be drunk to discharged to the foundations to drink 3 times a day. Participate in pursuits until the cough is accompanied through shortness fairly recovered.

7. Addressing Ulcers now not damaged

Boils are very annoying and might motive a fever. If the boils are not looking for to check out to manage with the plant broke blustru (Luffa aegyptica). Take root blustru taste and washed easy. After that the foundation blustru cut pieces and then boiled with water as a lot as 4 cups. Permit the water to stew last closing one cup. Put off, strain and warm after cooking water used to compress ulcers that don't want to wreck.

8. To deal with back ache

A. Take root blustru (Luffa aegyptica) taste,
B. Then wash it easy
C. Burn with a protected valuable.
D. Once dry, the roots grind to a powder and insert it into the jar.
E. Each time person, take 10 g powder, and add to the half cup small warm wine and drink as well.

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